20 Brilliant Baby Products To Make Your Life Easier

(Last Updated On: October 31, 2017)
Taking care of a baby is exciting and equally exhausting. Fortunately, there are some really awesome products out there which makes a parent’s life easier.
So, we have compiled 20 innovative baby products that are so practical that you would definitely love to have them.
Take a look, and let us know in the comments if something is missing.
  1. Snot Sucker
    Snot sucker Nasal Aspirator

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    When your baby is too small to blow her nose on her own, this snot sucker will help relieve the congestion and help her get a good night sleep.

  2. Self Feeding Spoon


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    Get your baby to feed herself independently with this self-feeding spoon that doesn’t spill out food.

  3. Baby Swaddle
    Brilliant Baby Products

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    Swaddling is an art. If you haven’t mastered it yet, here is an easy swaddle that you can secure ¬†like a pro. Being made of 100% breathable cotton fabric, you can use it for every season.

  4. Hands free bottle holder

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    Moms can always use an extra hand. This bottle holder lets you feed your little one handsfree so that you can relax and read or have your food when your baby is fed.

  5. Drying Rack


    grass drying rack

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    Now your counter top will look prettier and your baby bottles a lot more hygienic with this beautiful, yet practical drying rack.

  6. Silicone bib with catcher

    crumb catcher bib

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    Babies are messy. So, here is a silicone bib that will help you catch the crumbs and make lunch time clean up a little more easier.

  7. Baby Food Dispenser Spoon

    Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

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    Feed your little one single handedly with this food dispensing spoon that is easy to clean and easy to carry, thanks to the convenient storage cap.

  8. First Brush

    first toothbrush


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    Instil oral hygiene right from the beginning with this toothbrush that massages the gums and brushes the teeth as your little one chews on it.

  9. Formula Saver Feeding Bottle

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    Formula is expensive. Isn’t it? Save it with this formula saver feeding bottle that stores the formula powder in a separate section, yet mixes it with water at the press of a button to serve your little one freshly prepared formula in a flash.

  10. Faucet extender

    Water Tap Faucet Extender

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    If your little one is yet to reach the faucet to wash hands on his own, then this colourful faucet extender will help.

  11. Foldable toilet seat

    folding travel potty seat
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    If public toilet irks you, then this foldable toilet seat will help your little one do his business without having to worry about unhygienic toilets.

  12. Infantino 4 in 1 convertible carrier

    best baby carrier India

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    Babies require your constant touch. So, here is a 4-in-1 baby carrier that you can use right from newborn days up till toddlerhood.

    Check our list of best baby carriers

  13. Silicone Place mat

    silicone placemat

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    Make meal time less messy with this silicone place mat that firmly secures to the table thus reducing tipped bowls and plates.

  14. Booster Chair With wipes Holder

    baby booster chair

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    Combine portability and cleanliness with this booster chair with wipes holder.

  15. Pacifier Thermometer

    pacifier thermometer
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    Babies are difficult. But sick babies are even more difficult. Now, measure the baby’s temperature easily with this pacifier thermometer.

  16. Stroller Bag

    buy stroller storage bag
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    If you lack space to carry your baby’s bottle, clothes, your mobile and keys while you go out on a stroll, then this stroller bag is just what you want.

  17. Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

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    Cut your baby’s nails without worry using this electric baby nail trimmer that has different heads for different age groups.

  18. Windi Colic Reliever

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    When colic keeps your little one awake at night, relieve his pain and relieve your tension with the Windi Colic Reliever.

  19. Keep It Clean Pacifier

    Keep It Clean Pacifier

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    No matter whether your baby throws it or drops it, his pacifier will close itself before touching the ground.

  20. Magic Sleep Suit

    magic sleep suit

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    If you long for your long-lost sleep, then this magic sleep suit is what you need to put your baby to sleep for extended hours. Yeah, I know, it sounds too good to be true, but the reviews say otherwise.

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