7 Best Baby Nail Clippers In India

Cutting your baby’s nail can be an unnerving experience. I still remember trying to cut my newborn son’s petite nails in the first week of his being. I simply couldn’t get the nerve and finally my husband ended up cutting them. Of course now, with my second born I have become a pro. I don’t even need her to sleep for cutting them.

One thing I have learnt in the process is that no matter which nail cutter you buy, it needs to be sharp. With blunt nail clippers, you end up applying more pressure and tend to sacrifice on precision.

Having used several nail clippers and in consideration with other mommy reviewers, here are some of the best nail clippers in India to choose from.

Best Nail Clippers In India

Rikang Baby Safety Nail Scissors

best baby nail clipper India

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A budget friendly price tag and safety features make it one of the highly rated nail clippers among parents in India.

The nail scissors have a large grip which makes it comfortable for you to maneuver.  The blades of the scissors are thin and its shape makes it easy to cut the baby nail causing no injury. Though thin, the blades are strong enough that you can use it till toddler days.
So, if you are looking for a budget friendly nail scissors, you will simply love this option.

SGD Safe Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

best baby nail clipper India

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A nail scissor or nail clipper pose a small risk of hurting the baby’s finger. Also, at times, even though you have cut the nails, they remain sharp scratching the baby. But with an electric trimmer, you simply don’t have to worry about it at all.

This electric nail trimmer comes with 2 speeds and 3 grinders of varying hardness. While the softest one is for babies younger than 3 months, the medium hard one is for babies between 4-11 months and the rough grinder for babies older than 1 year. As the grinding action files the nail, you can be assured that it doesn’t have any rough edges to hurt the baby.

As it has grinding heads for adults too, it can be your family nail cutter too.

This electric nail trimmer is definitely expensive than the rest. However, considering the safety and versatility, it definitely is the most recommended option.

GOCART New Born Baby Safety Nail Scissors Set

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This nail clipper set comprises nail scissors, cutter, filer and tweezers making it a complete package for your baby’s nail care. You can use clipper or scissors depending on your comfort. The filer helps smooth out the rough edges and with the tweezer you can clean the cuticles and any dirt inside the nails.

Highly rated by new parents, it really does make nail care a breeze.

Chicco Baby Nail Scissor

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Though a tad expensive, a product from Chicco means you don’t have to worry about the product quality or your baby’s safety.
This nail scissors omes with curved edges that ensures the nail bed or cuticles are not cut while you trim baby nails. As it has a cover, you can also be assured of the nail cutter’s hygiene while it is not in use.

Mee Mee Gentle Nail Clipper with Magnifier

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With design similar to adult’s nail cutter, this clipper from Mee Mee is sharp and ensures precise cutting. The magnifying glass might seem like a great help in avoiding accidental cutting of baby’s skin. However, that is not the case. The one we got had scratches and affected visibility. So, we folded and used it as a simple nail clipper.

The First Years Nail Clipper with Magnifier

best baby nail clipper India

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This again is a nail clipper with design and functionality similar to the former Mee Mee nail cutter. However, its grip is a better and more ergonomically designed. So parents find it much easier to handle.

Syga Baby Nail Clippers Set

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Comprising of nail scissors and a nail cutter, this again is a moderately priced set that parents love. While the nail scissors are apt for younger babies, ones older than 9 months will find the nail clipper more comfortable.

We hope you were able to choose a nail clipper from this list suiting your requirement. Do let us know in comments if you need any further info to help you choose right nail clipper for your needs.


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