gift ideas 1 year old boy

21 Best Gift Ideas For 1 Year Old Boy

First birthdays are often celebrated in pomp and glamour. And if you want to add to the sparkle by gifting the little one something special, here is an exhaustive list of 31 great gift ideas for your 1 year old boy that are sure to excite him.

We made this list considering reviews and opinions from a dozen moms of toddlers. Some shared about the best toys that have kept the little ones engaged and excited for long. Some others shared some whacky products that made their life easier. So, here we go. Dive in to find your little one the best gift for his 1st birthday. Sure, he is not going to remember these toys for long. But as long as it keeps the parents happy and gets the kids engaged for the mom to take a quick trip to the loo, these gifts are well worth it. You can also check our article on gift ideas for 1 year old girls as both articles are gender neutral to an extend.

  1. Lost My Name

    A customized book that features your little one as the protagonist who lost his name. With the help of various friends, he finds letter by letter to regain his lost name. 

Gift Ideas 1 Year Old BoyCheck it out here.


  1. Stacking and Nesting Blocks

    These types of toys have always been popular amongst toddlers. The best part is that they tend to lose and regain interest in it throughout their toddler years. This stacking and nesting toy is about 3 feet tall- yes almost as tall as your little one. And thanks to its nesting feature, you can store them easily into the largest box.
    Nesting Stacking Blocks
    Check it out here

  2. Superhero Bib

    Is your little super man looking for a cape to adorn himself. Well, this super hero bib is likely to satisfy him at least for the time being.
    Bibs - Superhero Style 4
    Check it out here.

  3. Funky T-Shirts

    Adorable T-shirts with whacky message is a sure way to make anyone chuckle.


    Check it out here.

  4. Spin Stack Toys

    Literally a stacking Toy with a spin. The discs spin and settle down on the base making it an engaging toy and a delight to the eyes.
    spin stacking toy
    Check it out here.

  5. Miniature Cleaning Toys

    Toddlers love to imitate. But it may not be quite convenient if he takes away your broom to practice every time you set on to cleaning your home. That is why we have this miniature cleaning set with a duster, spray bottle, scouring powder can, and soap bottle


    Check it out here.

  6. Ride On Toys

    Nothing can keep your little man more engaged than a ride on toy. There is a reason why we have chosen this one in particular. It has a push bar that helps you maneuver the ride and control its speed when your child is young. The armrest ensures that he doesn’t fall out if he loses balance. And you can remove all these extra fixtures once he is an older toddler. So, what are you waiting for?


    Check it out here.

  7. Lego Blocks

    Blocks are all time favorite amongst toddlers. They love to build and of course pull it apart. Here is a great set of Lego large size Lego blocks (that are not choking hazard) to amuse your little one.


    Check it out here.

  8. Xylophone

    Give your little Mozart a brand new xylophone to kick start his experiments with music. The different sound from each bar is sure to keep your little one amused for long.

    Check it out here.

  9. Musical Table

    With 6 activities incorporated, this musical table will definitely be a delight for your little one. Not only does it make different animal sounds, but also helps build association by displaying the pictures of the animals. It also makes Do-Re-Mi keys and day-night buttons to amuse your little ones.


    Check it out here.

  10. Pounding Bench

    Let your child have fun pounding the pegs with a hammer on the bench, while it goes up and down and plays peekaboo with him, all the while helping him develop his fine motor skills.


    Check it out here.

  11. Inflatable Tub

    Kids may hate to bath. But they love to play in water. Make bath time extra fun with this inflatable tub. Be sure to buy a good air pump along so that you don’t get exhausted before the fun with water begins.

    Check it out here.

  12. Toy Cars

    A list of gifts for boys is incomplete without toy cars. Here is a set of colorful unbreakable car set that your little guy would definitely love.


    Check it out here.

  13. Doodle Mat

    Has your little one started drawing all over the house? Then, get this doodle mat in which he can draw, paint or make a mess without you having to ever clean up again.


    Check it out here.

  14. Educational Sorting Toy

    Made of wood, this sorting toy with 13 shapes and vibrant colours is sure to entertain and educate kids.
    Gift Ideas 1 Year Old Boy
    Check it out here

  15. Einstein Box

    Educational subscription boxes are loved by kids and parents alike as it keeps kids  happily engaged and away from screen. Here is something to kickstart their love for subscription boxes.
    Gift Ideas 1 Year Old Boy
    Check it out here

  16. Pop Up Toys

    1 year olds do have a thing for pop up toys as they have just started learning cause and effects. And now, when you have colourful animal and vibrant music to accompany, it just becomes the complete package.

    Check it out here

  17. Activity Center

    With piano, phone, flip book, shape sorters and more, this activity centre is sure to amuse and entertain toddlers with endless fun and stimulating activities.

    Gift Ideas 1 Year Old Boy
    Check it out here

  18. Wooden Toy Car

    If you are environmental conscious and do not want your kids to play with toys made of plastic, then this wooden toy car set is the perfect gift for your little boy!
    Gift Ideas 1 Year Old Boy
    Check it out here

  19. Shumee Activity Triangle

    Yet another eco-friendly toy with alphabet blocks, wooden gears, clock, abacus and more!

    Gift Ideas 1 Year Old Boy
    Check it out here


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  1. Kavitha

    That’s a great list of toys. 3 year old boys learn quickly and everyday they are much more interested in exploration and discovery. This when he will actually start to play with other children and learn about socializing. So the best toys for 3 year olds should be such that it helps them in developing social and problem solving skills, learn how to share and work as a team. The choice of toys should not only stimulate their minds, but also exercise their muscles.

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