10 Best Hair Dryers in India

The need to look stylish and groomed is what we all crave for. It can be a real issue given the hectic pace of our lifestyle. But fortunately, it is not so. Today, there is no dearth of tools and appliances that significantly cut away the time and help you look your best. One such tool is the hair dryer!

Not only our hair styling helps us achieve a groomed look but it is also one of the first things other people notice about us and form an impression. This makes a hair dryer a must-have personal care tool. Present era hair has reincarnated itself from being just a hair-drying tool. Today, they not only dry hair faster but also style your hair in several creative ways like add shine to the hair, eliminate frizz, add curls, set the bangs, etc.

But selecting a hair dryer is no mean task, given the innumerable options available. We thus recommend a few noteworthy ones so that you can make a judicious choice and get salon-like hair each and every day in your home. Stay hooked!

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Best Hair Dryers in India


Wahl 5439-024 Super Dry Professional Styling Hair Dryer, Black


best hair dryer India

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This is unquestionably one of the best hair dryers available in the Indian market today. If you are looking for a salon-like result in minimum time in the comforts of your home; then this is the tool to go for without any second thought.

The hair dryer has several notable features to get going. Foremost, it is a complete black unit, including its buttons that makes it highly appealing aesthetically. The hair dryer is a beast using 2000 W of power and coming with an AC Collector Motor.

The handle of the dryer is ergonomic and easy on your hands. All the buttons are placed on it to make operating it, effortless. It is also foldable to increase ease of using as well as storing. It has seven different heat and speed setting including cool and warm drying due to which it is suitable for all hair types and styles. Very few hair dryers pack this versatility.

The technology used by the dryer is the Tourmaline technology that generates negative ions. These ions protect your hair from damage, locks the moisture in and adds shine to your hair for a glamorous vibe.

The dryer has a diffuser that helps spread the airflow to a larger surface area and helps dry your hair and add envious volume in record time. One of its standout features is the Cold Shot feature that ensures that your hair is not getting damaged due to the heat of the dryer. Its quiet operation is a bliss and you never feel like a drill machine in your hands.

The hair dryer has three attachments- two concentrators and one diffuser. These do not only make styling easy and convenient but also increases its versatility. You can easily Google out creative ways to use the hair dryer. With this dryer, you can style any way you desire in the least possible time without damaging the natural texture of your hair.

On the flip side, the hair dryer falls on the heavier side that may tire your hands and wrists and make it slightly cumbersome to handle. It is also slightly hurting on your pocket as it is on the expensive side.

But it comes with a two-year warranty with an easy to access helpline and great service. Given its features, appreciable safety to your hair and the durability and reliability; it makes every penny spent on it worthwhile. It is a hair dryer worth the investment and to flaunt the fashionista within you like a breeze!


Havells HD3151 1600W Cool Shot Hair Dryer (Turquoise)


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If you are looking for a more cost-effective but quality product; you can never go wrong with this hair dryer from Havells. Havells has been fast emerging as a brand that understands the Indian mindset and budget and this hairdryer is no exception.

Foremost, in turquoise and white color combination, the hair dryer is such a beauty that you would purchase it exclusively for its aesthetic appeal. Moreover, it offers you quite similar features as our previous choice but at a pricing that is slashed by more than a half. This truly takes you on cloud nine.

The durability and reliability of the unit beats most of the comparable hair dryers available in the market. It brings you a perfect balance of drying and styling and keeps your hair frizz-free. The dryer uses 1600 Watts of energy to dry your hair in a quick time. Its energy efficiency is certainly a plus.

The unit comes with three temperature settings to ensure that your hair suffers no damage at any point. Moreover, it has a heat balance technology to ensure even distribution of heat and quick drying. Overheating is not something that you need to fear with this dryer as it comes with double protection against it.

It comes with a nozzle as well as a concentrator to help you distribute heat evenly all over or even to concentrate on a specific area for easy and pointed styling. It also has a separate cool shot feature to protect your hair, keep the shine intact and let it retain its bounce, flow, and volume.

The standout feature of the hair dryer is the honeycomb inlet at the backside of the dryer that makes tackling and preventing tangling of hair, a breeze.

The unit is lightweight and extremely easy to handle. It has a hook that makes it easy to hand it near your dresser or in the bathroom. Its ergonomic handle with buttons for easy use can be folded. Thus, not only is it easy to store but also portable and your ideal companion while traveling.

On the flip side, you miss the ionic technology with the dryer. It also starts making noise after continuous use over time. Few might also crave a few more power settings. Many tout it as not too suitable for rough hair.

But with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and exceptional service with home service facility and above all, its cost-efficiency; it is your ultimate hair dryer to add bounce and volume to your hair and style it to suit your personality. You can buy it without batting an eyelid.


Philips BHD006/00 Hair Dryer 


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If you like the Havel’s hair dryer but need a second choice, then you can consider this hair dryer from Philips. Coming from Philips; you know you will always have a winner product in the most cost-efficient pricing.

The product is lightweight and portable with a foldable handle. Design is ergonomic and attractive. It is capable of working on a dual voltage of 110 and 220 Volts which implies that you can easily use it almost anywhere in the world. With the thermo-protect feature and three-speed settings, you can easily dry your hair quickly without any concerns about hair damage.

The entire design of the dryer is such that the air-flow is optimized for faster drying and styling. You will always appreciate the quiet operation of the dryer. The cool-shot feature, a standard feature to style and set your hair is always appreciated. What earns the dryer, its brownie point is its 1.8 m long cord, a rare but much-coveted feature. You can use the dryer without the plug falling down or the cord restricting your hand movement.

On the flip side, you do miss the ion conditioning technology. Few also complain of the cool shot trifle less than satisfactory. But with a two-year warranty, cost-effective pricing, and above-average quality; it is the choice of the masses.


Philips HP8232/00 Professional Thermo Protect Ionic Hair Dryer (White)



best hair dryer India

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We can’t help but bring another Philips hair dryer into our recommended list. This one is of professional grade and a terrific alternative to the Wahl hair dryer discussed above.

Foremost is its aesthetic beauty in ultra-white. It can oomph up any ambiance and take your style quotient a notch higher. Its build, quality and highly advanced features make it a top choice with many salons in India as well as many fashion buffs.

Its power usage of 2200 Watts counts amongst one of the best for hair dryers. It is an inkling enough of its power. It can sort out just about any type of hair in a fast and efficient manner.

Boasting of high technology, it has everything you need for professional styling like ionic technology to lock moisture and shine and increase the ease of styling; three temperature and three-speed setting to offer you greater flexibility in styling and the cool shot conditioning to protect and set your hair.

Like all Philips hair dryers, it too has a long cord that makes maneuvering it easy. Its slim nozzle makes all kinds of styling like adding volume, maximizing thickness, adding curls or bounce, etc. a breeze.  No matter what you do, its overheating protection does not damage your hair and is always gentle. The storage is easy with a hook to hang.

On the flip side, it might require you to go through the manual as it does boast of really advanced technology. Otherwise, there is practically no cons related to this item.

With a two-year manufacturer’s warranty; it is an expensive but completely worthwhile hair dryer to choose both for personal and professional needs.


SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610 With Cool and Hot Air (White)

best hair dryer India

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The Korean brand, SYSKA is fast establishing its credibility and popularity in the Indian market and this hair dryer is a shining example of it. It gives you technology at unbelievable pricing. You need not shell out big chunks of money for that beautiful, bouncy and sassy hair.

Foremost, the appearance and design of this hair dryer is stylish and attractive. You can just place it anywhere for oomph. It can be folded easily for traveling purposes. Using 1200 Watt, it makes hair styling an easy and quick job, not to mention safe.

With its two settings for speed and temperature, you can just about style your hair in any manner you want. Not only is the airflow completely controlled but the air is blown in such a way from its advanced nozzle that the moisture is not stripped but locked in your hair.

Its narrow nozzle allows you to concentrate heat at one particular area while its heat balance technology prevents overheating at any point and spreads the hot air evenly over a large area. The dryer has a big wind to reduce the swirl of air and make for a quiet and efficient drying. Moreover, its emission of alternate hot and cold airflows expedites the hair drying process. The cold shot feature is a bonus as one cannot hope of it at the cost-effective pricing that this hair dryer comes.

The only negative side of this hair dryer is its short cord. All-in-all, with a two-year warranty, it is one of the best hair dryers available for daily use.


Braun Satin Hair 3- HD 350- Powerful Style & Go Ionic Dryer  


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Coming from a reputable brand of Braun; it is an excellent ionic hair dryer ideal for daily use. It has almost all the impressive features we have discussed so far and thus it increases your scope of choice.

Foremost, its design is stylish, compact and foldable which makes it easy to travel with and store in the house. You can operate it with a single button which is a welcome relief to many users. With a power of 1600 W, it not only dries hair faster but also helps reduce fizziness’ and helps you style your hair to perfection. You can easily use the dryer anywhere globally because of its multi-voltage facility.

It has the standard styling nozzle and two temperature settings to increase your usage versatility. It has infrared technology for heating and cold shot feature. Mixed with the ionic feature, you get a free hand in styling without losing your hair moisture or shine.

You barely find any con side of this dryer except its expense. But good things do have a price tag attached. Overall, with a two-year warranty, you get a superior quality hair dryer that you can use daily without any concerns for damaging your hair.

Other Hair Dryers Worth Your Attention 

While we strongly recommend our top list, we cannot help but mention a few other hair dryers that definitely deserve a mention and your attention. The list to check out are:


Philips HP8120/00 Hair Dryer (Pink)


best hair dryer India

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Panasonic EH-ND21-P62B 1200W Foldable Hair Dryer with Cool Air and Quick Dry Nozzle

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VEGA Pro Touch (1800-2000) Hair Dryer – (VHDP-02), Black

best hair dryer India

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Remington D5000 Hair Dryer

best hair dryer India

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Wrapping up 

There folks! We have our list of hair dryers ready with the most impressive features available in the Indian market. You can choose one that best meets your hair styling needs for daily as well as red carpet occasions. We are confident that no matter what you choose; you would no longer be facing any challenges of dry, frizzy and tangled hair! Embrace your shiny and styled tresses and flaunt your sassy and confident side to the optimum. However, do remember to write about your experiences below!

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