5 Best Stretch Mark Creams in India

Stretch mark is considered as an inevitable after-effect of pregnancy. But, it is not just pregnant women who are affected by stretch marks, a number of teenagers and most men and women who experience sudden weight loss are prone to getting stretch marks.

So, is there a remedy? A fool-proof solution? Unfortunately, no. Even through stretch mark advertisements guarantee removal of stretch marks within a few months, experts are of the opinion that NO stretch mark removal cream can guarantee you 100% effectiveness.

When I was pregnant with my son, I asked my gynaec if she can recommend any stretch mark prevention cream. She said she was willing to prescribe, but she can’t vouch for its effectiveness. Whether you skin develops stretch marks or not depends on a great extend to your skin type, genes, how hydrated you stay and to a certain extend on the stretch mark cream you use.

That being said, it is definitely worth giving a try. The question you should be asking yourselves is “Should I just leave it to my genes and wait and watch or should I spend a thousand bucks for the cream and give it a shot?”

I personally gave it a shot and asked my gynaec. She prescribed Luciaria cream. And the results? Well, it is mixed. I read somewhere that the sides of the tummy are more prone to developing stretch marks rather than center (which is totally untrue by the way) and I applied the cream liberally on the sides and just wiped off the remaining left on my palms in the center. Now, three years later, while there are hardly any stretch marks on the sides, I wouldn’t say I am really proud of flaunting my front belly. Honestly, I don’t know if the cream worked or whether it is my skin’s natural disposition that prevented stretch marks on sides. But I am a little inclined to the former argument because I have seen that my mom’s flanks have as much stretch marks as the center and she never applied any creams.

So now, let me recommend a few other stretch mark creams that are said to be helpful. To develop this list, I asked a handful of my mommy friends for their recommendation. I also checked online reviews in various beauty portals and e-commerce sites.

Note- As with everything else, when it comes to stretch marks, prevention is better than cure. Applying stretch mark cream right from the early days of pregnancy, staying hydrated and regular oil massage is found to be more effective in minimizing stretch marks rather than applying creams post pregnancy. This is because during pregnancy, the sudden and rapid expansion of the skin causes the connecting fibers in the dermis to stretch and tear, showing through deeper layers of skin. Application of creams and other superficial treatments are shown to have minimal effect on stretch marks once they appear. Also note that there are no scientific proof of evidence of any stretch mark removal creams, rather they are all anecdotal evidences.

Which Are The Best Stretch Mark Creams In India?

Best Stretch Mark Creams In India

Luciara Cream

Best Stretch Mark Creams India

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As mentioned above, it is my personal recommendation. I applied it from 8th week of pregnancy till the date of delivery and consumed about four 50 gm packs. However, the indication is that you have to apply the cream till about a few weeks after delivery.

After delivery, I was a bit dejected seeing my huge belly that looked like the baby was still inside. I thought it would remain that way forever and just gave up on the cream. But thanks to the maternity wrap belt, my belly was almost back to the pre-pregnancy stage after about 3 months, albeit with a few stretch marks.

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Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream

Best Stretch Mark Creams India

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Palmer’s is an internationally reputed brand that is dermatologically tested and proven to be effective in reducing stretch marks. The manufacturer’s in-house tests have found that regular application of the cream improved skin elasticity in up to 97% of the subjects.

A few users have reported that using their stretch marks reduced even though they started using it post-pregnancy. Thanks to the presence of Shea butter, Almond oil, collagen and elastin, users who used it during pregnancy found remarkable difference in itchiness and majority of them did not develop any stretch marks too.

Sebamed Anti-Stretch Mark Cream

Best Stretch Mark Creams India 2018

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Sebamed anti-stretch mark cream is perhaps the most expensive cream in the list. But many of my friends who stay abroad gave rave reviews about it. Extracts of avocado oil and Shea butter is found to be helpful in nourishing the skin, keeping it hydrated and reducing itchiness during pregnancy. The manufacturer also claims that presence of Tiger Grass, extracts and peptides by the liquid crystalline structure of olive oil helps reduce structural damage to the fibers of the dermis and thus prevent as well as heal stretch marks. While we were able to see just a few cases where stretch marks were reduced post pregnancy, almost 90% of users found it effective in preventing stretch marks when used from 8th week of pregnancy.

Bio Oil

Best Stretch Mark Creams India 2018

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While only about 10-20% of the users found it useful for removing stretch marks, a vast majority found it using for preventing stretch marks.

If you use Bio Oil right from 8th week of pregnancy till a few months after delivery, the chances of preventing stretch marks is very high. However, it is hard to remove the stretch marks post pregnancy.

Mamaearth Body Crème

Best Stretch Mark Creams India 2018

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As Mamearth body crème is made of natural ingredients, it is safe for use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Ingredients like Shea butter, coconut oil, Vitamin E, cucumber and papaya extracts are found to soothe itching skin that is common during pregnancy. Just like Bio oil, applying Mamaearth body crème right from the days of early pregnancy is found to be helpful in keeping skin hydrated and reduce itchiness as well as incidence of stretch marks.

(Do not consider this article as a medical advice. Please consult your doctor to make an informed decision)

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