Best Electric Toothbrushes for Adults In India

Brushing is one of the first hygiene habits we learn as a child. Even though we know it’s important for oral health, very few know that it affects our overall health and well-being as well! What’s more surprising is that many adults still do not know the correct way of brushing. Moreover, the job is so monotonous that rarely a person brushes the teeth for two minutes, the basic required time. 

All these issues are well addressed by an electric toothbrush. They are not only highly effective but also brush your teeth correctly using the right technique. But choosing the right electric toothbrush from a vast array of technologically advanced pieces can be daunting. Given that, we have jotted reviews of some of the best electric toothbrushes for adults in India. Stay hooked!

Best Electric Tooth Brushes For Adults In India

OralScape Sonicwhite Power Rechargeable Electric Waterproof Toothbrush with UV Sanitizer, 3 Replacement Brush Heads

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The first in our list is the electric toothbrush from Oralscape. Even though the brand is yet to get international acclaim, it is very popular in India. Its toothbrush has everything that would appeal to any Indian. The fact that it is FDA approved gives it all the credibility and quality assurance that you would be seeking. 

The toothbrush gives you an eclectic mix of both generic and premium features at highly cost-effective pricing. Foremost, the brush comes in an attractive and compact package that makes using it easy and appealing. It comes with three brush heads which means any family size of three can use the same kit in the most hygienic manner possible. 

Instead of working on batter, it is rechargeable and  can be used worldwide as it comes with all kinds of pins to fit any socket. The body is waterproof which means that you can use it without any fear even in the shower. It’s Lithium-ion battery’s life is also appreciable which makes using it a delight. 

The electric toothbrush is designed for all types of cleaning possible. Apart from normal cleaning mode, it has the soft mode that is ideal for sensitive teeth; the massage mode for massaging your gums and the whitening mode to add an extra sparkle to your teeth while leaving it stain-free. With an illuminated display, you can easily switch between modes with just a press of the button. 

The brush moves with a speed of 40,000 strokes per minute that is significant. The smooth and rhythmic vibrations produced by its advanced sonic technology is gentle yet highly effective for your teeth. What is more, it brushes your teeth in four rounds of 30 seconds each that leads to the most comprehensive cleaning possible. 

The most standout feature of the brush is its UV sanitizing charging base. While you store your brush heads there, you are assured that it is getting completely germ free and ready for use every time you need it. The sanitizer has been clinically proven to kill 99.99% of the bacteria, virus and other germs. 

The brush comes with one year of manufacturer’s warranty. Moreover, its pricing is highly affordable compared to other electric toothbrushes available with similar features. Most customers have expressed satisfaction about the effectiveness of the brush and touted giving them a healthier and cleaner tooth within a week of usage. Thus, if you are looking for a one-stop solution to your oral hygiene, do give this electric toothbrush a try. 

Oral B Pro 600 Cross Action Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush 

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Oral B is an internationally renowned brand as far as oral care brands are concerned. Thus, you can never go wrong with choosing any of its electric toothbrushes. This is an ideal choice if you are looking for an entry-level electric toothbrush to try out as a beginner. 

Foremost, the toothbrush handle is ergonomically designed and has a soft handle grip that is extremely comfortable to hold. Unlike the former toothbrush, it comes with just one brush head, charging station with brush head storage and two AA batteries. The toothbrush is easy to use and reliable enough to last for years. 

The brush has an amazing design. Its bristles are designed in a crisscross manner and with a rounded brush head to bring about gentle and most effective cleaning. It can easily reach in between teeth and hard to reach places for a thorough cleaning. It’s 30 seconds alarm alerts you to change the brushing position to the next quadrant. 

The brush exhibits a 3D cleaning system. It oscillates, pulsates and rotates at the same time. Thus, it can eliminate almost all the plague present by breaking and removing them. Hence, you get much healthier teeth after each brushing. The brush is waterproof so you can use it anywhere without any fear. 

Looking on its flip side, its battery takes a long time to charge and also does not last long. It is not too travel-friendly. Its alert sound is also considered too loud by many. Its pricing is similar to the former toothbrush but it lacks many features that the former has. But it comes with a two-year warranty against one-year of the former. 

All-in-all, you can choose any between the two. With barely any major complaint, it is a brush meant to last for years for all adults across ages. 

Oral B Pro 2000 Cross Action Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

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Given the brand value and reliability of Oral B, you cannot help but mention several electric toothbrushes from the brand. This is an advanced model that you can adopt after you have become habituated to using an electrical toothbrush.

Its features are the same as its base model plus some additional features. For instance, it has two modes i.e; daily clean and gum care to gently clean your teeth as well as massage your teeth. Its unique feature is its visible pressure sensor which lights up anytime you are applying too much pressure while brushing. This helps prevents damage to teeth and gums. It brushes for 30 seconds at one go and even sends a special alert once your two minutes of brushing time are over. 

The brushing is achieved by the patented Cross Action Technology that brings about a highly effective cleaning and literally a complete sweep-out of the plague. 

The drawbacks of this electric toothbrush are also the same as the former discussed earlier but despite everything, this is a good alternative to our very first electric toothbrush. But it is the most expensive of the toothbrushes considered so far even though it will give you excellent value for money. 

JSB HF129 Electric Toothbrush Sonic Pro Rechargeable Waterproof with 3 Brush Heads (White)

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This is another powerhouse rechargeable sonic toothbrush that is bound to appeal to many. It is coming from a good brand JSB and must be on your choice list. 

Like all electric toothbrushes, it is designed in a sleek and attractive manner in white and is aesthetically pleasing. Its brush heads are crafted from soft Japanese food grade Du Pont bristles that feel ultra-luxurious and comfortable on your teeth and gums. 

This electric toothbrush also comes with three brush heads that make it ideal for family use. A waterproof brush, it uses sonic technology with 31000 vibrations per minute. The toothbrush boasts of three cleaning modes i.e. cleaning mode, the sensitive mode for sensitive teeth and finally the pressure and massage mode to massage and strengthens your gums. 

It has all other standard features discussed so far like the worldwide voltage compatibility, 30 seconds interval and 2-minute brushing routine, changeable head and its own inductive recharging station. But it also has an LED indicator to let you know of the charging. As it has a lithium-ion battery, its life is comparatively higher than most other electric brushes. 

The only complaint about it is that its mode change is not instant and takes a few seconds more than required. But with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and the cheapest in the list so far, it can be ignored. It’s a brush that most Indian families would love for their oral hygiene. 

KIPOZI Sonic Electric Toothbrush with 3 Replacement Heads, 3 Brushing Modes with Build in Timer of 2 Minutes, USB Fast Charging, Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush Waterproof, Black

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If you are looking for another alternative powerful and reliable sonic toothbrush for clearing plague, then this electric toothbrush from KIPOZI definitely deserves your attention. 

The first thing that will attract you is its highly aesthetically appealing look in a black matte hue. It is a pleasant change from all other electric toothbrushes which are mostly white in color. It is lightweight and compact enough for easy storage as well as easy traveling. As with all toothbrushes in our list, it is waterproof and can be used anywhere. 

The brush comes with three brush heads that make it ideal for family use. Its bristles are super soft and placed in a ‘W’ shape to bring about thorough cleaning. It can reach even the farthest corners effortlessly. 

It has almost all the premium features we have discussed so far like three modes of cleaning for teeth, sensitive teeth and gum massage and two-minute inbuilt timer with quadrant timer of 30 seconds. The brush uses the patented sonic technology with 35000 micro-brushes per minute and hence the brush is ideal for deep cleaning for all types of teeth, from sensitive teeth to strong ones. 

A unique feature of this electric brush is that it can be charged via a USB port. Hence, you can charge it just like your mobile phone using your laptop, power bank or even the USB cable. Once fully charged, the brush can last easily for a week. 

Looking on the flip side, few find its motor not so powerful. You also miss an electric plug here for charging. Few also feel that while its plastic body is ergonomic and fun to handle, but it is not too durable. But with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, it is an excellent choice for just about anybody. 

Oral B Vitality Cross Action Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

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We present yet another toothbrush from Oral B which is the most budget-friendly brush discussed so far.  It does give you a wider scope of choice. 

This toothbrush comes with just one brush head and is quite appealing in white. Its body is ergonomically and stylishly designed. The brush head is rounded with crisscross bristles to ensure the maximum elimination of the plague. 

This brush is different from the previous models as it exhibits a 2D cleaning system i.e. it oscillates and rotates to bring about effective cleaning. Rest all features are the same like crisscross technology, two-minute timer with 30-second quadrant; rechargeable battery, two- year warranty, etc. But its round 3D brush head gives a 3D cleaning action. 

Like all brushes, it too has its own charging station. But there has been no particular mention of its body being waterproof. Hence, advised is cautioned. 

Looking on its flip side, apart from being ambiguous about the waterproof body, it lacks any cover for the brush head which can be considered unhygienic. You do also wish there was at least one more brush head. There is also no light indicator to let you know that the brush is charging. But with a two-year warranty and reasonable pricing, it’s a toothbrush that would prove useful for any individual. 

Oral B Cross Action Battery Powered Toothbrush

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The last in our list of an electric toothbrush is also from Oral B. It is the cheapest of all the brushes we have discussed so far in the list. 

Foremost, it is a simple toothbrush without any fancy attachments. It has the design of an electric toothbrush but works on a battery to give you a thorough cleaning every time you brush your teeth with it. 

Its rotating power head, crisscross technology of cleaning and ergonomic soft handle all help you achieve better cleaning than with a manual brush. Its two-cleaning vibrating action mode takes your oral hygiene notches higher. Its waterproof body makes it easy to use anywhere. 

While you are saved here from the hassle of charging, you do wish the brush made a trifle less noise while brushing. Compared to all the above brushes, it does not clean the minor gaps between the teeth as effectively. It also lacks the two-minute timer and quadrant timer. Hence you need to be conscious about when to start and when to finish. But all these cannot be the deal-breaker given the price of the toothbrush. 

All-in-all, it is a highly recommended entry-level toothbrush for all those who wish to experiment with electric toothbrushes but are not willing to invest in them without prior reassurance. Once you get habituated to using the brush, you can invest in the upgraded version of this toothbrush. 

Wrapping up 

Electric toothbrushes are fast becoming a trend in Indian families. We have tried to give you a variety in terms of features and budget so that each one can find the best fit for themselves. Do let us about your comments, suggestions or experiences with our recommended list of electric toothbrushes. Till then, happy brushing!

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