9 Best Family Board Games in India

From lazy summer afternoons to rainy evenings or whether it be the chilly winter vacations, when it comes to spending quality time with the family we all resort to a fun board game that not only takes us down our childhood memory lane but also gives us a break from our electronic addiction.

Hands-on parents know how challenging it is to raise young kids and teens that are filled with energy and how important it is to redirect this energy into some productive activity that not only keeps them engaged but also infuses their vital time with fun, frolic, and excitement. Family board games not only entertain children but adults and grown-ups in the family too, giving all members a chance to spend some precious moments together, sitting in a cluster, laughing, teasing, and giggling over each move on the board and creating memories that are cherished for generations.

Despite numerous online gaming apps and virtual games flooding our smartphones and laptops, the fun of playing a board game collectively with the entire family and munching on a lip-smacking snack is simply unmatched. So, let us have a sneak peep into the best family board games that are an all-time favorite in every Indian household.

Which Are The Best Family Board Games In India?

  1. Scotland Yard
  2. The Game of Life
  3. Make a Sequence Board Game
  4. Scrabble Board Game
  5. Monopoly
  6. Pictionary
  7. Ludo Magnetic Snakes and Ladders Travel Board Game
  8. Jenga
  9. Taboo

Best Family Board Games in India

Scotland YardBest Family Board Games in India

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If you are the one who loves challenges, secrets, and suspense then this compelling board game is your ultimate answer to kill boredom and engage in some gripping excitement and fun. Based on the action-packed moves of Scotland Yard-the police force that keeps the streets of London crime free-this high profile mystery game is a must-have in your family’s board game collection. This catch and chase game requires one member to take up the role of Mr.X while all other players act as detectives chasing MR.X who keeps changing locations across the streets of London using different modes of transportation.

 All in all an enthralling game designed to keep the family glued to the board as they make their best moves while putting on the detective’s eyeglasses.

The Game of LifeBest Family Board Games in India

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What if life does not turn out the way you want, try out the Game of Life board game that gives you a chance to live life your way. This fun and enticing board game gives you and your family a chance to choose your life path -pick a career path, get hitched to your partner, have a family, and earn tons of wealth. The game gives you a chance to spin the wheel of fortune and land on spaces that direct the next move or at intersections that allow you to make a life choice. The engaging board game mirrors the events of real-life and gives the players a chance to collect as many assets as possible through working and earning wealth. The player who collects the maximum wealth at the end of the game is declared the winner. This family board game appeals to family members of all ages, no matter where they are placed in the crossroads of real life.

Make a Sequence Board GameBest Family Board Games in India

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If you are looking to hone your logic, reasoning, and strategizing skills then this board game is the perfect way to flex your brain muscles and give them ample stuff to work on. Enjoyed by children and adults equally, this card and board game requires players to move chips on the board, corresponding to the cards in their hands. Five chips in the row make a Sequence! However, the trick is to spot the correct place to move the chips using your strategizing skills because the first player or team to achieve the five-card sequences wins the game.

A fun, challenging, and exciting game that keeps the players on their toes all racing their minds and thinking skills to capture the best spot on the board that leads them to a win.

Scrabble Board GameBest Family Board Games in India

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A classic board game that has been played by generation for years and is still loved by children and adults in every family. Scrabble-an intelligent board game has become world-famous over the years and is often the first choice of parents for children, as it gives them a chance to not only bond with them while playing but also acquire new language skills and enhance their vocabulary. As an educational and entertaining board game, Scrabble requires great mental exercise and thinking skills as you form new words with the alphabet challenges thrown at you.

 A true family board game that is enjoyed by both children and adults alike. If you are looking to combine study and fun for your growing children, Scrabble is the best board game, that keeps them glued to the board as they race their brains to work out new words and spellings. Whether you play it individually or as a team, you score points depending on the letter values and the player/team with the highest points wins the game. However, the best advantage of playing the Scrabble board game is that whether you win or lose, you end up enriching your vocabulary which is worth the time you invest in playing this intellectual game. 

MonopolyBest Family Board Games in India

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If you have a banker’s mind and thinking of money 24X7, then try the Monopoly Ultimate Boardgame and challenge your friends and family with this modern game where the currency is replaced by the latest banking version. Based on the concept of the classic Monopoly game but with a modern revision, this board game allows players to instantly buy properties, rent out spaces, and earn huge fortunes. Replacing physical currency with the Ultimate Banking unit, the modern Monopoly game offers players to carry out transactions using a smart card on the Ultimate Banking Unit.

Use your business skills to acquire assets and earn a fortune as you try to turn your opponents bankrupt. At the end of the game, the player with the largest cumulative wealth and assets is declared the winner.

The instant transactions through the banking unit, the real feel of buying, auctioning, and renting a property, and the rising and crashing stock markets all take the game so close to the real-life experience that you tend to get overwhelmed with every penny earned or lost.

A completely mesmerizing board game that keeps the entire family glued to the power-packed action till the disclosure of the final fortune holder!


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The Pictionary Board game gives you a great chance to enhance your and your family’s lateral and creative thinking skills by depicting words in a way that makes it easy for the teams to guess the word. Recommended for growing children world-wide, this board game is both engaging and educational that is enjoyed equally by children and grown-ups.

The game requires players to roll a dice, pick a card from the deck, and depending upon the box where the player lands, pick another card and draw the word written on the card using his creative skills. If the teammates guess the correct word, the team scores, and moves ahead.

Pictionary board game gives players a chance to grow their imaginative skills as they enrich their vocabulary and make all efforts to win a point for their teams.

Ludo Magnetic Snakes and Ladders Travel Board Game

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An ideal travel board game that can be spotted in trains, buses, and at most family picnics and get-togethers. Consisting of a foldable board, 16 magnetic coins, and wooden dice, the compact board game is easy to carry and is the first choice for games while traveling or camping. An ideal game for 2 to 4 players, this board game is a favorite across ages all around the world. The classic board game sharpens thinking and strategizing skills teaching players to make moves that give them an edge over their opponents. Using spatial reasoning and concentration, it is a race to the finish while creating hurdles for the other players and disrupting their journey.

The other part of the game involves the Snake and Ladder challenge where players try their luck using a throw of dice and strategizing their way up the ladders while escaping the snake bites. All in all a fun, challenging, and enticing board game that gives families a chance to bond and create joyful memories through fun-filled teasing and chit-chats.


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Try your hands at the game of balance with the Jenga Bridge Game. A fun-filled family game that requires players to balance a wooden tower by removing blocks from the Jenga tower and placing it on top, but with a twist….that the tower is placed on a wooden bridge that sways. While each member struggles with the balancing skills, others have a good laugh and merry time trying to distract the player in action. A great game to make family and house parties lively and fun-filled, it is enjoyed by players as well as the viewers. The challenge of the game is that as more and more players take a chance, the Jenga tower becomes more unstable adding to the struggle and fun.


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How good are you at describing words or speaking the unspeakable? Try the Taboo Board game to find out how fast your brain races on the creative roller coaster. In this quick-thinking and witty game, players have to describe words to their team-mates without using the obvious clues. This means that they use creative and closely associated clues to describe the words keeping within the racing time limit. With plenty of entertainment, fun, and frolic, this family board game keeps players glued to their seats waiting to see how well the words are guessed. Apart from the correct answers, the incorrect guesses give plenty of hilarious moments and a good family laugh.

This fun-filled game makes dull afternoons lively and can instantly infuse energy in a monotonous party lacking spirit and fun. So the next time you bite into an ice-cream…think of all the creative ways you can describe it without using the words dessert, sweet, cold, or flavors! 

Final Word

Board games have always been an integral part of growing up years for children but they play a fairly decent role in serving as a common platform to bring different family members together and helping them bond over some quick thinking, fun, excitement, and lots of laughter. With the advent of electronic gadgets, quality time spent as a family is badly hit and it is here that board games take up an even more assuming role by pulling members out of their shells and encouraging them to sit and share some time and thoughts. Here we have listed some of the all-time favorite family board games that secure a place in most Indian households and whose legacy is handed over from one generation to another, keeping alive the memories of all the wins, losses, and cat-fights all through the game.

So, when are you planning to spread the board and invite your family to an hour of sheer happiness?

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    That’s a great list of toys. 3 year old boys learn quickly and everyday they are much more interested in exploration and discovery. This when he will actually start to play with other children and learn about socializing. So the best toys for 3 year olds should be such that it helps them in developing social and problem solving skills, learn how to share and work as a team. The choice of toys should not only stimulate their minds, but also exercise their muscles.

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