Best Digital Thermometer in India

A thermometer is a must-have device for any home. But like all appliances, even the thermometer has come a long way. It has progressed far ahead from the exclusive mercury thermometer that existed a decade or so earlier.

With progress, the thermometer varieties and options have increased immensely in the market. To beat
all confusion and dilemma, we list out a few thermometers that have managed to win the hearts of the
majority of the customers and are easily available on leading e-commerce sites of India like the Amazon.
Stay hooked!

Best Thermometer in India

Rossmax TG380 Flexi Tip Thermometer

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As far as thermometers are concerned, Rossmax is a popular household name. The modern version of the traditional digital thermometer, it impresses us with its simplicity, design, and accuracy.

Foremost, the thermometer is crafted from high-quality plastic that is water-proof and sturdy. Its matte finish not only adds to its attractiveness but also gives it a firm grip so that you can handle it easily even with irritable kids.

The thermometer flaunts of advanced technology that makes measuring temperature a breeze. Its large LCD makes reading easy for you. It gives you the body temperature reading within seconds that makes it ideal for kids and even pregnant women.

The thermometer has plenty of delightful features like getting the reading in Celsius or Fahrenheit with just the touch of a button. The thermometer automatically shuts off within 10 seconds of the last reading. It helps saves battery and makes the device energy-efficient. You also have a low battery alarm that lets you know when its time to change the battery. The device can also run self-diagnostic tests when it runs abnormally.

A unique feature of the thermometer is its flexible tip that not only prevents breakage but also makes the thermometer ideal for use for all age groups from infants to adults. Moreover, you can use the thermometer easily even for rectal reading.

On the flip side, its battery case is weak comparatively. It can make the thermometer useless to use if the battery case is not handled with extra care and battery changed strictly by an expert as per the procedure. It is also known to give erratic reading sometimes especially when the battery is turning low.A major complaint is minute fonts in its user manual that makes it difficult to read for most users.

However, with reasonable pricing, the inclusion of instruction manual and batteries and a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, there is barely anything to complain about this thermometer. You will never regret this choice.

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Dr. Trust (USA) Forehead Digital Infrared Thermometer for Babies and Adults with Color Coded Fever Guidance

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If you are looking for a highly advanced and versatile digital thermometer, then look no further than this thermometer from a highly reputed brand, Dr. Trust.

Foremost, the thermometer looks extremely elegant and stylish and is built with an ergonomic and robust construction to last long. The fact that the thermometer is FDA and Ce approved speaks of its accuracy and reliability in terms of performance. 

The foremost feature that captures your attention about this thermometer is its advanced technology. The device can measure the temperature of a person in three seconds when placed on the forehead or any other body part and its button pushed.

The LCD is not only large enough to make readings easy but is also dual color-coded. The green color denotes normal body temperature while a red color asks you to take remedial steps.  An alarm also buzzes in the case of fever to capture your attention. Even here, you can easily switch between the Celsius and the Fahrenheit mode and store up to 30 readings in its memory. The auto-shut feature makes its energy efficient too. 

What is great about this thermometer is that it can also measure the temperature of humans, animals and even inanimate objects like the baby’s bottle, bathwater or any other such surface. It needs to be placed at a distance of 2 inches away from the surface whose temperature it needs to measure. 

Its battery is quite long-lasting, you also have a low-battery indicator to help you change the battery in time. However, it is known to sometimes give inaccurate readings, something that is an intrinsic flaw with all infrared thermometers. Its fever beep alarm volume is also high that can cause problems in few cases. You do wish there was an option to shut it down or lower its volume. 

The thermometer comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that can be extended by another six months by registering the product at the manufacturer’s website within 15 days of purchase. The price falls comparatively on the expensive side. Despite all this, the thermometer is a popular choice and is known to have high satisfaction ratings. You can buy it without thinking too much. 

HealthSense Accu-Scan TH 600 Forehead & Ear Digital Infrared Thermometer 

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It is another multipurpose and reliable thermometer that is a terrific addition to any household. It is slightly more advanced than Dr. Trust thermometer and is a good alternative choice since it is also FDA improved. 

Its body is ergonomically designed, attractive to look at and lightweight for easy handling and portability. It also comes with a protective case for safety, durability, and convenience. 

The thermometer is contactless and uses the highly advanced smart chip Infrared technology that gives you an accurate reading within one second. All you need to is bring the thermometer near the sick person and press its button. Being contactless, it is especially liked for babies, extremely ill and aged persons, though it can be used for all age groups. 

Its LCD is not only large for easy reading but is also three color-coded. Green color with one short beep indicates normal temperature; orange with two short beeps indicate mild fever while red color with three short beeps indicates a high fever. 

Unlike the former thermometer, you do have the option to turn off the fever beep alarm off here. Apart from it, you do get the standard features like unit conversion and an easy toggle between Centigrade and Fahrenheit as well as memory storage of the last 35 readings. As it is contactless, you need not worry about sterilizing it for use on different people. 

Being multipurpose, you can use it to measure the temperature of several inanimate things like room temperature, baby’s milk, bathwater, etc. It comes with the batteries, easy to use manual and one year of warranty that can be extended by another six months if you comply with the brand’s terms and conditions. 

Overall there is no major complaint regarding it apart from its battery running out comparatively fast and sometimes erratic reading if the thermometer is not held properly. It is slightly expensive but worth every cent. Hence, you can definitely consider buying it without any hesitation. 

Dr. Morepen MT 111 Digiclassic Digital Thermometer 

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If you are looking for modernized version  of a traditional thermometer without the harmful mercury inside it, then look no further than this thermometer from Dr. Morepen, a brand that is revered in the USA and Europe as well. 

It comes in a simple, sleek and attractive build in attractive colors. Being lightweight, it is easy to carry around. The body is durable to last for years. Using it is also effortless. It is meant for only oral use and possibly in the armpits. 

This clinically tested thermometer takes a couple of minutes to record the temperature and gives a beep sound when the measurement is complete. The LCD is large enough for a comfortable reading though it is not backlit. 

It has plenty of other features like temperature measurement in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, auto-shutoff, low battery indicator as well as memory function. The thermometer comes with a one-year warranty. Moreover, the brand has an exceptional track record in providing exemplary customer service. 

With no major complaints about this basic thermometer; it can be a useful and cost-effective addition to your household. 

Equinox Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer EQ-IF-02

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If a contactless thermometer using the latest infrared technology is what you are looking for; then do consider this digital device from Equinox. 

The features and functionalities of this thermometer are almost similar to the HealthSense digital thermometer except that it does not have dual functionality. It can be used to measure only body temperature. 

It is attractive to look at, is ergonomically designed and built to last for years. You get the temperature reading in just a second by the press of a button when the thermometer is placed two to three centimeters away from the forehead. Its large LCD has the same three backlit indicators and is considered superior to its similar counterparts. 

It has all the standard features like auto power-off within 30 seconds, fever alarm, low battery indicator and memory storage of up to 32 readings. Unlike most similar thermometers, it comes with an eighteen months manufacturer’s warranty. The only flip side is its battery running out quite fast and sometimes erratic readings. 

The thermometer definitely expands your scope of choice. 

TC Instrument MT-4 Digital Non – Contact IR Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun

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It is another excellent choice for you to consider and measure temperatures using infrared technology. 

Foremost, the body is designed attractively and ergonomically from high-quality plastic in attractive colors. You can easily hold it like a gun. It is sturdy and lightweight as well. Its carry-case makes it easy to carry around if required. 

Being contactless, it gives temperature accurately in seconds. It also exhibits dual functionality for you to measure the temperature of objects as well. Its temperature range is –30 degrees to 550 degrees with an accuracy of 2% defect. It is commendable considering the infrared technology. 

Apart from it, the gadget has all standard features like large and backlit LCD, auto-off, easy temperature measurement in both Celsius and Fahrenheit., low battery indicator, etc. 

Looking on its flip side, it lacks the color-coding of temperature measurement. It also does not have any specific infant-friendly features. Unlike other similar thermometers, it comes only with a six months warranty that is far less than the standard 12-18 months. Despite this, it is a long-lasting and reliable thermometer to purchase. 

HESLEY Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer, Digital Infrared Temporal Thermometer for Temperature

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It is another excellent thermometer with infrared technology to expand your choice from a reputed brand, Hesley. 

Like all our thermometers, it is ergonomically designed, attractive and sturdily built and comes with a carry pouch as well. It is lightweight and compact for easy portability. 

Its temperature calibration technology is highly advanced and clinically precise to give you accurate temperature reading in one second. Its state-of-the-art smart chip technology gives a consistent and excellent performance every time. 

A unique feature of this thermometer is its ear mode and head mode that gives a better reading from the part for measuring the body temperature. Its large LCD has three color code backlit to understand the severity of fever. Auto-off feature, fever warning beep, sound on/off feature, conversion option of Centigrade and Fahrenheit, memory storage of 35 readings and other standard features are present here as well. 

It also has an object mode that helps you measure the temperature of the room and other objects. The only flip side of the thermometer is that it is comparatively heavier than similar thermometers and lacks any manufacturer’s warranty. Despite it, it is one of the best-rated thermometers available online. Hence, you can buy it without any qualms. 

Wrapping up 

A thermometer is a must-have device for any home. Moreover, their quality and performance can never be compromised upon as it can prove fatal to health. Given that, we have tried to offer you a few choices that are known to be superior in quality and performance. Moreover, we have also included thermometers with a budget range to suit almost every pocket. Do let us know which one pleased you the most for your daily and other use. 

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