5 Best Car Booster Seats In India

Baby car seats are gaining popularity in India as parents are becoming aware about its significance in preventing injuries in the event of an accident. But not many use a booster car seat for children aged 4 plus.
According to experts, children can sit independently in car seat without booster chair only once they are at least 145 cm tall. Before that seat belt alone won’t be sufficient in securing them. In shorter kids, lap belt is likely to cross child’s tummy. This can cause damage to their stomach, liver, or spleen in case of an accident. If the shoulder belt is under the arm, it could cause damage to the child’s ribs and even damage their internal organs.

So, once your baby outgrows a convertible baby car seat, which typically happens around the age of 3-4 years, you need to transition to a booster seat. Note however that children don’t usually outgrow baby car seat weight wise, rather they do so height wise. When the crown of the child’s head is 1 inch below the top of the car seat, you can think of transitioning the child to a booster seat.

So, here are some of the best booster car seats for children.

Best Booster Car Seats For Children

Options for booster car seats are rather limited in India. So, here are top 4 choices you could consider.

R for Rabbit Jumping Jack Grand Car Seat – The Growing Baby Car Seats for Baby/Kids 

best booster car seat kids India

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If you are looking for a booster seat for a 4 year old plus, then Jumping Jack Grand Car Seat is quite a good option. Though the manufacturers say that it can be used from the age of 15 months, we beg to differ. First of all, younger babies are more comfortable with sufficient recline. Also, when babies fall asleep in this car seat, their necks tends to droop, making them pretty uncomfortable.
So, we suggest you to opt for this booster seat only once your baby outgrows a convertible car seat.

As a booster seat, the features are quite good. From the age of 4 plus, you can make your child sit with the harness itself as sometimes, the car seat belt won’t be quite comfortable for the child. In personal experience cited by a few reviewers, they found that 5 year olds were comfortable with the booster seat harness and not quite so when secured with the car seat belt.
Once your child is sufficiently tall, you can remove the harness and opt for direct car seat belt securing. Note that the upper part of car seat belt should be snuggly across the shoulder and chest and the lower part should be tight across the upper hip.
Post this stage, once your child is comfortable enough, you can remove the back portion and opt for just the seat.

An advantage of this booster seat is that the height of the head rest can be adjusted. So, even if your child grows tall, safety needn’t be compromised in any way.

Now, talking about the other safety features, as with most other car seats available in the market, it passes the ECE R44/04 test which is the European Safety Standards. The booster seat has 5 point harness system and the sides are padded well enough for side impact protection. The seats too have sufficient cushioning for the child’s comfort.

To conclude, Jumping Jack Grand is one of the better options available in the market today.

LuvLap Premier Baby Car seat – Black

best booster car seat kids India

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Again, manufacturers suggest using this car seat from 9 months on. But, experts advice to make babies sit back facing up till 2 years, or at the least till they are 1 year old. So, just like the previous option, we suggest you to opt for this booster seat after your baby outgrows a convertible car seat, which would be around the age of 4.

When it comes to features and functions, Luvlap Premier and Jumping Jack Grand are quite similar. A difference you can note is in Jumping Jack, you have an extra thin padding at the bottom, which Luvlap Premier doesn’t. This is quite helpful as in cases of spills, you can remove just that padding and clean it.
Also, look wise, they are quite different. While the former has a sports car kind of look which boys will love, the latter is more subtle.

Joie Elevate Car Seat , Deep Sea

best booster car seat kids India

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Joie is a UK based manufacturer of various award winning baby products. Their Elevate Car Seat has been recently launched in India. Feature wise, it looks pretty top notch. Let us take a look at them in detail.

Again, here the manufacturers suggest that this car seat can be used from the age of 15 months. But ideally, we would suggest you to use it only after your baby outgrows a convertible car seat.

Design wise, the main differences you note are that, first of all, it has a cup holder where your child can keep his drinks while travelling. Also, the fully ventilated mesh sides ensure that your child doesn’t get too warm while seated in it.

You will note that the safety features are a notch above the previous two options. First of all, ample focus is given to ensure that the child remains safe in case of a side impact. In addition to steel reinforced frame that absorbs the shock due to impact, the car seat has additional panel layers for added safety.
In most booster seats, once your child is tall, you will have to forgo the back portion and use just the base to provide the child sufficient height. But with 10 level height adjustments in Joie Elevate, your child can sit in the booster seat up till he is about 145 cm tall. This ensures that your child is well-protected in case of side impact as long as he is in a booster seat.

Though a bit pricey, if safety is your top priority, we suggest you to opt for Joie Elevate.

Graco Affix Highback Booster Seat with Latch System Atomic

best booster car seat kids India

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If you are looking for an ISOFIX booster seat, then this could be one of the better choices available in the market. Unlike the former entries, Graco Affix Booster Seat doesn’t have a harness system. This booster seat therefore is suitable for children aged 5-6 plus. But be sure that your child is tall enough so that the car seat belt can be properly secured.
Once your child outgrows the booster seat height wise, you can convert it in to a backless booster seat.

Design wise, an advantage of this booster seat is that it has a cup holder and a hidden storage compartment in which your child can keep the smaller stuffs he need during the travel.

The booster seat is tested for side impact. Also, being a Graco product, you can be rest assured in terms of quality and safety features.

Luvlap Backless Booster  Car Seat 

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This backless booster seat is apt for children aged 6 to 12 years who need an elevation in sitting height for properly securing the car seat belt. It is comparatively inexpensive and its features are quite basic.

The seat has comfortable arm rest and just sufficient padding. That being said, if your child is short ( less than 4 ft) your needs won’t suffice with this booster seat.

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