Best Digital Weighing Scale in India

Today, people are getting increasingly aware of their health. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, they strive to remain as fit as possible. One of the most common ways they keep a tab on their health is to monitor their body weight. People tend to check their weight almost on a daily basis. This is made easy with a digital weighing scale that is far more accurate and faster than a traditional analog weighing machine. 

Given the plethora of choices; it is easy for anybody to get confused about the right weighing machine. To make things easier, we share our top picks of digital weighing machine to let you keep an eye on your body weight. Stay hooked!

Best Digital Weighing Scale in India

HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Digital Personal Body Weight Scale with STEP-On Technology (Grey)

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Coming from one of the most reputed and reliable brands, this digital weighing scale is one of the top-sellers in India. 

First and foremost, the machine impresses you with its state-of-the-art design. The scale is ergonomically designed from super-light ABS material in a sleek gray color. Rounded edges, wide and way platform for a comfortable foot standing are its high points. The device is super light but still strong and sturdy to use it any way you desire. 

Moreover, the unit has anti-slip features as well. Not only is its surface anti-slip but it also has four anti-skid silicon pads that keep the scale stable every time you slip on it. 

The technology used in the weighing scale is ‘Step-On’ Technology with four high-precision ‘G’ sensors with a tolerance of +/- 300g. It means that you get an instant and accurate reading of your body weight every time you step on it. The weight range for which it gives accurate results is 5 kg to 180 Kg.

Its LCD is super-clear with dark gray backlight and white fonts. LCD size is 3.3 inches which adds to the ease of reading. The weight can be obtained in three units i.e. Kg/LB/ST. Calibration is easy when the device is placed on a firm and flat surface. The unit saves on the battery as well since it auto shuts down when not in use. 

The flip side is that it is just a basic machine and you miss it not measuring any other body parameters. You also need to measure your weight twice or thrice when you power it on as it calibrates itself and the first reading might not be correct. Because of it, many feel the gadget as a trifle expensive.

Despite this, with its superior built, accurate reading and lightweight stylish design, it’s a weighing scale that you would love to stand upon to keep a tab on your body weight. 

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Hoffen Digital Electronic LCD Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale_HQ-18

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This is another digital weighing machine that impresses you with its performance and reliability. 

Foremost, the unit is slim but quite sturdy. Its squarish look with its platform crafted from tempered glass oozes a stylish vibe. The end result is a bold and stylish look. Being thin and lightweight, you can move it anywhere and even store it easily. 

Because of its high-precision sensors, you get accurate results almost every time you stand on it instantly. The LCD display is clear and large enough for you to read properly. These four sensors also automatically turn the machine on/off with step-on and step/off mechanism, thereby saving on power. The machine turns off within 5 seconds of you stepping off it. 

The weight range of this machine is 2.3 kg to 180 Kg which is larger than our first choice. Other notable features of the machine include overload indicator and low-battery indicator. 

Looking at its flip side, it tends to show inaccurate results if not placed properly on a flat surface. Hence, you need to ensure it every time you weigh yourself. It also requires regular calibration to show accurate results.

But with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and budget-friendly pricing; it’s a weighing machine that will keep you satisfied and happy with your weight monitoring goals. 

Omron HBF 212 Digital Full Body Composition Monitor

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Omron is a Japanese brand that has been ruling the health equipment niche for quite some time. Thus, you can be confident of getting an advanced and quality weighing machine from this brand. 

The machine does not disappoint. The best thing about this machine is that it gives you a detailed body stat and comes to you at affordable pricing compared to other similar machines by other brands. 

Foremost is the compact size of the unit with its aesthetic and lightweight build that makes it easy to store and carry around. Its LCD is scratch resistant and makes for easy reading so that you can easily record all data. It has special sensors installed in its circuit to make the machine fit to be used at all temperatures. 

The weighing machine not only lets you know your weight but also gives you information on your BMI, body fat, visceral fat, and skeletal fat. The weight range it measures varies from 2 kgs to 150 plus kgs.  The machine uses a body fat monitor and 4 memory presets that can store your body data for up to 90 days to make it easy for you to track progress. Moreover, it stores data for four users and a guest and hence, the entire family can use the machine with ease for fitness tracking. 

The unit gives accurate readings even on uneven grounds. Its battery is also quite long-lasting. The manual lets you know all the default value of its readings so that you can compare your body’s value and know your fitness goals. 

But you do miss a reset button as you need to restart the scale to erase the previous data. But otherwise, with a one-year warranty, this is a stellar body composition monitor that you can lay your hands on. Many combine it with a fitness tracker to know all about the health and fitness levels. It’s a machine to buy without a second thought.

ActiveX Savvy Smart Digital Body Fat Scale with App (Charcoal Black)

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An Indian brand, ActiveX has earned the reputation of providing robust and high-quality health and electronics products. Thus, it is no surprise that this weighing machine counts amongst the top best-selling smart digital fat scales in India. 

Foremost, the aesthetic appeal of this scale is spectacular in the charcoal black and tempered glass surface and metallic body. It is compact, sleek and lightweight for easy portability and storage. 

Talking about its features, they are highly advanced and the scale is an ideal choice for real fitness buffs. Including your weight, it displays 13 different parameters like body fat percentage, body mass index, visceral fat, protein, fat-free body weight, skeletal muscle, body water, etc. The machine can be easily synced with fitness tracker gadgets like Google Fit, Apple Health, Fit Bit, etc. All data are easily analyzed and presented to you in easy graphs and charts for easy comprehension, comparison, tracking, etc. 

The machine utilizes advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to calculate various body metrics. The device passes slight electricity like current to measure your body parameters. However, it does not emit radiation and thus is safe for the human body of any age group.

The device comes with three pieces of AAA batteries and an app so that you can start using it immediately. With its auto on/off feature; it is energy-efficient. Using, Step-on technology, it gives you immediate and consistently accurate reports with a precision of 0.1kg, thanks to its high precision sensors. Moreover, it comes with an app where you can set goals and that you can easily sync with your smartphone using Bluetooth to keep all records. 

The weight range of the machine is from 5 kgs to 150 kgs which is wide enough. It can store profile data of up to 18 users. Thus, no matter how large your family is, all can use it with ease. Moreover, the device is auto-calibrated so that you need not worry about any inaccurate figures. The LCD is large enough for you to read with ease. 

The authenticity of the scale is further cemented by its various certifications like FDA/CE/FCC and RoHS. It comes with a standard one-year warranty that can be extended to a total of three years if you register the product on the manufacturer’s website within 15 days of purchase. 

Looking on its flip side, you do wish a weighing scale of this caliber was completely waterproof as the device is only partially waterproof. Many rue of a way to transport the body data to an excel sheet or other data storing software. Because of its high precision, it gives a different weight of the same object at different times that can be sometimes confusing. 

But overall, this is the best and most cost-efficient smart weighing scale that you can buy for.

RENPHO Smart Body Fat Scale Bluetooth Digital Bathroom Scales Wireless Weight Scale

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This smart scale is a terrific alternative to our previous recommendation in case you would like to have another option. You can compare and contrast them and select the one that you prefer more. 

Foremost, the stylish and sleek design is white will impress you to no end. The body is also extremely sturdy as made of high-quality ABS plastic and thick tempered glass on the surface The LED display is also wide enough with back light for easy reading. It is also lightweight enough for easy portability and storage. The corners are rounded to make it safe for family use. 

The machine has four high-precision sensors and four electrodes that must be touching your feet to display 13 metrics of your body like weight, BMI, water%, body fat%, muscle mass, bone mass, etc. It comes with three AAA batteries so that you can start using it immediately. 

The scale can function beautifully with third-party apps like Google fit, fit-bit, Apple Health, etc. You can even share your various body data on several social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

The machine is simple and easy to use. It has several features like auto-calibration, auto on/off, low battery indicator, etc. to make measuring and recording your body stats easier. You can measure up to 180 kgs and can get the measurements in both kg and pounds. The high precision sensors measure in increments of 0.2 lb./0.05 kg. Hence its precision is not as high as the previous model. 

The device is safe for use even for pregnant women. This scale is also certified like the previous one.  But even here, you need to stand on dry feet on the scale as it is not completely waterproof. It is also slightly expensive. 

But with a one- year warranty and option to extend the warranty, this smart scale has a high satisfaction score and minimal complaints from its users and thus you can buy it without any qualms.

Dr. Trust (USA) Electronic Platinum Rechargeable Digital Personal Weighing Scale for Human Body with Temperature Display

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This is another simple weighing scale from a USA brand that you can consider if you are merely looking to check your body weight on a daily basis. 

Foremost is the smart and sleek design with a tempered glass finish and rounded edges that makes it lightweight, stylish and safe to carry around and store anywhere in the house. The LED display is again backlit in blue for convenient reading. 

Inbuilt with patented Accu-gauge sensors technology, the machine gives precise and quick weight display. Like most machines, it can measure weight up to 180 kgs. It has almost all the standard features we have discussed so far like the auto on/off, weight display in pounds or kgs, auto-zero, overload indicator, low battery indicator, etc. 

What makes this scale stand out is its platinum rechargeable battery. You simply need to connect the scale with its given USB cable and get the battery recharged via its USB port. Thus, you not only save on battery but also get freed of the hassle of changing it. Another unique feature is the display of the room temperature in degree centigrade. You would also love the freebies like a digital thermometer and measuring tape. 

The warranty is the standard one year which can be extended to two years by following the company specified rules. There is barely any con attached to it except you wish it was waterproof. All in all, it is an excellent choice that is reasonably priced and will last you for years.

Wrapping up 

Given the hectic and stressful lifestyle of today, it can be a challenge for just about anybody to invest time properly into health care. Getting a weighing scale in your home makes your life easier. We hope you find a weighing scale of your choice from our recommended list. Do chime in below for any suggestions, comments or experiences you have regarding our recommendations. Till then, stay fit and healthy.

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