Best Strollers In India For Newborns To Toddlers

Strollers are no longer a luxury. It has become more of a necessity these days. With most of free time and evenings spent in parks and malls, a stroller has become imperative for handling babies and toddlers with ease. So, after talking with a number of moms using different strollers and analyzing tons of reviews, we have formed this list of best strollers in India.

The factors we mainly considered for forming this list are ease of use, comfort, compactness, safety and price. Of course, bonus points for features like a sippy cup holder, UV coated canopy, rain cover etc. As for durability, we looked for something that would definitely last for at least 2 years. Beyond that, kids rarely sit in a stroller.

Our Recommendation

If you are looking for a sturdy stroller with comfortable cushioning, best-in-class safety features, easy folding mechanism and shock absorption suitable for Indian terrains, then we highly recommend Chicco Simplicity Plus. It is true that it is expensive and a bit heavy weighing about 7 kg, but at this price, the comfort and sturdiness it offers are second to none.

If you are looking for a compact stroller that can be used on travels, be it flight or a road trip, then we would highly recommend R For Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite. Suitable for babies aged 4 months plus, it has 5 point harness system, adjustable footrest and fairly good suspension. But what makes it special is that it can be folded quite compactly consuming minimal boot space and a convenient option for air travels.

For newborns,  R For Rabbit Hokey Pokey which has 180-degree recline, sturdy wheels and a good suspension is one of the highly recommended options. Yet another option to consider with similar features, which is moderately priced is the Pavo Italia Luxury Stroller. But it is a bit bulky by design.

Now, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, then the best choice would be Luvlap Joy Baby Stroller. It has a five-point harness system, fairly good shock absorption and can be compactly folded. However, its cushion isn’t thick enough. Overall, considering the price tag, the product is worth every penny spent.

Check out our buyers guide to know about important aspects to look for while buying a stroller for your baby.

Which are the Best Strollers In India For Newborns To Toddlers?

Best Baby Strollers In India

    1. Chicco Multiway Evo Stroller

      best stroller India Find latest price( Amazon)

      Available in black and red, Chicco Multiway Evo Stroller is pretty sturdy and safe for a comfortable ride for your little one.

      It has a five-point harness system; large double wheels with shock absorber and UV protected canopy with see-through window. This stroller is one of the best options for bumpy Indian terrain. Now, if you live somewhere with cold climate, you will find the padded leg cover useful to keep your baby warm and the rain cover handy to protect your baby from rain and harsh wind.

      Other useful features include compact, easy to fold umbrella-folding system and close to 180-degree recline making it suitable for newborns and smaller babies to nap while on the go.

      Now, if we talk about the cons, some parents find that its strap is a bit short particularly for tall and chubby babies, and its brakes a bit pestering.

      You also might have to consider that it has a folded length of about 105cm, and be sure that it fits in your car’s boot. If you have a smaller car and if you don’t really need a leg cover and rain cover, then we would recommend you to choose Chicco Simplicity Plus as it has comparable features and is more compact with a folded length of 85 cm.

      Rating: 5/5 based on 9 customer reviews

    2. Chicco Simplicity Plus Stroller

      best baby stroller India

       Find latest price (Amazon)

      At a comparable price range as that of Multiway Evo Stroller, Chicco Simplicity Plus comes in four different colours, with a five-point harness system, large swivel wheels with fairly good shock absorption, foldable handle, UV coated hood and a huge storage basket.

      It folds much compacter, making it a better option for those who frequently engage in short car trips. The features it doesn’t have compared to Multiway Evo is padded leg cover and rain cover. You can view the installation video at

      Rating: 4.2/5 based on 9 customer reviews.

    3. R For Rabbit Poppins Stroller

      best stroller India

      Find latest price ( Amazon)

      R For Rabbit Poppins is a stylish lightweight stroller that is convenient for those parents who travel alone with their children.

      Weighing 6 kg, it is pretty light-weight and fairly compact too. Though manufacturers claim it to be one-hand foldable, most reviews opine that it is not that easy to fold.

      The stroller is quite comfortable for the child and user-friendly for the parent too. It has multiple recline positions, fairly good suspension ( though not comparable to Chicco strollers), 5 point harness system, removable meal tray, adjustable footrest and reversible handle.

      Overall, the reviews are fairly positive and users find the stroller to be durable, easy to assemble and value for money product.

      Rating: 3.8/5 based on 208 customer reviews

    4. Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller

      best umbrella stroller IndiaFind latest price

      Incredibly lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and pretty compact, this is one of the best umbrella strollers that is a good choice for a quick stroll to the park, mall or for grocery shopping.

      Out of the available options in the market, Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller is a wonderful choice. It weighs just around 5 kg; has 5 point harness system, canopy to protect against harsh sunlight and is quite reasonably priced too.

      As with all umbrella strollers, the baby has to start sitting on his own to use the Little Pumpkin stroller as the back support is minimal and there is no recline too.

    5. Luvlap Joy Baby Stroller

      Best Stroller India 2018

       Find latest price (Amazon)
      A comparatively economic option of baby pram, Luvlap Joy Baby Stroller comes in five different colours and has a five-point harness system, food tray, extended canopy, reversible handle, front and rear brakes and multiple position recline system.

      The stroller is fairly compact and can be folded with a single hand. Though it doesn’t have a mosquito net, it still is one of the most affordable models of stroller that has a five-point harness system.

      Overall, the stroller is one of the best that you can get in the price range less than Rs. 5000/-

      Rating: 4.4/5 based on 29 customer reviews.

    6. GB Pockit Stroller

      best compact stroller IndiaFind latest price

      If you frequently fly with your baby and if budget is not an issue, then Pockit Stroller is the best choice for you. It can be folded so compactly that you can carry it as cabin baggage. In fact, the GB Pockit Stroller has won the Guinness World Record for the most compact stroller ever. Note however that essentially being an umbrella stroller, your baby will have to be at least 6 months to sit in it. Extremely compact, safe and comfortable, it is ultimate convenience for frequent travellers.

    7. R For Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite

      best stroller air travel IndiaFind latest price

      If you feel GB Pockit stroller is ridiculously expensive, then the next best choice is the R For Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite. Weighing 6.6 Kg and with a folded size measuring 57 x 25 cm, this again is a pretty compact stroller ideal for frequent travellers. If GB Pockit Stroller is all about compactness without compromising on safety, R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite, on the other hand, has features like multiple recline positions and adjustable footrest for baby’s comfort. Though manufacturers say it can be used for newborns, we highly doubt that as it does not have 180-degree recline. Ideally, babies aged 4 months plus would be comfortable in it.

      A drawback though is that the wheels are not that great for rough roads. So, you may have to limit its use to smoother roads, malls and parks.
      Also, you may want to check with the airlines prior to travel if the stroller can be taken in as cabin baggage.

    8. Baybee Hubble

      Best Stroller India 2018  Find latest price( Amazon) 

      Babybee Hubble stroller comes at a price range and with looks comparable with Luvlap Joy Stroller.

      Its most noteworthy features include five-point harness system, multiple position recline system, brake wheels, canopy with look through the window and a huge shopping basket.

      While Luvlap Joy’s meal tray has two cup holders, Babybee Hubble has just one.

      On the negative side, you can see a few complaints from some users about the stroller not being very easy to fold. Also, it isn’t exactly a comfortable ride for bumpy roads. But high shock absorbency isn’t something you can really expect from an economic stroller in this price range.

      Rating: 4/5 based on 47 customer reviews.

    9. Luvlap Grand Baby Stroller

      Best Stroller India 2018

      Find latest price ( Amazon)

      Available in four stylish colours, Luvlap Grand Stroller comes with three-point safety harness (not five as shown in some of the online pictures), front and back wheels with brake, reversible handle, food tray and extendable canopy.

      The stroller is fairly sturdy and comfortable on smooth surfaces, making it suitable for mainly parks, malls and airports. The cushioning is fairly thick, making it comfortable enough for babies.

      Though it doesn’t come with a mosquito net, the stroller is fairly durable and comfortable for babies up till about 18-24months old.

      Rating: 4.4/5 based on 18 customer reviews.

    10. R For Rabbit Chocolate Ride

      Best Stroller India 2018 Find latest price (

      This stylish baby stroller comes in three different colour combinations and is equipped with reversible handle, five-point safety harness, smooth suspension, easy folding mechanism, link brake, huge storage basket, three-position recline and removable meal tray.

      The main complaint you can see online is that the cushioning is not good enough—something that you expect from a stroller costing more than Rs.7k. Otherwise, it is a fairly decent pram that you can buy.

      Note that the folded stroller is about 100cm long and about 25cm wide. So, you may have to consider space constraint if any in your car boot before buying it.

      Rating: 4.1/5 based on 99 customer reviews.


R For Rabbit Hockey Pokey

best baby stroller India

Find latest price (Amazon)

We were able to get our hands on the R For Rabbit Hockey Pockey stroller and we are truly amazed. A comparable stroller from Graco or Fisher-Price would cost you above Rs. 20-25K, while R for Rabbit Hockey Pockey costs nearly half of it. This stroller cum pram is quite comfortable for your little one right from birth, thanks to the sturdy cushioning that can be flattened 180 degrees. As the baby grows older and starts enjoying the view, he/she will love sitting in this safe, sturdy stroller that is absolutely comfortable for your little one, thanks to the effective shock absorption system and large rubber wheels. You can check it out here. 

Best Double Stroller

Congrats on your twins! As mentioned earlier, if you have twins then a stroller is more of a necessity rather than a luxury. There are mainly two types of double strollers available in India- side by side stroller where the babies are seated side by side and the next is tandem stroller where the babies are seated one behind the other.

Babies are likely to prefer side-by-side stroller as they get a good view whereas, with a tandem stroller, the baby in the back misses out the view outside. But side-by-side strollers are pretty wide and you may find it difficult to move it in the doorway and narrow halls. On the other hand, tandem strollers are more expensive in India compared to side-by-side strollers. So, keep in mind your budget, baby’s temperament and the places where you are likely to take the double stroller while deciding which one to buy.

So, here are two options of highly reviewed double strollers to choose from

Chicco Echo Twin

best double stroller india Find latest price and read reviews (

Find latest price ( Flipkart)

This side-by-side stroller from Chicco is comparatively lightweight and easy to fold.

Featuring four multi-recline positions, independent canopy, a five-point harness system, fully protected rain cover and lockable wheels, this stroller practically requires no assembly.
Being a double stroller, it is a bit hard to fit it into cars with smaller boot space- still it is comparatively much compacter than other double strollers available in the market. A few other areas where the stroller lacks is no meal tray and seats that don’t recline 180 degrees.
Rating: 3.5/5 based on 8 customer reviews.

Chicco Together Stroller

best double stroller India Find latest price and read reviews (

Chicco Together Stroller is way more expensive than Echo Twin, but can be used by twins as well as children in close age groups.

It has a five-point harness system, one-hand folding system and a fairly large storage basket that has ample space to keep the twins’ baby stuff.

The main disadvantage of this stroller is that the front seat doesn’t have complete recline and hence can be used for babies only post 6 months of age. However, it is compatible with the Chicco Keyfit car seat and can be attached to the stroller if you want to use it when the babies are less than 6 months.

Though it has a one-hand folding system, not every parent would be able to easily fold it single-handedly considering its size. Also, the folded stroller is bulkier than Chicco’s Echo Twin and unless you have a big car with large boot space, you may not quite be able to take it out along with you.

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Best Jogging Stroller in India

Graco Jogger Click Connect Gotham and Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

One of the biggest advantages of jogging strollers is that they are incredibly safe. Be it rough bumpy roads or jogging in the park, you can tag along your baby without worrying about their comfort or safety. The high price is attributed to the fact that they are mostly imported from the US. Unfortunately, they are pretty expensive and not quite portable as they are heavy and comparatively bulky when folded.

Out of the available options, we have chosen two that are comparatively moderately priced.

best jogging stroller IndiaFind latest price

Graco Jogger Click Connect Gotham has a price tag of around Rs 25k. But, its awesome features makes stroller rides utmost comfortable for your little one. As the name suggests, the stroller is compatible with the click connect infant car seats.

As the wheels are inflated with air, the stroller is quite shockproof in bumpy roads as well as grass and mud– so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your baby’s sleep while you go about with your daily exercise. The canopy is also superior in quality compared to other low-priced strollers. Though not up to 180 degrees, the stroller seat can be reclined to make it amply comfortable for a sleeping baby.

Incredibly easy to manoeuvre, you can lock the front wheel when jogging so that the stroller doesn’t move hither and thither. Yet another advantage is that it can be folded using one hand swiftly and with ease. The stroller is quite heavy weighing around 17 Kg. But as the folded stroller stands on the wheels, it is easy to carry around.

Adding to the parents’ convenience, the large storage compartment can fit even a diaper bag. The parent tray has two cup holders, a mobile holder and a closed compartment to keep money or other valuables.

As the stroller has reflectors, you can take it along even when visibility is low.

The main disadvantage is that the stroller is quite bulky. Some users with Sedans even say that they have had to remove the wheels to carry it around in their car boot. Also, you may have to frequently fill the air in the wheels as there are cases of wheels going flat after a few rides on difficult terrains.

best jogging stroller IndiaFind latest price

If you are looking for a less expensive option, you could opt for the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller. Priced almost half that of the previous Graco Stroller, the Baby Trend Jogger Stroller is a great economical jogger stroller available in the market. The features are almost similar to that of the Graco Stroller. But unlike it, the baby might not be that comfortable riding in it on difficult terrains. If you limit yourself to just city strolls and jogging, then the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller would be an apt choice for you.

Stroller Accessories You Will Love

Not every baby would be happy in a stroller. So, at times when the baby gets a bit fussy, you might need something or the other to entertain your little one and keep them occupied. So, here are two stroller accessories that our group of parents loved. The best thing about these accessories is that in addition to using it on strollers, you can attach them to cribs, car seats and babies will love playing with it.

Spiral Rattle Hanging Bell

best stroller accessories Find latest price and read reviews (

Find latest price ( Flipkart)

This colourful toy can be easily wrapped on stroller bars and its multiple colours and animal figures attract the baby. The toy also has a small bell to keep the baby engaged. In addition to strollers, you can attach it on crib rails as well.

Tiny Love Take Along Mobile

best stroller accessory india Find latest price and read reviews (

Find latest price ( Flipkart)

This fun mobile can be attached on strollers, car seats, bassinets and travel cots. It has 30-minute music and soft dangling toys—a monkey, hippo and lion, to engage your little one. The mobile requires three AA batteries for functioning.

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