7 Best Potty Chair In India

(Last Updated On: January 3, 2018)

Potty training perhaps is one of the most important milestones in a baby’s life. While some babies are easily potty trained a few of them are a bit more demanding.

Personally, I started potty training my son right from when he was about 6 months. After every nap, I used to make him sit on my feet and give him a cue to do his business. Though there are many experts who say that early potty training is harmful, my personal experience as well as my mom’s experience with me and my brother says otherwise. We were all potty trained by the age of 2-2.5.

Whatever be your method, a potty seat or a potty chair is one of the must-haves when you start potty training. There are also a few things that you may have to take care of while buying a potty chair, namely-


Ensure there are no sharp edges or corners in the chair. If your baby cries when made to sit on the potty, check thoroughly for sharp edges. More than often, it is not resistance to sit in the chair that makes the baby cry, rather its discomfort from sitting in an uncomfortable chair that is the culprit.

Having something to hold on to is also pretty important if your baby is less than 1 year old.

Ease of Emptying the Potty Chair

Having a separate potty bowl is quite important to ensure proper emptying and thorough cleaning of the potty chair. So, ensure that the potty chair has an easy to clean bowl with curved edges.


Once your child is about 18-24 months, you would want to start making him do his/her business in the adult toilet. Or else, you will find it pretty hard to manage when you travel. So, it is better to opt for potty chairs with trainer seat that can be clamped to adult toilet seat so that once your toddler is about 18 months you can start using it to make the transition easier.

Splash Guard

If you have a boy ensure that the potty seat has a splash guard to reduce post-potty clean up.

Fun Features

 Nowadays you can get a variety of potty chairs that looks like car, airplane and with a lot of activities and music. These are not exactly an essential. But if your toddler refuses to use potty and is particularly hard to potty train, then having such a potty chair with such knick-knacks could increase your child’s interest.

Now, let us get on to some of the best potty chairs available in the market. Not all has each and every feature mentioned above. But, overall, they are safe, comfortable and are comparatively easy to use.

Best Potty Chairs

 R For Rabbit Convertible Potty Chair

best potty chair India

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 With soft cushioned seat, curved edges and in compact, colourful design, this convertible potty chair is quite practical and utilitarian. Smaller babies can use it as a regular potty chair and they will find the side handle and soft cushion comfortable. Once the baby grows, he/she can use the cushioned potty seat and clamp it on to the adult toilet, thus easing the transition to using regular toilet. Toddlers can also use the potty chair as a step stool for easy access to wash basin. Being light-weight and compact, you can carry the potty seat on your travels too.

Potty Training Toilet Seat with Ladder

best potty chair India

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If getting your toddler to independently use the toilet is a priority for you, then, this toilet seat with ladder is what you need. With soft seat, backrest, height adjustable step and gripper handle, this potty seat is comfortable for your little one and can be used up till the child is able to independently use the toilet on his own.

Being compact and easy to fold, you can keep away the seat without consuming a lot of space too. Though it has skid-proof feet, it is advisable to keep a mat underneath the feet to make ensure the seat doesn’t slip. Also note that the seat requires assembly before use.

R for Rabbit Tiny Tots Adaptable Potty Training Seat

best potty chair India

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One of the highly rated potty seats available, R for Rabbit Tiny Tots adaptable training seat is versatile and designed for your little one’s comfort.

Babies younger than 1 year can use it as a potty chair, while older toddlers can use the potty seat to sit on adult toilets. The potty bowl is designed in such a way that it is easy to clean and the ergonomic structure with back support makes it pretty comfortable for babies of all ages. Thanks to the splash guard, the usual mess boys make is contained too.

A drawback however is that there is no handle for the baby to hold on to. So, younger babies might need a bit of support while using it.

Scooter Style Baby Potty

best potty chair India

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Available in fun scooter design with a handle to support your little one, this baby potty comes with a removable potty bowl and lid that makes it easy to clean and hygienic. Suitable for babies from age of 6 months up to 3 years.

Panda Duck Potty Training Seat

best potty chair India

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This miniature adult toilet seat comes with a comfortable back rest, removable potty bowl and a fun design that attracts little ones. Suitable for babies from age 6-36 months.

Mee Mee Cushioned Potty Seat With Handles

best potty chair India

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This cushioned potty seat is not suitable for babies younger than 18 months. But older babies who are transitioning to use adult seat will find it quite comfortable and the handles supportive enough to make them confident of using the toilet independently.

Mummamia High Back Potty Seat

best potty chair India

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With high back support and removable inner pot for easy cleaning, this potty seat in bright vivid colour is a perfect combination of style and functionality. The seat has anti-skid feet and lid for better safety and hygiene too.


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