6 Best Hair Curlers in India

Hair styling goes a long way in putting any woman’s best beauty facet ahead and curls are an integral part of most woman’s hair styling. From ringlets to loose curls, they not only suit any outfit but take any woman’s beauty and style quotient notches higher. But getting curls on any type of hair requires a high quality hair curler. Given that, check out our reviews on some of the best hair curlers available that you can use to get any type of curls and hair styling. 

Best Hair Curlers for Home in India

VEGA Ease Curl Hair Curler-25 mm (VHCH-02), Beige 

best hair curlers India

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The first in our list is this amazing hair curler from Vega which is not only ideal for daily use but has some amazing features and above all, is economically priced to suit any pocket. 

The unit is ergonomically and aesthetically built with premium chrome plates and ceramic coated barrels. It not only looks stylish in a beige and black color combination but is extremely easy to use and handle. Its swivel cord further increases the ease of its handling and use. 

Its barrel length is 25 mm that is considered medium-sized and is ideal to handle both short and medium length hair with the same cool aplomb. It can even be used for long hair but might need more skill and experience to do justice. It is also available in a small barrel size of 19 mm for those who crave for more wavy curls instead of super and tight curls. 

The curling iron plates have a ceramic coating that keeps your hair safe while providing frizz-free and shiny curls without any kind of hassle. With the curler, it is easy to add plenty of volume to your hair to give you a natural feel. 

The curler heats up to 200 degrees pretty quickly. Because of this, you can easily get tight curls in the shortest time possible. Moreover, these curls tend to last much longer. 

A standout feature of the curler is its clamp. Using the clamp, you can easily hold the rolled hair in place till the curls are formed. This feature makes it easy for any woman to use the curler without requiring any secondary help. 

Apart from chrome plating and clamp, the curler has plenty of other safety features like a cool tip that keeps you safe while using the curler;  a safety stand where you can place the curler during and after use It also has a power indicator, on-off switch and auto-shut feature to keep the gadget safe even when you forget to power it off. 

Its power consumption is just 45 watt and the curler comes with a two-year warranty. The only con that you can feel is the lack of an LED display but very few miss it. Few might also rue a temperature adjustment feature but if you need it, you can choose the Vega Smooth curler model. 

Overall, with its fast output that lasts for a considerable time and easy use; it is a curler that will be an indispensable beauty tool for your daily needs. 

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Philips BHB862 Hair Curler (Black/White) 

best hair curlers India

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Philips is a reputed brand that is known to give superior quality household appliances at reasonable rates and this hair curler is no exception. The device is both well-designed and features rich. 

The model is sleek looking and stylish in black and white. Its features are almost similar to our first choice with some differences. Foremost its barrel diameter is 16mm only. Thus, it can give you envious curls, full of bounce and shine but only for short and medium hair with thin volume.

The barrel is also ceramic coated that not only prevents hair damage and burn. In just a minute, it heats up to 200 degrees celsius and becomes ready for use. It has a light indicator that stops blinking to let you know that the curler is ready for use. 

Like the previous one, it also has a cool tip and swivel cord that makes it safe and easy to maneuver during use. Moreover, the swivel cord is 1.8 meters long which is appreciable and makes it effortless to use the hair curler. Its auto shut feature saves on electricity and keeps your gadget safe.

On the flip side, you do wish that that curler was capable of handling the thick and medium length onwards of hair that our former curler could do. You also wish for a temperature control option here to give you greater flexibility with hair styling curls. Because its rod length is small, you could accidentally damage your hair if careless.  Given that, the curler falls on the expensive side.

But with a two-year warranty and beautiful and durable curls output, it is an ideal curler for all women with thin and short hair. 

VEGA Long Curl Hair Curler-22 mm (VHCH-04), Black

best hair curlers India

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The above two curlers are best for small to medium length hair. But if you have long and thick tresses, then you must definitely look into this long hair curler from Vega. 

Unlike the first Vega model, this one is in all-black color and looks extremely stylish and modern. It too has chrome-plated barrel plates with a ceramic coating that protects your hair from heat damage and helps give it bounce and shine. But the barrel here is 210mm long and 22 mm wide. It is large enough for you to comfortably wrap long hair at one go. 

As with Vega curlers, you find its signature clamp that helps hold the rolled hair and make curling, a breeze. The cool tip and 360-degree swivel cord make handling the curler easy while styling your hair. 

While these are standard, the curler packs some premium features. Foremost, it offers you the flexibility to adjust the temperature according to your needs. The temperature range is 80 degrees to 230 degrees Centigrade. The range is considered safe for hair and cause no damage while you transform your hair in just about any curls of your dream. Moreover, the temperature is displayed in the LCD to give you better control. 

The power consumption is standard at 50 watts which makes this curler energy-efficient. It also comes with a safety stand to hang it at all times, both in and out of the task. 

The only con side with it is that while it gives bouncy and voluminous curls, they lack adequate shine. Additionally, because of the clamp and long hair, you do need a bit of practice before you can drool out professional-looking curls. Few customers also state of plenty of hair setting serum required to keep the curls intact for long.

But with a two-year warranty, terrific customer service, and reasonable pricing,  you have a curler that will last you for years.

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ROZIA Hair Curling Tong with Temperature Display (Gold)

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Even though Rozia is an Indian brand, it has earned a well-deserved reputation by  providing personal care products that are crafted of high quality and genuine materials. This hair curling tong is no exception. 

The aesthetic appeal of the curler in rose gold and steel finish is swanky and captures your attention. The fact that it gives you gorgeous curls and long-lasting hairstyles adds to its addictive attraction. 

It has a stainless-steel stent that makes the curler safe to handle. The long barrel is made of tourmaline ceramic. 

Its biggest advantage is that it helps spread the heat fast and evenly to protect your hair against any damage and drool out perfect curls. It also releases plenty of negative ions that also help protect the hair. With a barrel size of 28 mm, it can easily handle long and thick tresses effortlessly. 

Another unique feature is that the curler uses PTC technology that heats the curler for use in a mere 90 seconds. Its LED indicator lets you know when it becomes ready for use. Moreover, you have two temperature adjustments of 170 degrees and 220 degrees. You can choose and style your hair accordingly.

It also has a 360-degree swivel cord but it is not as effective and sometimes you may find the cords getting entangled.  Even though the curls are shiny and frizz-free and ooze a salon-like finish, few customers complain of it being not too long-lasting. You also find no information regarding its warranty. It is slightly on the heavier side comparatively that makes handling it a little tricky. 

But the curler is one of the most budget friendly options that doesn’t compromise on quality and performance. It is meant mostly for long hair but can work with all lengths of hair. All-in-all, it is the curler that can give you professional style and versatile waves of curls without spending a fortune.

Havells HC4031 Chopstick Hair Curler (Black)

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If you are looking for a top-notch hair curler and if budget is not a matter of concern, then look no further than this chopstick hair curler from Havells. It has everything to keep the fashionista in you ahead of the game. 

The curler is quite slim, light-weight and stylish looking in black and rose gold hue.

A unique feature of this curler is its extremely slim rectangle shaped barrel of 7/10 mm. So, you can effortlessly get a real tight and corkscrew hair curls or those tiny ringlets that look extremely sexy. It has a ceramic coating that spreads the heat evenly as well as prevents the hair from getting damaged. 

Using the advanced PTC heating technology, it gets ready for use within a minute and its LED indicator starts glowing to give you the required hint. The barrel gets heated to 190-degree centigrade to get any suave styling. 

Like all curlers, it too has the barrel end covered with a heat-insulating material and a 360-degree swivel cord for easy maneuvering. Its 1.8 m long power cord is crafted from rubber and is not only durable but also quite flexible.

It consumes just 25 Watts of power which is the lowest amongst all curlers discussed so far. Moreover, it is also one of the lightest curlers at 317 gm. It means that you can even use it for a longer period and not have your hands hurting. Its built-in safety stand lets you place it anywhere without too much worry. 

On the flip side, you do miss a temperature control option. It would have imparted greater safety and versatility to your hair styling. It is also ideal for short and medium length hair. Females with long hair might not find it suitable.

But with a two-year warranty, amazing and long-lasting curls in minimal time and quality and reliability as its hallmark, it’s a curler worth every penny. 

AGARO HC-8001 Chopstick Hair Curler with 10mm Barrel & PTC Heating Technology

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Last but not the least, is this amazing hair curler from AGARO. It is an excellent alternative to the Havells curler at budget-friendly pricing. 

Like the Havells curler, it too is stylish looking and slim and sleek in black and gold hue. Its banner diameter is also 10 mm which implies that you can get really tight and short curls. 

The rest of its features are the same as Havells like the ceramic coated barrel, the temperature of 180 degrees, cool-touch tip, LED light indicator, 360-degree swivel cord, two-year warranty, etc. Similarly, it also lacks the temperature control knob and is ideal for short to medium length hair. It also lacks the stand that you find in the previous curler. 

With barely any complaints about this curler, it is your ultimate choice if you are looking for a more budget-friendly clone of the Havel curler. 

Wrapping up 

The biggest risk attached to a curler is that of your hair getting burnt and damaged. Hence, you must get the safest curler to stay stylish and beautiful. We hope that you are sure to find a curler in our list that meets your budget and requirement to the tee. Do get back to us with any queries, feedback or suggestions. We would love to hear from you.

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