5 Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers In India

Buying a steam sterilizer for baby bottles is often seen as an extravaganza.

Isn’t cleaning baby bottles with soap and water and boiling it in a vessel on stove top enough for sterilization? Well, yes and no. Yes because it is very inexpensive. No because-

  • Its time consuming.
  • You could spill boiling water on yourself while taking out the bottle in a haste (which could happen often when a hungry baby is around).
  • The bottles are often not evenly sterilized.

Unsterilized bottles can be breeding ground for bacteria resulting in frequent stomach infection, diarrhea and vomiting in babies. Once the baby develops an infection from having a food, he develops an aversion to that particular food, and you will have to find a new formula brand that the baby might like. Not an easy task mommies!

Moreover, if you are a working mom who is always in a hurry and if you depend heavily on bottles for feeding your little one, investing in a steam sterilizer is the best bet for your little one’s health and safety. Steam sterilizers kill 99.9% germs.

So, now that you are convinced of buying a steam sterilizer, we thought of putting together a list of the best steam sterilizers available in the market. We took time to talk with a bunch of working moms who use steam sterilizers, read reviews and researched online and went to the stores in an attempt to make this list. Here are the parameters that we took in to consideration to put together this list.

  • Features- We considered the product features like capacity, ease of use and safety for rating the products. If your child is completely bottle fed, you might need as much as 6-8 bottles a day. Working moms might also have to sterilize breast pumps. Once the baby starts weaning, bowls, spoons will also have to be sterilized. So, ample space was given top priority.
    Time consumed, safety and maintenance are other aspects factored.
  • Price- Electric steam sterilizers are available in the price range of Rs.1000 up to Rs. 16,000. But we have considered only those models in the price range of 1000 to 5000 because we found that moms prefer an economic option as the product is usually used just for a year or two.
  • Reviews– We sought reviews from mothers through a number of online forums and groups and also scoured through reviews on all major shopping sites to hear what real customers have to say about the product.

Pro Tips-

  • As water quality is an important factor for all steam sterilizers, use filtered / bottled water.
  • Check the heating coil of sterilizer and clean it by soaking it overnight in a mixture of water and vinegar every 2 weeks or as frequently as scaling appear.
  • A frequent remark by customers who buy sterilizers is that “the cord is ridiculously small.” But the product like kettle and sterilizers are designed this way for safety purpose. Long cords can hang down from tabletops and may result in serious injuries if your baby pulls it down and the device topples down.
  • Don’t limit the use of sterilizer to just disinfection. Most of the sterilizers can be used for warming and steaming food. But ensure that you clean the sterilizer properly after use.

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Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers

  • Philips Avent 3 in 1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

    Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers India
    Why moms love it?
    – It is very spacious. At a time, it can sterilize 6 bottles, breast pump, nipples, bottle lids, teethers and small toys.
    – Can be used to sterilize plastic, glass as well as metal.

    Pros- Its spacious, quick, convenient and time saving. Though it is the costliest amongst the sterilizers listed, its convenience makes up for the cost factor.

    Cons- Some reviews suggest problem with automatic switch off button. So, check it as soon as you get it and if you find yourself unlucky, return the product or get it serviced from Philips.

    Philips Avent 3 in 1 steam sterilizer is the top seller across India. As it comes in adjustable sizes, you can sterilize smaller items like soothers, teethers, then medium size objects like breast pump, cutleries, cups and bowl and large objects like feeding bottles all together or each independently. Being pretty spacious, you can sterilize up to 6 x 330ml bottles at a time- both narrow neck as well as wide neck. We moms are usually a tad forgetful. So, the automatic cut off comes to our rescue and shuts itself off after completing the sterilization process (which usually takes 6 minutes). As the coil is open, cleaning is also pretty easy.
    Philips claim that the bottles remain sterilized up to 24 hours if kept inside the sterilizer with lids closed.

    “I am a doctor…Used for my baby girl…It helps to prevent many bacterial n viral infection. Easy to use and clean…Must use for bottle feeding…Great work by Avent…”

    “After the birth of our baby, we needed a Sterilizer. This product proved very helpful for us.Product is very easy to use and has more than sufficient space for all the baby items (storage bottles etc.)Does its job in quick time. Saved a hell lot of our time in boiling and microwaving. Once the sterilization is done, you can keep it inside for couple of hours. It is must have for new parents.”

    “A very good product. I have been using it for past 1 year and the product meets the “Philips” brand. Nicely designed and effective in functionality. Love this product. Highly recommended for all new parents to sterilize the cookery and Feeding bottles used for the infants.”

    Rating: 4.3/5 ( based on 576 customer reviews)

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  • Chicco Home Electric Sterilizer

    Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer India
    Why moms love it?
    -Being transparent, one can see the sterilization process in awe.
    – Turns off automaticallyPros – It is big enough to accommodate up to 6 wide bottles or 8 regular neck bottles.
    Cons – It doesn’t have independent compartments. So, the full cycle has to run even for sterilizing smaller items.

    The best thing about Chicco Home Electric Sterilizers is that taller bottles can be accommodated in it by removing a rack. The regular sterilization cycle consumes 120 ml water and takes around 10-15 minutes time. The system automatically shuts down after the cycle is complete. Once sterilized, the objects remain disinfected for 24 hours provided the lid is closed.
    The lid has a vent to let off the steam. So, there is no fear of steam being built up. However, steam still gets condensed to water. So, you might want to take out the rack near the sink.

    “Got this sterilizer after having relied on the traditional stove top sterilization for the past few months. What a relief! It’s compact enough for our small kitchen and very easy to use. I have noticed that scaling happens pretty fast and so have stuck to using bottled water to minimize deposits. It’s worth the price when you weigh out against using your stove (so dangerous and messy) every time. This is quiet, saves time, is efficient and works perfectly!”

    “Very useful item. Have been using it since more than one year with no complaints. Saves you from all the trouble of boiling bottles.”

    Rating: 4.3/5 ( based on 58 customer reviews)

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  • Compact Pigeon Sterilizer

    Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer India
    Why moms love it?
    – Economic option for those who opt for limited bottle-feeding.

    Pros – Comes with rotating lock for safety.
    Cons- The bottles remain sterile only for 6 hours when lid is closed.

    If you do not exclusively bottle feed your child, Compact Pigeon sterilizer could be the best economic option for you. At a time, you can sterilize two bottles, its accessories and a breastfeeding pump. It takes around 12 minutes for sterilizing. But, it stays sterile only for 6 hours provided the lid is firmly closed. You can switch it on and forget about it as the sterilizer automatically switches itself off when the sterilization cycle is complete. Being compact, it is quite handy for use while travelling.

    “It is a nice no-frill product which is very useful for budget customers like me. I am happy with this one. The manual which comes with it has neatly described the functions and even my mother started operating it from day one.”

    “This product is a life saver. It is good doesn’t its job well, easy to use and clean. Portable. I took this with me on all my holidays and I have had a lot of holidays in the past 1. 5 years. – By a mother of a 21 months toddler”

    Rating: 3.6/5 ( based on 48 customer reviews)

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  • Trumom Microwave Steam Sterilizer

    Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer India
    Why moms love it?
    – Economic compared to other brands that offer same capacity.

    Pros- Can fit 6 bottles or 4 feeding bottles and 2 breast shields.
    Cons– It doesn’t have independent compartments.

    Trumom microwave steam sterilizer can hold 6 regular and wide-mouth bottles or 4 bottles and 2 breast shields at a time, and is yet compact enough to fit inside most microwave ovens. The sterilizer also features a locking tab to prevent accidental spilling.

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  • Philips Avent Microwave steam sterilizer

    Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer India
    Why moms love it?

    – Quick and economic
    – It has clips for closing the lid.
    – It comes with tongs.

    Pros – It is very handy and convenient while travelling.
    Cons- It can be used only if you have a microwave oven.

    The best thing about Philips Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer is that it is pretty quick. It takes just 2-6 minutes to sterilize and keeps the objects sterile for 24 hours provided you do not open the lid.
    It can fit practically any microwave oven. But the problem with this model is that if you do not have a microwave oven or if your oven breaks down, your sterilizer too will be pretty much defunct. At a time, you can sterilize up to 4 bottles and its accessories. This is one of the few sterilizers presently available in the market that has safety clips.

    “ This is very simple to operate and has really made life easier for us. Does the job in 4 minutes, as compared to about 15-20mins it would take for the conventional boiling method. Also you can store the bottles within it until use.”

    “The sterilizer is a must for any home where baby bottles are being used. Excellent product and works as described on the site. The size is not too big and it fits almost any Microwave unit. Again it is an excellent value for the price.”

    Rating: 4.6/5 ( based on 82 customer reviews)

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