Best Hair Straightening Brush in India 2020

Versatility in hair styling is no longer limited to Hollywood and Bollywood divas. With the variety of hairstyling equipment getting readily available today, you can get an exotic curly hairstyle this week and shining sleek straight hair, the next week. 

Curlers have been around for a long time but hair straightening equipment has just come in trend and gained the repute of being reliable. One such tool is the hair straightening brush. Affordable and reliable, it is every girl’s best friend, especially in busy mornings. Thus, without further ado, we present reviews of a few of the best hair straightening brushes available today that you can add to your beauty toolbox. Read on!

Best Hair Straightening Brush in India 2020

Philips BHH880/10 Heated Straightening Brush with Thermoprotect Technology (Black) 

Best Hair Straightening Brush in India 2020

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Philips is a brand that most Indians trust with blind eyes. Hence, it’s a no- brainer that our first choice in the list is the straightening brush from the brand. 

Foremost, the design is lightweight and stylish in black to keep your aesthetic flag high at your dressing table. Its entire design is with a ceramic coating that is nothing but keratin-infused tourmaline. It implies that the brush glides smoothly through the hair and detangles them as well.

The technology used in the brush is thermo-protect technology as well as silk-pro technology. Mixed with keratin body, it spreads the heat evenly throughout the brush and does not allow it to overheat. Owning to it, no matter how frizzy or rough your hair is; you can get smooth, shiny and straight hair with the brush without damaging your hair. 

The brush flaunts a paddle-shaped design. So, you can take a large section of the hair for straightening at one go. Thus, if you have a thick volume of hair, it could be a perfect solution for you. Moreover, it has a triple bristle design that proves effective in detangling the hair and smoothening it with no fear of damage. A delightful feature is that you do not experience any hair fall while brushing which is a relief for most of us. 

The brush gets ready to use in just 50 seconds which is commendable. For your convenience, there is an LED indicator light to let you know that the brush is ready to use. You have two temperature choices of 170 degrees and 200 degrees. You can select as preferred. Both will cause no damage to your hair. 

Like most Philips appliances, this brush too has a long cord of 1.8M that makes it very easy to manoeuvre and use without any inconvenience. 

The experience of straightening hair from it is just like regular brushing of your hair. This fast job is a delight for every busy woman rushing out of the home in the morning. You can get the work done in under 5 minutes and enjoy its results throughout the day. Moreover, you can use the brush on both dry and wet hair with equal ease. 

Overall, with a two-year warranty, reasonable pricing and barely any complaints from the customers, it is one of the best hair straightening brushes available in the market today.

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Rozia HR767 Hair Straightener with Temperature Control Ceramic Heating Detangling Hair Brush

Best Hair Straightening Brush in India 2020

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Rozia is a brand popular for offering high-grade hair styling tools and this straightening brush is no exception. Moreover, if you find our first choice expensive, you can definitely look into this highly-budget-friendly option. 

The brush is sturdy and aesthetically built-in black for visual delight. Its body has a ceramic coating for even distribution of heat and protection against hair damage. The brush has bristles with teeth for easy and smooth gliding through hair. 

The brush takes three seconds to get ready, post which you can choose any temperature between 80 to 230 degrees centigrade. Your chosen temperature will display on its LCD screen. If left unused for an hour, the brush shuts down automatically, thus keeping the brush safe and enhancing its durability. 

As a standard feature, it too has a rotating swivel cord that makes it easy and convenient to handle. Because of its precise temperature control, it is a brush that guarantees not to scald. 

The brush displays super detangling and hair straightening power. No matter how frizzy or curly your hair is, you can get the smoothest and silkiest of straight hair with a couple of strokes from top to bottom. 

On the flip side, the brush falls on the heavier side that might make it a bit difficult to handle for few women. It also works best with small sections of hair that might make it a time-consuming unit for those having thick tresses. Its results also last for a comparatively short time. Hence, you might need a retouch sometime during the day. 

There is also no mention of any warranty on the product. But given its highly economical pricing and excellent results for just about any hair type, it is a hair straightening brush that will give you delight and satisfaction day in and day out. 

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COIF Stylish Round Hair Straightening Brush with Temperature Control System

Best Hair Straightening Brush in India 2020


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This is another excellent choice in the same price range as the Rozia model. Its advanced features, versatility and terrific results will delight you to no end. Even though the brand is not so popular, the brush certainly looks poised to earn a terrific repute for it. 

Foremost, the brush is round is shape against most brushes which are rectangular. It looks compact, sleek and stylish in black and pink. 

The brush offers multipurpose functionality. It can function as a straightener, blow dryer and even as a hair curler. 

The brush has 3D round brushes with silica gel coating. Despite being round in shape it provides ample surface area for easy gliding of hair and fast work. Additionally, it has thermostat technology, anti-scald technology as well as ionic technology. This helps ensure that the heat is evenly spread across the brush, and remains at a steady temperature to transform the frizziest of hair into shiny, sleek and straight tresses. 

With it, you can easily blow-dry and straighten your tresses at one go. Other times, you can even curl your hair. Its temperature is easy to control and visible on the LCD. The maximum temperature is 230 degrees which is completely safe for all kinds of hair. 

The power consumption is low while its 360 degrees swivel cord is 2 meters long for convenient handling. 

Being a new brand, it has too few customer ratings though it has an excellent track record of a hundred percent high customer ratings. It definitely increases the trust in the appliance. On the flip side, there is no mention of any warranty. 

However, given its high cost-efficiency, superb performance, and rave reviews; it’s a hair straightening versatile brush that you will never regret buying.  

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AGARO Hair Straightening Brush – HSB-4001 (Black)

Best Hair Straightening Brush in India 2020

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It is another excellent brush in the same price range as the previous two even though it is from a new brand, AGARO. 

The brush looks aesthetically beautiful in black. Its large paddle-shaped design helps you take a sizeable section of hair at a time so that you can make a quick job of straightening your hair. 

It boasts of a heat-activated double bristle design while its base and fins are crafted from tourmaline ceramic, a standard requirement for even heat distribution. Combined with its thermostat, precise temperature control settings of up to 210-degree centigrade and ionic technology to remove all roughness and frizziness of hair; you get smooth, silky and straight hair with just a few strokes. 

Like all hair straightening brush, it causes no harm or damage to the hair as it does not overheat and is easy to handle due to its 360-degree swivel cord. Consuming just 40 watts, it is energy efficient as well. 

On the flip side, the brush has no clear warranty. But given its features and pricing; it is a brush that would prove a stellar deal. 

Remington Keratin Protect Sleek & Smooth Heated Brush CB7400 (Gray)

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If the budget is not a constraint, then you should definitely look into this straightening brush from the reputed brand, Remington. 

If black is turning a boring hue for you; this brush will please you with its stylish and attractive gray hue. Needless to say, its design is lightweight, aesthetically pleasing and stylish to look at. 

The body is crafted from ceramic tourmaline and given a keratin coating for even heating as well as protection of hair from overheating and burning. It also helps the brush glide more smoothly through the hair without causing any hair breakage. 

The ionic technology helps remove all frizz and roughness of hair while the thermostat and keratin body help even maintenance of temperature and protection of hair from any tangling and burning. ‘

The brush boasts of three temperature settings, namely 150, 190 and  230 degrees. The temperature switch also functions as an on/off switch to avoid any clutter. The brush gets ready to use within 30 seconds and can take reasonable large sections of hair effortlessly for a salon-like finish. 

The 360-degree swivel cord is 3 meters long so that you can use it at any part of the house without getting tangled near the switchboard. Its auto-off feature keeps the unit safe and durable.

The unit consumes high electricity of about 2200 watts but can give you the straight hair at one stroke. Its rear grille can also be removed and cleaned; a unique feature not seen in other models. 

With three years warranty and hardly any complaints, the brush is expensive but worth every rupee spent on it. 

Ikonic Luxure Collection Hot Hair Straightener Brush (Rose Gold and Black)

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If you want a choice to the previous model, then do take a look into luxurious looking and high performing brush from the Ikonic Luxury Collection. 

Foremost, its narrow sleek design in rose gold and black looks extremely sophisticated and glamorous. Moreover, the body has been rubberized so that you can hold It easily and comfortably with a better grip. Being a lightweight unit, you can use it easily without feeling any strain on your hands. 

Its bristle has a unique architecture that helps in smooth gliding of the brush and prevents and tangling of hair or hair breakage. The brush and bristles are backed by technology that prevents any hair burning and scalding and leaves hair glossy and shiny. 

The brush gets ready for use in 50 seconds while the brush heats up to a temperature of about 201 to 230-degree centigrade. The heat spread is even. 

The brush is ideal to handle the toughest of frizz, the roughness of hair or any curls. 

Looking on the flip side, you do wish for a few more temperature settings and even an auto-off feature. The warranty of one year also feels unsatisfactory given its high pricing. 

But with a superb and fast salon-like performance, the brush is a winner all the way. 

VEGA X-Look Hair Straightening Brush (VHSB-02), Black

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The last but not the least in our list is this hair straightening brush from Vega, a leading brand in the niche of hair care and hair styling tools. 

Flaunting a paddle shape design in black and pink, the brush is a delight to look at and performs with equal aplomb. 

It has all the standard features we have been discussing so far like the silica gel coated bristles, ionic technology, anti-scalding and anti-frizz technology, LCD temperature display, temperature setting feature from 80 degrees to 230 degrees centigrade and the 360-degree swivel cord. The unit remains energy efficient as well. 

Looking on the flip side, the brush is ideal for slightly wavy and curly hair. It is not so effective at straightening dense curls. The straightening effect also does not last too long. The best way it can be used is to give your hair a more natural look. 

Given that, the brush falls on the expensive side. But, with a two-year warranty and good performance and features; it is an ideal choice for short or less curly hair. 

Wrapping up 

It is not an easy or a convenient task to rush to a salon for our hair straightening needs, every now and then. Using the hot tongs also need expertise and patience that might not be a strong fort for all. The hair straightening brush is a boon in that scenario as it lets you get straight tresses while on the go. We hope you would be able to nail the perfect one from our chosen list. Do get back to us for any feedback or suggestions!

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