Best Electric Toothbrush In India For Kids

Getting children to brush their teeth is a daunting task. You need to face everything, from tantrums, tears to straight refusal. Even more challenging is to make them brush their teeth properly. An electric toothbrush makes your task much easier. 

Today, you have electric toothbrushes that are specially designed for kids at various age-levels. They not only attract them but also makes maintaining their oral hygiene a breeze. With this in mind, we list a few electric toothbrushes for kids across ages that you can consider purchasing for your kids. Read on!

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Oral-B Kids Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush Featuring Frozen Characters

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Coming from a reputed brand like Oral-B, this is the first electric toothbrush on our list. It has been specially designed for kids and helps them maintain oral hygiene in a fun and exciting manner. 

Foremost the bright and bold colors and the character design of the mega-hit animation Disney’s ‘Frozen’ attract and appeals to the children to no end. Be it Elsa, Anna or Olaf; the kids would be itching to lay their hands on the toothbrush and brush their teeth. Moreover, the grip is of the brush is firm and easy to hold. The waterproof body makes it safe for use with kids. 

It has a rotating head with ultra-soft bristles so that the children do not feel any discomfort or pain while brushing. The rotating and oscillating movement ensures a thorough cleaning and comprehensive removal of the plague. It has the standard 2-minute timer with a minute pacer to guide the children to brush their upper and lower teeth. The timer has melodies to keep the children engaged and animated while brushing. 

A unique feature of the brush is the accompanying smartphone app to motivate and encourage the child to brush their teeth properly. A unique Disney picture emerges as the child brushes for the required time. They also get plenty of badges and rewards along the way. The excitement of this makes any kid keep coming back to brushing. Moreover, a calendar is also there via which you can track the progress. 

The brush has a lithium-ion chargeable battery which means it lasts quite long. Once fully charged, it can last comfortably for a week. The charging is quite simple as well. 

On the flip side, the handle is slightly thick and few kids find it difficult to hold. There is also no indicator of the battery status or whether it is charging. An LED light would have been a welcome idea. You also wish that there was some kind of connectivity via Bluetooth between the app and the toothbrush. 

But with a two-year warranty, changeable brush heads to any of the frozen characters that you can buy and with budget-friendly pricing; this is a stellar electric toothbrush for any kid who is of 3+ age. 

JSB HF128 Kids Electric Power Toothbrush with Music, 2 Minutes Auto Timer & Changeable Cartoon Stickers 

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It is another highly cost-effective electric toothbrush from JSB that is bound to appeal to both parents and kids alike. 

Foremost, the cute cartoon sticker on the toothbrush attracts the kids and they look forward to their brushing time. It is available in two color options of blue and pink and thus, one can easily choose according to color preference or gender. Its waterproof body is ergonomic and perfect for a child to hold comfortably and enjoy their brushing time. The plastic body is sturdy enough to last long. 

The brush comes with two brush heads. It implies that you can easily use it even if you have two kids. The bristles used here are the high-quality Soft DuPont Bristles Japan Food Grade Bristles that are super soft and luxurious on the child’s gums and teeth. 

The brush cleans teeth using both oscillating and rotating movements in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction at a speed of 8,800 oscillations per minute. Thus, effective cleaning is achieved even when the cleaning technique is not proper. The brush also has two cleaning modes of clean and sensitive that you can use appropriately. Thus, cleaning teeth is no longer a challenge for the kids. 

Like most toothbrushes, it has an inbuilt two-minute timer with 30 seconds quadrant. Each quadrant has its unique music which heavily appeals to the child and keeps them engaged during the brushing time. It comes with 2 AAA batteries which last reasonably long. 

Looking on the flip side, the brush is not ideal for kids below six years of age. The brush heads also fall on the thinner side that might make brushing a bit of a chore. Apart from it, there is no major complaint. 

The brush comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and is almost at throwaway pricing compared to most other electric toothbrushes of similar features. Feature-wise, it is superior to our first choice with lesser pricing. Thus, it is definitely a must-try for your kids who are above six years of age. 

Colgate Kids Batman Battery Power Toothbrush 

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Colgate is a household name in India and its trustworthiness and brand value is indisputable. Thus, you can expect a quality electric toothbrush that is kid-friendly, budget-friendly and ideal for all kids above three years of age.

Foremost, its ergonomic design is aesthetically appealing for kids and has features that make using it a delight for them. It comes in attractive designs of superman and batman which most kids are crazy about and thus loves to own it and use it for brushing. The colors are bright and attractive and instantly captivates any kid. 

The handle is slim and flat to be easy for the child to hold and handle the brush during use. Its bristles are super soft that makes is safe and comfortable for the kids. Its brush head is smaller in comparison to other electric toothbrushes. It increases comfort and brings about better cleaning for the kids. 

Using an oscillating movement, the brush makes extremely gentle movements to lead to effective cleaning. It has a simple on/off button to start brushing the teeth. Unlike most electric brushes, its brush head is not replaceable. You would need to change the whole brush like a normal brush once its bristles start getting damaged. The brush uses two alkaline batteries that are long-lasting and replaceable. 

Looking on the flip side, you do miss the two-minute timer and features like music to keep the child engaged and motivated while brushing. Few complaints of higher battery consumption as well. The durability of the brush is an issue because of non-removable brush heads and you might need to change it frequently which leads to a waste of money and resources. 

But given its quality, it is a good choice for kids between three to six years to let them venture into the world of the electric toothbrush and get used to its sensation. It also proves an excellent choice for all those who cannot afford the more expensive versions. Overall, it is an excellent upgrade to your traditional kid’s toothbrush. 

DentoShine Power Toothbrush for Kids

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This is another battery-operated toothbrush for you to consider for your kids. 

Foremost, the toothbrush is ergonomically and stylishly designed in yellow or blue. You also have the option to buy with two brush heads or three. You can choose according to the number of children in the family. 

The brush has extra soft bristles and uses the oscillating movement to clean your kid’s teeth. It has a simple on/off button to operate the brush. The brush can be used for children above three years. 

Looking on the flip side, the brush is very basic and is more like an upgraded version of the traditional toothbrush. It lacks most premium features like a two-minute timer, 30-second quadrant, etc., cleaning options, etc. It also lacks any specifications like cartoonish or superman bodies and music to capture and hold the attention of kids while brushing. 

Because it lacks most features apart from the basic oscillatory technology, it can be considered to be slightly expensive though an extra brush head justifies the pricing. It also lacks enough customer testimonials to better gauge the brush. Overall, it looks a promising choice to introduce your child to the world of electric toothbrushes. 

FOONEE Children’s Sonic Electric Toothbrush

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Crafted from high-quality ABS plastic in a cute bear appearance, this brush immediately attracts any child. It gives you a color choice of blue and pink. It is waterproof for easy cleaning as well as facilitating safe and free use by children. The handle is oval-shaped and ergonomic enough for the child to handle it and operate easily. Unlike most of our earlier brushes; this one is meant for children who are of the age group 4-12 years. 

The bristles of the brush are ultra-soft which eliminates any fear of hurting the child’s gums and teeth. It has one cm small brush head having 15 C rounded brush hair. Because they are round and ultra-soft, they can easily reach even hard-to-reach areas of the teeth to bring about effective cleaning. Because of its two brush heads, you can use it for two kids in case you have them. 

The brush uses sonic technology. Its high-power motor moves with 18,000 beats per minute to produce sound waves. The waves create plenty of bubbles which burst with pressure and cleans the teeth and the gums in the most effective manner

The brush is energy efficient as well as it needs just one AAA battery to run for a whole month. It is designed such that you can use it as a traditional brush as well when required. 

On the flip side, it does lack all the premium features of an electric toothbrush like a 2-minute timer, 30-second quadrant, cleaning modes, etc. The brush also requires an identification proof at the time of purchase. A major drawback is the lack of any manufacturer’s warranty on the product. Despite all, it is a reasonably priced toothbrush that you can use for your kids. 

Wrapping up

Given the rising trend of unhealthy food habits; it has become all the more critical to introduce the children to good oral habits. An electric toothbrush has thus become an all-important arsenal. We have listed out toothbrushes that are excellent entry-level electric toothbrushes and known to be durable and reliable. They are also affordable. We hope that you find your pick that would be a hit with your kids. Do chime in below with your experiences and suggestions. Till then, happy brushing!

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