Best Cloth Diapers In India

Even though most of the parents know the environmental implications of using disposable diapers, many resist using cloth diapers thinking it is a lot of work. Well, let’s be honest. Cloth diapers are not as easy as disposables because you obviously have to wash and dry them, while you can just chuck out disposables in to the bin after use. But when you think about it, we don’t dispose our clothes after one time use. Do we? We wash and use them again. Thanks to newer materials being used for making cloth diapers and inserts, maintaining them is just like maintaining our other clothes. Not only are they easy to wash, they are also highly absorbent and leak proof.

Now, let us get started with the different types of cloth diapers and the best cloth diapers in India.

Cloth Diapering For Newborns

Everyone knows that newborns pee and poop almost throughout the day. During this period, using cloth diapers may be a bit difficult to manage. Not to mention, you might require a huge stash of diapers. During this period, it is better to use fairly absorbent nappies that have to be changed every time the baby pees or poops. It is true that they are not very absorbent or leak-proof. But we suggest using them because first of all it is inexpensive. You can buy about 24 nappies for about Rs.500-750.

Secondly, newborn’s skin is super sensitive. So, the baby is quite likely to develop rashes if you use the regular cloth diapers and somehow fail to notice that the diaper insert is too wet or soiled. It may sound counter-intuitive, but during this period, using nappies that have low absorbency is better as you are unlikely to miss out on a wet diaper.
Also, using nappies help keep count of number of times baby has passed urine– a must to ensure babies are getting sufficient nutrition and are thriving.

Tiny Care has good quality nappies that has decent absorption and are economical too. They are available in a variety of colours and designs too.

Types Of Cloth Diapers

Pocket Diapers

As the name suggests, in this type of diaper, there is a pocket with a ‘stay dry’ polyester or micro-suede lining inside which you can insert the absorbent pad. Certain types of pocket diapers tend to be bulky and poor fit. However, a key advantage is that you can use different types of absorbent padding like micro-fiber, cotton or hemp, according to your baby’s need.

All in One (AIO) Diapers

AIO diapers are just like disposables. The absorbent padding is sewed on to the waterproof cover, making it convenient for quick changes and suitable for day care use. You can add more layers of soakers for nighttime use. A disadvantage however is that it takes more time for drying.

Hybrid Diapers

With a hybrid diaper also known as All In Two (AI2), you can use either a disposable insert or a washable insert and place it inside the washable cloth diaper cover. Hybrid diapers are often easier to manage as at home you can use washable inserts and on the go use disposable ones.

Which are the Best Cloth Diapers In India?

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Best Cloth Diapers

  • Superbottoms

    best cloth diaper India

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    The first thing that catches your attention about Superbottoms is its bright bold desi prints. But then, once you start using it, you are equally impressed with its functionality too. Superbottoms have pocket diapers as well as AIOs that come in two sizes- newborn and free size. The newborn size is suitable for babies up to 3 months of age, while the free size diapers can be used for babies weighing from 5 to 17 kg as its snap closure can be adjusted for a proper fit as the baby grows.

    They mainly have three types of inserts (which they call soakers). The one made from microfiber costs less, but has lower absorbency while the soakers made from hemp and organic bamboo costs higher and has better absorbency too.

    The pocket diapers from Superbottoms have double leak guards and tummy strips for side sleeping and tummy sleeping babies respectively. The inserts that come with it are made of microfiber and lasts for 3-4 hours at a stretch after about 4-5 washing (washing improves the absorption and removes any residues left from the manufacturing process). Now if you are looking for a cloth diaper for nighttime use, then Superbottoms plus (which is an AIO diaper with organic bamboo cotton soaker and micro-suede lining) will last you a good 8-10 hours. If you have a heavy wetter, then you can add additional layer of hemp/bamboo soakers.

    Superbottom’s customer care service is especially worth mentioning as they stand by with you clearing all your doubts throughout your diapering journey. They also have a 15 day return policy under which you can return the diaper if it doesn’t suit your baby.

  • Bumberry

    best cloth diaper India

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    Just like Superbottoms, Bumberry is also available in a small size for newborns and a free size suitable for babies up till the age of 36 months. They have two varieties of inserts made from microfiber and natural bamboo. The inserts have to be changed every 4-6 hours, while the outer cover can be used for about 12 hours after wiping off the inner portion. A drawback however is that Bumberry diapers cannot be used for extended nighttime use unless you use a hemp booster.
  • Easy Feel

    best cloth diaper India

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    Easy Feel sells one size fits most outer cover and inserts separately. Their outer cover and pocket diapers are made out of Thermoplastic Polyurethane Laminated (TPUL), while inner lining is made of absorbent micro-suede. They sell inserts made of blended hemp cotton (55% Hemp and 45% Cotton), bamboo charcoal fleece and unbleached cotton. While insert made of hemp can be used for nighttime use, bamboo and cotton inserts can be used for 4-5 hour stretches.
  • Alvababy

    best cloth diaper India

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    Alvababy is an imported brand that offers AIO, AI2 and pocket diapers. The outer cover is made of TPUL and the inner lining is made of micro-suede. On Amazon, the insert that comes by default with the diapers is made of absorbent microfiber. But you can also buy five-layered bamboo and charcoal bamboo inserts separately. A diaper with microfiber insert typically last for 3-4 hours and you may have to use a layer of bamboo and micro-suede insert for extended nighttime use.
  • Bumpadum

    best cloth diaper India

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    Bumpadum has a range of micro suede and organic cotton AIO diapers that can be used for babies from 3 months to 3 years. The outer layer is made of waterproof TPUL while the inserts are made of six-layer organic cotton. Their diapers are trim and can be used for up to 3 hours at a stretch, while an extra layer of hemp insert will make the diaper sufficient for night time use.

    In addition to AIO, they have pocket diapers and fitted diapers as well. While their pocket diapers are suitable for babies who are yet to walk, the fitted diapers, being more breathable is suited for babies with sensitive skin.

Bumgenius, Nicki, Bumkins, Flip and Gro-Via are also some other top quality brands that are imported. However, they are expensive to the extent that a stash of 20 diapers would cost you a minimum of Rs. 40k.

Useful Cloth Diapering Tips

  • If you are just starting off with cloth diapering, then buy 3-4 brands and experiment. There is NO perfect cloth diaper. Each baby is different and each baby will have different level of comfort with each brand. A brand that is perfect for your friend’s baby may not be suitable at all for your baby.
  • Follow the wash instructions carefully. Wash every diaper before first time use. Most cloth diapers have to be washed 6-8 times before they attain full absorbency.
  • If you are concerned about cleaning poop from a cloth diaper, then use a flushable liner for the cloth diaper.
  • Most parents go the hybrid way using cloth diapers at home and disposables while going out. Going hybrid is easier and motivating in the beginning rather than trying exclusively cloth diaper.
  • The bright bold colourful diapers may entice you to build a huge stash. But it is better to start with just 3-4 and gradually build a stash.
  • If you are very serious about cloth diapering, then join the Cloth Diaper India Group on Facebook. You will find some amazing mommy buddies who will help you clear all your doubts about cloth diapering.
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