Best Epilators In India For Women

An epilator removes hair from an individual by getting hold of several strands of hair and pulling them out. This devices can be closely related to what waxing achieves with hair but the difference is that in waxing, unlike epilating, there is removal of cells.

Choosing the right epilator can be a challenge to many individuals as they are many types in the market. However, this article will help you get an idea of what the best epilators are and where to get them. First of all, if you had no idea, you would need to know the advantages and disadvantages of epilators.

Using an epilator device can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. Some of the advantages of using an epilator include:

  • It is affordable for most individuals.
  • Epilators are quite easy to use and operate and thus would not prove difficult during operation.
  • It is suitable for getting rid of large strands of hair.
  • Epilators have a long term result as compared to some other modes of hair removal.

Using an epilator can also prove disadvantageous as this are some of the reasons why:

  • It can be painful when the hair is being pulled out, just like waxing.
  • May not be appropriate to use with short hair if you don’t choose the right epilator.
  • May lead to skin bumps after usage.
  • Has chances of causing ingrown hairs.

Before getting to know the best epilators that you can use in the market, it would be advisable that you get some few tips that will help you with smooth epilation. The following are therefore some of the tips for smooth epilation:

  • Choose a quality epilator. The analogy that a bad workman blames his tools is not entirely true in a case like this. As much as you may be professional in using epilators, if you don’t get the right one, it can be a challenge doing it right. It is therefore advisable that you get the right epilator first and foremost.
  • Make a choice between wet and dry epilation. This is a personal decision for one to make. Some people would prefer to epilate dry while others wet probably in the shower. Those who would prefer dry epilation do so because hair tends to be less sticky.
  • Charge the epilator. Epilators come in different varieties. There are those that are cordless and those that are connected to the power source to work. If yours is cordless you would need to charge it first before usage.
  • Prepare for a bit of pain. Using an epilator can be painful. You should therefore be prepared psychologically to get a bit of pain when epilating. This would be dependent on how long your hair is among other factors. You might get pain before epilation and after.
  • Do it at night. Since the process of epilating ends in redness on the legs or the part you are removing hair, it is advisable to do it at night when you will have a rest afterwards and just wake up to the process done.
  • Choose a hairy area. When using an epilator device, make sure that you choose an area that is covered by hair instead of starting with bony areas which may prove to be quite painful. Places like the ankle should be avoided or rather done last as they are close to the bone.

Now, let us take a look at some of the best options available in the market.

Best Epilators For Women

  1. Braun Silk Epil 77-561 Wet And Dry Cordless Epilator With 6 Extras

    best epilator india women
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    This brilliant epilator is fully water proof and thus can be used with warm water in the shower to achieve its cause. The amazing part about this epilator unlike the others in the market is that this particular one can get rid of small hair growths. Most epilators only remove hair that is long enough but end up not removing the ones that are small on the skin.

    The comfort that is brought with using this epilator device is also impeccable. With its high frequency massage system, it assures the user a comfortable experience during usage. Nothing matters more than comfort in such a situation.

    The other good part about this epilator is the pivoting head. With this, the device can contour and move around every part of your skin to cut off all the hair that is present. The pivoting head ensures a greater performance than the stiff epilators and also makes sure that the process is gentle and comforting.

    The device also has a smart light that shows even the tiny bits of hair strands that may be hidden on the skin. This ensures that you get rid of everything leaving your skin smooth and looking better than ever before. The light also helps the user to view what he or she is cutting more effectively and conveniently.


    • The performance is so good that it assures smooth skin for up to 4 weeks.
    • Has a pivot head that contours on the skin of the body thus ensuring even the tiny little strands of hair are cut off.
    • It has a high frequency massage system that ensures the user is comfortable when using the device.
    • This device removes shorter hair than the other epilators and even more than what waxing can achieve.
    • Reduces pain due to epilation by enhancing a massage like effect on the skin during operation.
    • Helps hair that is growing back on the body to grow lighter and less noticeable.
    • Has a wide area of usage as it can be used on several parts of the body including legs, armpits, hands and even the bikini area.
    • It does not pull the skin while removing hair and thus it is appropriate for use by those who have sensitive skin.
    • It is durable and thus can last for a long period of time.


  • Some users complain about the battery life of the device.
  1. Panasonic ES-WU11G Epilator

    best epilator india women
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    Panasonic are known for making durable and efficient personal care appliances. They sure don’t disappoint their clients when it comes to electronics. This particular epilator for instance is very convenient and useful for anyone looking to shed off excess hair from the body. It is quite effective and has a wide range of features that are suitable for its purpose.

    The Panasonic ES-WU11G epilator has enhanced epilation system that has wide and efficient tweezers that are definitely going to help you get that hair cut effectively. Its rotation disk is also 30 percent faster and thus can rotate in a fast manner as compared to other epilators.

    The design of this epilator is also something to talk about. It has a beautiful and pristine outlook and this gives one the appreciation of the device and how it is.


    • Has a beautiful and ergonomic design.
    • It has a rotation disk that functions 30 percent faster than most of the other epilators.
    • It is effective in cutting even tiny hairs.


  • Some users don’t like the fact that it is corded.
  1. Braun SE7-751 Silk Epil Dual Epilator

    best epilator india women

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    This is a unique dual epilator that is sure to amaze anyone who would want to get their hair cut short using epilation. The smoothness that is obtained from using this device is just impeccable. It has the ability to cut off even the smallest hair strands on the body thus giving one the great finishing.

    The fact that the device is also cordless makes it versatile in usage and so it can be used in almost every place whether wet and dry unlike the corded versions which are bound to be used dry due to the risk that can take place.

    The device was also specifically made to be used with warm water since warm water is soothing and comforting to the skin. This makes it even more convenient for use by those who love steaming. The warmth that is induced improves circulation and also boosts effectiveness while at the same time reducing sensitivity.

    With its close grip technology, this epilator is able to cut even the tiny most hair follicles and make the skin smooth to touch.


    • Has a pivoting head that can easily contour on the body thus being flexible in cutting off hair on the skin.
    • It has a smart light that enables the user to view and cut each strand of hair to the smallest ones present.
    • Has a speed personalisation provision which enables one to choose which speed they would want the machine to go at. This way you can cut your hair faster or slower.
    • Has integrated blades that remove hair in just a single stroke. This is not only faster but also convenient.


  • Some users complain of the battery discharging quickly.
  1. Philips BRE210/00 Satinelle Legs And Arms Advanced Epilator

    best epilator india women

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    Philips has done it again with this amazing product. This epilator is very effective and convenient to use for both leg and arms hair removal. It is capable of doing this due to its varied functionalities.
    First of all, this epilator removes up to 4 times shorter hair than what you would be able to remove with the use of waxing. It can also be used wet or dry depending on your own preferences and choices. You can use it in the shower as many may prefer or just out of the shower.


    • It is up to four times more effective than waxing.
    • Can be used in both dry and wet conditions. This way it makes it convenient even for those who would want to shower with the device.
    • It has an ergonomic grip for handling thus delivering a firm grip when being used.
    • Comes with a cleaning brush to remove hairs from the epilator discs.


  • Some users complain that it has a short battery life.
  1. Philips Satinelle Epilator HP6421/00 Legs & Body

    best epilator india women
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    This Philips epilator is comparatively inexpensive and has gentle tweezing discs that remove hair without pulling the skin from the body, which is normally the reason for the pain. It has capabilities of removing hairs that are so short on the body as compared to other epilators and also as compared to waxing.It is specifically meant for those who have sensitive skin and those who get pains when getting rid of hair on the skin.


    • It has an ergonomic grip that ensures you get hold of the device effectively without dropping it or rather losing touch.
    • Has unique epilation discs that remove very short hairs.
    • It has a small brush that can aid in the removal of hairs from the epilator discs.
    • It is adapted for sensitive skins and bodies.
    • It has a washable epilation head that ensures you get to clean the device effectively.


  • The fact that it is corded makes it to be inconveniencing to use in the shower with water.
  1. Braun Silk Epil 3/3170 Legs Epilator


    best epilator India women
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    This is an amazing option for easy hair removal but all in a gentle manner. This is because of the device’s ability to offer a massage like effect on the body as it cuts off the hair. The tweezers remove hair from the root thus leaving the skin smooth.The device has a smart light that is able to aid the user in cutting the hairs that are either too small or not clearly visible. The epilator has also the ability to let the user to pick the speed at which it will move at in order to deliver incredible results.


    • Cuts small hairs on the skin.
    • It is dermatologically approved and recommended.
    • Uses smart light technology to help the user view even small hairs on the skin.
    • Has massaging rollers that reduce the pain that an individual feels while epilating.


  • Some individuals complain of its battery life.
  1. Braun 9-961V Silk Epil Women’s Skin Spa Wet And Dry Cordless Epilator

    best epilator india women
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    This final epilator is the most expensive in this list, but also the best in terms of performance. Not only can it be used in wet and dry conditions, but also contains a number of extras that makes epilation quite comfortable and pain-free. This epilator is capable of removing 4 times more hair than the normal waxing process and it also contains body brushes for exfoliation.

    It also has a massage like effect which gives comfort during epilation and prevents after pain. The device has an ergonomic design which aids the user to hold it effectively in order to prevent any mistakes during the epilation process. On the whole, it has 12 extras for complete hair removal and exfoliation.


    • Has a massage like effect on the body that reduces pain.
    • Can be used both wet and dry.
    • Has a shaver for bikini and sensitive areas.
    • Has a pivoting head that helps it to contour on the body thus getting all the sections right.


  • Some users have complained of the battery life.
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