10 Best Baby Monitors In India

(Last Updated On: May 22, 2017)

Baby monitors are mainly used for three purposes- sleep time monitoring when baby is in a different room, as nanny cam- to keep an eye on the baby when parents are at work and finally movement monitors which alert the parents when the monitor doesn’t detect a set number of movements in a minute.

For nap/sleep time monitoring, a baby monitor with separate camera and LCD screen or even an audio monitor will suffice.

Nanny cams usually have an accompanying mobile app that allows parents and caretakers to view the feed from anywhere through their mobile. It can be used for night time monitoring too.

Baby movement monitors are mainly used at home to monitor preemies and those newborns/babies with asthma, respiratory illness or heart conditions. It is often has a sensory pad or is attached to diapers and it alerts parents in case of significantly less movements in a given time.

Note: Baby monitors in general and movement monitors particularly never replace the vigilance and care of a parent and has to be used only to assist and not replace a parent’s personal monitoring.

Below you can find our recommendation of some of the best baby video monitors that will suit each of these purposes.

Best Video Baby Monitors for Sleep Time Monitoring

Motorola MBP 36

best baby monitor India

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This baby video monitor comes with a 2.4 inch LCD screen, infrared night vision, remote camera control and temperature monitor. The best part about this monitor is its ability to pan the camera all over the room remotely, loud audio feed and 2 way audio transmission. The major complaints are average video quality and poor battery backup of the parent set( it lasts a meagre 3 hours at its best). So, don’t buy it unless you have the option to plug it directly to the power supply.

Rating: 3.5/5 based on 1533 reviews

Motorola Digital Video Monitor MBP 27T

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The main feature that MBP 27T has in addition to the previous MBP 36 is the no-touch temperature sensor that helps check baby’s temperature as well as the temperature of her room and food, water etc. Though the video quality has improved in MBP 27T, the power backup remains poor.

Rating: 3.9/5 ( based on 70 reviews)

D Link DCS – 700 L

best baby monitor India

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D Link DCS is an economical option of baby monitor with some decent features including night vision, push-to-talk and lullabies. Do not expect too much with the video quality and zoom. The camera cannot be rotated or panned to view all over the room. Other drawbacks is the inability to take pictures and record video. Overall, if you are looking for a baby monitor within budget, then D Link DCS does a fairly good job of keeping an eye on your baby when you are away.

Rating: 3.6/5 (based on 20 reviews)

Best Nanny Cam For Working Parents

i-Baby Monitor M6T
best baby monitor India

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With 720pixel HD video resolution, night vision, humidity sensor, 360 degree pan & 110 degree tilt, two way audio and video recording, iBaby Monitor M6T alerts you through its mobile app every time something is happening with the baby. Thanks to the app, it is not just you, but the baby’s grandparents in their hometown can also talk with the baby anytime and keep an eye on her when you are at work.

A major complaint about iBaby Monitors is that the routers may have to be reconfigured while installing the monitor. If you are planning to use it as a night time baby monitor, then you may not be entirely satisfied as many reviews suggest that the monitor is a tad extra-sensitive and cannot be fixed on the crib without buying a flat plate. But as a nanny cam, this works perfectly fine.

Rating: 3.3/5 (based on 121 reviews)

Foscam Wi-Fi Baby Monitor


best baby monitor India
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This again is a baby monitor that can be used as a nanny cam. Its useful features include remote camera control, tilt and zoom, infrared night vision, two-way audio, multi-camera management, temperature and sound detection and lullabies. However, unlike iBaby, you cannot remotely take pictures or record videos unless you insert a micro SD card in to the camera. But even then, you will have to download the recorded video manually from the SD card.

D3D wireless indoor security camera 

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A highly rated security camera that has all features of a nanny cam and is economical too. Using the mobile app, you can remotely control the camera as well as talk with the baby thanks to two way-audio facility. The infrared vision and motion detection helps keep a watch over the home during night as well. The speed and quality of the video feed is also good. As it supports up to 128Gb micro SD card, you can record your baby’s videos even when you are not home. But if you want to view those videos, you will have to take out the SD card and view it. There is no option to download it directly from the camera to the mobile app.

Rating: 4.3/5 (based on 50 reviews)

Best Audio Baby Monitors

Safety 1st crystal clear audio monitor

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This audio monitor is exactly what you need to keep an “ear” over your baby when she is sleeping in a room and you are in a different room or floor in your house. You can keep the transmitter with the baby and attach the receiver to your belt with the clip. It has a range of more than 600 feet and has two way channel to minimize interference from mobile and other gadgets. A complaint cited by many is that the receiver consumes way too many batteries.

Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor

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DECT is Philips’s technology that guarantees zero interference with other transmitting devices like cellphone, Television etc. With up to 300 meter range, variable volume control and parent unit that runs on battery as well as direct power supply, Philips Avent DECT baby monitor is a great choice of audio monitor. The monitor is fairly sensitive and stops the alert once the sound level in the baby’s room goes below the trigger threshold. So, you don’t end up running to the baby’s room every time he/she whimpers in sleep.


Summer Infant Wave Audio Monitor

best baby monitor India

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The best thing about this audio monitor is that it is powered by rechargeable batteries. So, you won’t end up paying again and again for replacing batteries. Once charged completely, the batteries usually last for 18-24 hours which is fairly good compared to other monitors which drain out batteries in just a few hours. Its other useful features include LED display that indicates the level of sound from baby’s room and a range of up to 650 feet. Unlike Philips Avent DECT, this monitor is not completely static free. However, the static doesn’t make it an interference huge enough to disrupt its function.

Best Movement Monitoring Device

Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor

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As the name suggests, this baby monitor detects sound and movement to give peace of mind for the new parent. The sensor pad is kept under the mattress and the alarm goes off it no movement is detected for 20 seconds. It transmits all the sound from the baby’s room so that you can rest assure that everything is fine. It also emits a ‘tic’ sound which lets you know that the monitor is ‘on’ at all times. It has to be noted that the sensor pad doesn’t work when used underneath memory foam mattresses, dual sided, mattresses with a hollow frame or Purflo mattresses. Another drawback is that the sensor pad may give out false alarm once the infant starts rolling and moves out of the area covered by the sensor pad. Sometimes, if your bed is not sturdy, you may have to use a wooden board underneath.

Snuza portable baby monitor

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Unlike Angelcare monitors with sensory pads, you do not have to worry about the baby moving out of the pad and ticking off the alarm with Snuza because it is clipped on to the baby’s diaper for monitoring. The parent is alerted if less than 8 movements is detected in a minute. If there are no movements for continuous 15 seconds, Snuza gently vibrates to rouse the baby. A complaint however observed by a few is that the monitor works correctly only when it touches the baby’s tummy. So, once your baby starts sleeping on his side, you may receive quite some false alarms.

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