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15 Best Baby Feeding Chairs In India

When it comes to mealtime, one thing that every mom needs is a feeding chair- to contain the mess and restrain the baby so that you don’t have to run around the home with the food. Moreover, it helps develop proper table manners right from the start, not to mention the family can eat together when the baby is in a highchair.

When you think of buying a feeding chair, you are literally spoilt with choices ranging from booster chair to portable baby chair to convertible high chair to hook on chairs. In this article, we will take a look at which ones may suit your lifestyle, the best baby feeding chairs available based on product features and reviews.

High Chairs


  • Utility- once your baby outgrows the high chair and transitions to the family table, you can use it as an activity table and chair for the child.
  • Safety- As most of the high chairs come with non-slip, anti-tipping base, it is quite safe.


  • Space consuming.
  • Not portable

R For Rabbit Convertible High Chair

Baby Feeding Chair

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This high chair can be converted to study chair and table once your baby outgrows it. With optimal backrest design, 5-point safety harness and removable dining tray, this feeding chair is a great option for those families that tend to stay more often at one place. The padded cushion ensures that baby is comfortable while seated in it.
The design is such that it isn’t portable. So, if you travel frequently and wish to carry portable high chair along, this may not be a suitable option.

Fischer Price 4 in 1 High Chair

Baby Feeding Chairs

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In addition to the features of R for Rabbit Convertible high chair, you can use it as a booster chair too. It is a tad pricey compared to R for Rabbit, but you have the guarantee of a strong brand when you buy it.

Graco Table Fit High Chair
Baby Feeding Chair

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This is definitely a much expensive option. But its features make it totally worth it. The height of this high chair can be adjusted and it slides right up to the table so the baby can eat along with the rest of the family at the table. The backrest and footrest can be adjusted to a slanting position. So, babies as small as 6 months will find it comfortable to have food in this high chair. Unlike conventional high chairs, this can be folded and stacked away, thus saving space. The tray has a removable liner making it easy to clean. This high chair is suitable for babies up to the age of 3 years.

( Check out a less expensive alternative towards the end of the article)

Booster Chair


  • Very portable
  • Easy To Clean
  • Price wise it is more economical


  • Baby outgrows of a booster chair pretty quickly.
  • Not suitable for smaller babies as it doesn’t recline.
  • Incorrect strapping may cause accidents.

Fischer Price Quick Clean N Go Booster Chair

Baby Feeding Chair

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A practical booster chair with a built-in wipes dispenser that makes it easy to clean on the go. It is foldable and pretty compact so you can carry it wherever you go. The non-skid base and safety harness ensures that your baby is safe at all times. 

Mastela Booster To Toddler SeatBaby Feeding Chair

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This feeding booster chair grows with the baby and can be used as a playtime seat for your toddler. The multiple height adjustment setting makes it suitable for various table arrangements. The add-on cup holder and the small tray can be used during snack time also. The seat can be completely folded and taken around on your travels too.

Chicco Booster Seat

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This easy to carry booster seat can be folded compactly as the chair harness belts turn into handy carry straps. Its height can also be adjusted to suit different table heights.

Mastela Folding Booster Seat

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The features of Mastela Folding Booster Seat are similar to that of Fischer Price Quick Clean N Go Booster Seat except that it doesn’t have a wipes dispenser.

 Portable Booster Chair

Of course, booster chairs are portable, but they are not quite handy enough for you to carry it to a nearby restaurant or a friend’s home. So if your lifestyle involves frequent dinners at your friend’s and relatives place, then you should probably get a portable booster chair. Most of them have a storage space also, so, it doubles up as a diaper bag too. Some of the better options available are-


Fabric Booster Seat

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Made of thin breathable fabric, this booster seat can be hooked on to a chair or hung on the mom’s body during mealtime.
( Update- Presently unavailable)

Folding Portable Booster Chair
baby feeding chair

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Made of fiber cloth surface, waterproof nylon interior and upscale sponge, this booster chair has safe and easy to use straps that can be used to secure your baby to standard dining chairs. As the cushions are made of high-quality sponge, it doesn’t get deformed and is comfortable for the little one too.

 Munchkin BRICA GoBoost Travel Chair

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This sleek and stylish travel chair has a spacious storage space where all baby essentials can be kept. The seat is hard yet comfortable enough for your little one even if he/she is on the healthier side of a weighing scale.

First Years On-The-Go Booster Seat

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This booster chair also has a spacious storage and its height can be adjusted for your little one’s comfort. The straps help to secure the seat to almost every standard dining chair, thus ensuring your little one’s safety at all times.

 Hook On Chairs

Hook on chair is a great choice for babies who always want to be at the dining chair. A hook on chair has to have a proper safety harness and it has to be fixed correctly to prevent any accidents.

Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair

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It is one of the best hook on chairs available in the market now. It can be used for those tables with skirting up to 5.5 inches and can be folded flat and wiped clean easily. The rubberized grips don’t  make a mark on the tables. Babies with a maximum weight of 16 kg can safely and comfortably sit in this hook on chair.

Update 2nd June 2017

We just discovered an awesome high chair that is very similar to Graco Table Fit High Chair, but costs just half of it. It is R For Rabbit’s Smart High Chair. It has 7 adjustable height settings, 3 recline modes with adjustable leg rest, five-point harness system and can be easily folded and stowed away. Check it out here.

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