Best Baby Car Seats In India

As you have opened this page, I can be fairly certain that you are considering to buy a car seat for your baby. I really appreciate the thought because it means you give priority to your baby’s safety. You don’t have the misconception that baby car seats are for use abroad and not a necessity on Indian roads while the fact remains that if an accident occurs with an unrestrained baby in a car, then speeding at even 40 Kmph may end up being fatal for the baby.

Which are the Best Baby Car Seats In India?

How to choose baby car seat?

Now, when it comes to choosing a baby car seat, you have several options to go by. Either you can choose an infant car seat till the baby is about one year to fifteen months old (usually up to 13kg) and then transition to a convertible car seat after the baby turns one. Once the baby outgrows the convertible car seat (usually baby is about 4 years or 20kg and above) you use a booster seat till the child is about 7 years.

When you choose to buy an infant seat and then transition to a convertible baby seat, you will definitely have to shell out more money. But the advantage is that if your baby sleeps in the infant seat, you can easily carry the seat home without disturbing his/her sleep. Moreover, younger babies are found to be more comfortable in an infant car seat. So if comfort is a priority, buy an infant car seat for the first year and then move him/her to a convertible baby seat. Optionally, you can get a travel system, which comes with an infant car seat that can be snapped on to the stroller. That way, it’s a lot easier to carry your sleeping baby when you go for shopping or an evening stroll. If your baby is not asleep, you can use just the stroller without attaching the infant seat to it.

The next option is to buy a convertible car seat that can be used from newborn days. This way, you don’t have to spend anything on an infant car seat. But you won’t be able to carry the car seat around like an infant car seat.

Whatever option you choose, it’s very important to learn to install the car seat properly, failing which the purpose of a baby car seat is not met. Take a look at the video below to have a proper idea on how to install a baby car seat.

Tip: An installed baby car seat shouldn’t move more than one inch side-to-side or forward and backward

Some other important tips while using baby car seat

  • Always install the car seat in the rear seats of the car. If you are installing a booster chair in the front seat, ensure that the air bag is deactivated.
  • Till the baby is 10 kg (or till manufacturer recommended age) install the car seat facing the rear side.
  • Take frequent stops on a long journey so that baby doesn’t get tired and cranky.
  • For the baby’s safety, insist of travelling in the car seat always even if it’s a trip to nearby grocery store. Babies get used to their car seats only if they are made to sit in it from the very early days.
  • Never leave the car seat unsecured in the car.
  • Avoid using second hand car seats as it may have damages that are not visible to naked eye and it may compromise the baby’s safety.

Below are some of the best options of infant car seat and convertible baby seat that provides maximum safety and comfort for your little one.

What to look for when you buy an infant car seat?

Ideally an infant car seat should have side cushion foam that protects baby’s chest and head against side impact. The seat should be such that the newborn baby can sit in it at an angle of 30 to 45 degree for optimum protection without interfering with breathing.

Best Baby Car Seats

Given below are some of the best infant car seats to choose from. We suggest you to read our article on infant seat safety that will answer most frequent questions and doubts you may have about infant car seats.

Graco Evo Snugsafe Infant Car Seat

best baby car seat india

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Graco obviously is an expensive option. But it offers safety, protection and comfort that the budget-friendly car seats do not offer.

Graco Evo Snugsafe with 5-point harness system is lightweight, yet has firm padding that offers sufficient support and comfortable seating for newborns up till the age of 1 year or till they weigh 13 kg. In addition, the padded insert provides extra support for newborns’ head and neck. The side padding also provides maximum protection against side impacts.  The reclinable handle and being lightweight also makes it easier to carry around.

A drawback however is that newborns weighing less than 3 kg might find it a tad uncomfortable keeping their legs apart for buckling up.

Chicco Keyfit Eu Baby Car Seat

best baby car seat india

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 Chicco Keyfit series is considered as one of the best in terms of safety surpassing all crash tests with flying colour.

With firm padding, side impact protection features, single pull seat belt mechanism and rocking function, Chicco Keyfit is all about safety, comfort and multi-functionality. The seat is easy to install and is lightweight with an ergonomic handle that makes it easier to carry around the baby.

It is also compatible with Chicco Cortina stroller that makes it easy for moving around with your baby.

A drawback however is the hefty price tag. Considering its short lifespan of just till baby is around 12-15 months, you do wonder whether to opt for a superior convertible seat instead.

Luvlap Infant Baby Car Seat Cum Carry Cot and Rocker with Canopy

best baby car seat india

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Available in 5 different colours, Luvlap Baby car seat is quite multi-functional and can be used as rocker, carry cot and while feeding your little one. It also has a detachable canopy that you can use when you need to protect your baby from sun.

The safety features and comfort level of Luvlap infant car seat is basic. The cushioning is not as thick as Graco or Chicco, yet offers moderate comfort for the baby. The rear facing seat can be reclined in 3 positions and it offers sufficient support for baby’s neck and head.

Though manufacturers say that it can be used till baby is 15 months, it is seen that most babies outgrow the seat when they are less than a year or weighs about 9 kg. Also, you might find it a bit difficult to carry around as a carry cot with a heavy baby.

Being compact, the car seat fits most varieties of cars including smaller vehicles like Alto 800.

Overall, it is a basic infant car seat that is budget friendly and can be used till your baby is around 9-12 months or till he/she weights about 9-10Kg.

R for Rabbit Picaboo – Infant Car Seat cum Carry Cot

best baby car seat india

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With features comparable to Luvlap infant car seat, R for Rabbit Picaboo is yet another basic option with multi-functional features and available in bright bold colours.

Suitable right from newborn days, it has moderately comfortable padding and hard plastic structure including side padding that protects the baby in event of a side impact. The seat has 3 point safety harness too.

Overall, it is a budget-friendly option for babies till 9-12 months that offers basic protection and comfort to young babies while travelling.

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Best Convertible Car Seats

Joie Tilt Car Seat

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Joie is a renowned UK brand that sells numerous award-winning baby products. Their car seats have received rave reviews and are highly rated amongst parents abroad.

The Joie Tilt is designed for newborns up till the age of 4 or till they weigh 18 Kg. The car seat has 4 recline positions- 1 for rear facing and 3 for forward facing. The recline is pretty deep enough that newborns are quite comfortable in it even on long trips.

The cushioning is also good and is thicker compared to most Indian brands. The sides padding is designed to absorb energy and protect baby’s head body and hips in case of impact.

The 5 point safety harness ensures baby is safely secured at all times.

You will also notice that installation is fairly easy.

Overall, if you are interested in a safer alternative compared to Indian brands, but still don’t want to spend a lot on Chicco or Graco car seats, you can definitely opt for this option from Joie.

Chicco Nextfit Convertible Car Seat

best baby car seat india

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Chicco and Graco car seats are some of the best choice for safety conscious parents who do not want to compromise on baby’s safety while travelling. It is also one of the few models that is ISOFIX compatible. Of course, it is quite expensive, but definitely worth it.

The car seat is quite superior in quality, comfort and convenience. It is easy to install and has 6 position adjustable head rest and 9 position reclines making it suitable even for newborns. In addition, it has an additional insert for supporting babies weighing 2.5-5 Kg.

The cushioning is quite thick and there is no way you or the baby can feel the hard-plastic structure underneath.

Incorrectly installed car seats are a major reason why babies get hurt even when they are in a car seat. To overcome this problem, Chicco Nexfit comes with a “ride right” bubble indicator that gives the correct angle for both rear and forward facing positions.

Owing to its bulky size, the car seat may not fit in rear facing position in smaller cars and hatchbacks, but will be perfect for SUVs and Sedans.

The Chicco Nexfit Convertible car seat has also passed the crash test by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

If you travel frequently in car with your baby and your little one’s safety is your utmost priority, then we highly recommend Chicco Nexfit Convertible car seat.

Note- Graco convertible car seats are as good as Chicco. However, most of them are imported with long delivery waiting period and higher price. Hence, we have excluded them from this list.

Jack N Jill – Baby Car Seat – Convertible Car Seat

best baby car seat india

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Available in 3 colours, Jack N Jill Convertible Car seat is a budget friendly option for parents who want to ensure basic safety while travelling in car. The ABS plastic structure and cushioning is decent—however, in comparison with brands like Chicco and Graco, it falls far behind.

The baby car seat has 5 point harness system and side impact protection cushioning. Thanks to the single pull seat belt mechanism, you can ensure that the seat belt is snuggly fit by just pulling the loose end of the belt.
Though the seat can be reclined in 3 positions, newborns might not be absolutely comfortable with even the deepest recline. The manufacturers recommend using it till the child is 5 years and placing it rear faced up till baby is 1 year old or 9 kg. Whether it will last till 5 years depend a lot on the baby’s height and weight. However, rest assured it will last for sure till baby is 3-3.5 years.

The seat can be comfortably fit in hatchbacks and sedans alike. However, you might sometime find it difficult to install in rear-facing position in smaller cars like Alto-800 as the car seat belt might not be long enough. It is not ISOFIX compatible either. You can view the installation video here.

Luvlap Baby Convertible Sports Car Seat

best baby car seat india

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 Just like Jack N Jill, Luvlap Convertible Sports Car seat is a value for money option with basic safety features and fairly decent plastic structure and cushioning. The seat is not ISOFIX compatible, however, compared to Jack N Jill, it is easier to install.

The car seat is available in 4 colours and can be used rear facing for babies up to 9 kg weight and front facing for babies weighing 9-18Kg. Overall, it should last till the baby is about 3-4 years of age.

The 5 point harness system with single pull belt mechanism ensures proper safety and snug fitting. The 3 position recline system is pretty useful when the baby sleeps—though even the deepest recline might not be comfortable enough for a newborn.

The cushioning is fairly decent and the seat has side impact protection padding too. However, if you have been using Graco or Chicco car seats in the past, you might be disappointed with the cushioning and overall sturdiness.

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