Best Cribs, Cradles & Bassinets For A Good Night Sleep

A safe, comfortable sleeping space is one of the must-haves when you have a baby. It not only encourages better sleeping habits, but also is necessary to prevent incidence of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Bassinet Or Cradle Or Crib?

A confusion that most parents have is whether to buy bassinet, cradle or crib for your baby. Though it is more of a personal preference, it is actually advantageous to have a bassinet or cradle in the newborn days, rather than crib. It is easier for nighttime breastfeeding and diaper changing when your baby sleeps in a bassinet in the same bed as yours. Moreover, your baby may feel more secured and comfy in an enclosed bassinet or cradle rather than a wide crib.

Most cradles can be kept close to the mother’s bed and the rocking motion of cradle is helpful in soothing the small one to sleep.

However, it is suggested to move the baby to a crib sometime past 4-5 months, so that the baby starts learning to sleep independently.

Cost wise, it is best to start off with a bassinet and then shift to a convertible crib. A basic bassinet costs about Rs. 1000, while a travel bassinet costs about Rs. 3-5k and a crib that can be used till around the child is 3-5 years old can be bought by shelling out anywhere between Rs. 10-20k.

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Best Baby Bassinets

Littly Foldable Bassinet With Mosquito Net

best baby bassinet India

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Available in different colours, this baby bassinet made of soft velvet material is quite economical. It is accompanied with a pillow and has a mosquito net too. Though the manufacturer recommends it can be used till the age of 12 months, its length is just 88 cm and most babies do not sleep in a bassinet past 4-5 months. As the bedding is made of synthetic material, you may have to lay an extra layer of cotton cloth over it before your baby sleeps in it.

Rating: 4.1/5 based on 238 customer reviews.

Fisher Price Rock N Play Portable Bassinet

best baby bassinet India

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Though expensive, this portable bassinet offers convenience and features like no other bassinet. Its flat elevated sleeping surface is relief for babies with reflux, and the rocking motion helps lull the baby to sleep easily. The bassinet has a mirror and a linkable toy to entertain the baby when he is awake. Its cover can be machine-washed and the bassinet can easily be flattened as stored underneath the bed too. Though it is suitable for babies up to 11 kg, considering that its just 84 cm long, babies might find it comfortable only for up to 4-5 months. Lack of padding at the bottom is a complaint that most users cite.

Rating: 4.1/5 based on 15 customer reviews.

Shop Bucket Travel Bassinet cum Diaper Bag

best baby bassinet India

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This travel bassinet cum diaper bag is ideal for parents who are frequently on the move. The comfortable bassinet has a firm bottom with 3mm foam and a cotton mat is included in it to ensure baby’s comfort. Thanks to the storage compartments for bottles, diapers and other essentials, it can be doubled up as a diaper bag too. It also comes with hanging toys to engage the baby when he is awake.

Brica Travel Bassinet

best baby bassinet

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Brica is an imported brand from the U.S. This bassinet offers a safe and comfortable place for your baby to sleep wherever you go. With ventilated mesh side panels, machine washable mattress pad and four-point safe-T lock system, you can be rest assured that your baby is safe and comfy at all times. As it is just 30 inches long, you can expect to use it till the baby is about 4-5 months old.
Note, that it cannot be used as a diaper bag like Shop Bucket Travel Bassinet.
Rating: 4.4/5 based on 390 customer reviews.

Best Baby Cradles

Mother Touch Wonder Cradle

best baby cradle India

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This is an economic no-frill cradle with easy to remove washable cover, safety lock and mosquito net. It is just 27 inches long, so you can expect to use it till the baby is about 3-5 months. A common remark in most reviews is about the low height of the cradle( just about 50cm high)
Rating: 4.3/5 based on 26 customer reviews.

Jack & Jill Hanging Cradle

best cradle India

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This hanging cradle aka Jhoola with mosquito net is made of soft washable fabric and suitable for babies up to 10 kg weight. Note that however; as the length is just 75 cm, babies may not fit in it for more than 3-4 months. The package comes with jhoola, hook, spring and head pillow.

Rating: 4.2/5 based on 12 customer reviews.

Multipro Cradle n Swing

best cradle India

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Made of premium quality cotton and with firm steel body, this cradle cum swing can be used as a curved sleeping surface as well as a flat one. The one thing we really liked about it is that it is much longer than most of the other cradles and bassinets with length of 118cm, making it suitable for babies up to the age of 1.5 years. Another advantage is that it is portable and can be taken along in the accompanying bag when you go on trips or to your hometown. The automatic version of this cradle works on direct power supply and its speed can be adjusted according to the weight of the child. However, there are a few concerns about its motor becoming noisy and lack of proper rocking motion when used for bigger babies.

Rating: 4.6/5 based on 23 customer reviews.

Best Baby Cribs

Dream On Me 5-in-1 Convertible Crib

best crib India

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Made of New Zealand pinewood, this white colour convertible crib can be used as a day bed, crib and twin sized bed. Thanks to the four-position height adjustment, you can keep the crib adjacent to your own bed so that you can easily attend to the baby for nighttime feedings. It is 53 inches long and can be used till your child weighs 25 kg. Note that in order to convert it to twin sized bed, you will have to buy railings and bed frame separately. Also note that mattress has to be bought separately for the crib.

Rating: 4.8/5 based on 4 customer reviews.

Luvlap Wooden Crib Cum Cradle

best crib India

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The best thing about this crib is that when your baby is particularly fussy to sleep, you can convert it in to a cradle and rock him to sleep. Made of pinewood, this crib has wheels with stopper and a separate mosquito net. Manufacturer suggests minimum age of 3 months and being 93 cm long you will be able to use it till the baby is about 1 year old. The crib can also be converted in to desk, shoe rack and table, however, you might require expert assistance for the same.
Rating: 4/5 based on 1 customer review

BabyCenter Howard Cot

best crib India

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Made of Malaysian solid hardwood, with three level height adjustment, wheels and curved edges to prevent any injuries, this baby crib is perfect for babies till they weigh about 25 kg. Note that the crib consumes fairly good space, so take care of the measurements before you buy it. Mattress not included.

Rating: 5/5 based on 1 customer review

Chicco Next To Me Co-Sleeping Cribbest co-sleeper crib India

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Suitable for newborns up till they weigh 15 kg, this co-sleeping crib is every mom’s dream. Lightweight, easy to move and easy to assemble, this crib has two wheel brakes, anti-skid feet, six position height adjustment and has a padded mattress too.

Rating : 4/5 based on 1 customer review.

Safe Sleeping Practices

Some of the safe sleeping guidelines of AAP (American Association of Pediatrics) for preventing SIDS are-

  • Always keep loose bedding, sheets, blankets, pillows etc. away from baby’s reach.
  • Always place your baby on back for sleeping, and on a firm sleep surface. Never use car seats, bouncers and rockers for sleeping.
  • Babies should always sleep in the same room as the parents, but not in the same bed, especially if the father/mother is intoxicated or takes any medicines that could affect their cognitive ability.
  • Avoid using bumper pads in cribs.
  • Breastfeeding is found to lower the risk of SIDS.
  • Avoid using commercial devices and monitors that promise to reduce risk of SIDS.
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