Best Humidifiers in India

There are many areas in India with low humidity and dry air. But in winter, dry air becomes a common phenomenon as the air moisture reduces. Dry air causes several health problems like dry eyes, cracked lips, irritated sinuses, etc. If you are suffering from cold, cough and allergies, it gets worse due to cold air. 

However, all these conditions can be alleviated with a humidifier. It does wonders for your health and indoor air quality by adding some moisture to the indoor air. If you are looking for one, do read this review of some of the most popular humidifiers available in the market. 

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Best Humdifiers For Home In India

Home Spa Luxury Cool Mist Dolphin Humidifier for Adults and Baby Bedroom – 2 L

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Even though Home Spa is not such a popular brand, the humidifier captured our attention because of its amazing features and excellent customer reviews. 

Foremost, the design is compact and aesthetically pleasing in lavender and white hue while its functionality is simple which makes it ideal for the masses. You can easily place the unit just about anywhere in any ambiance and enjoy its freshness. Its plastic body of ABS plastic is sturdy and durable and leak proof.

Foremost, the unit can work for eight hours that means that you can be assured of it functioning throughout the night. All it requires is two liters of distilled or purified water and you are good to go. It uses ultrasonic technology and sprays out moisture as ultra-fine and smooth mist in an extremely silent manner which implies that your sleep is not disturbed in any manner. The device is pretty safe and silent that you can even use it with your baby around.

Depending on your needs, you can control the amount of mist dispersed using its knob control. Moreover, the humidifier has an auto-shutoff feature that kicks in action once the water is over. It keeps the device safe and helps you save on electricity too. 

 Winter use is common but it also helps hydrate the room where an AC is working.

The device is suitable for a max of 15 sq. feet room with a 12 feet ceiling. Within 30 minutes, it shows its full effect. Hence, you can use it effortlessly in bedrooms, small living areas, and even the kitchen. 

The power cable is 3 meters which is decent enough. Even the energy consumption of 25 Watts power is nominal. 

Looking on its flip side, the first thing that you miss is the absence of essential oil diffuser. Getting a fragrant mist would have been appreciated. Another drawback is that it is most effective with a fan running in the room. Because of the water spray mist being generated by the ultrasonic waves, they do not travel beyond 2 feet and need the fan air to spread evenly inside the room. 

As it lacks a water filter. You can use it easily but filling it and placing the water tank can become messy as you need to turn the tank upside down. Cleaning it is also difficult if you are not using pure water as it could lead to limescale and deposits.  Moreover, you need to clean it every day and occasionally sanitize it with vinegar. Another feature you rue is the lack of water level visibility. 

It also has a warranty of just six months provided you register the product within 15 days of its purchase. But given its quality, affordability, and performance, it is an ideal choice for just about anybody. 

Allin Exporters PH906 Cool Mist Dolphin Humidifier Adults and Baby Bedroom 2 L Portable Room Humidifier

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If you need an alternative to our first choice, then look no further than this humidifier from a reputed brand, Allin Exporters. It’s amazing features and comes at an affordable pricing.

The humidifier is elegantly built from high quality BPA plastic in the shape of a dolphin and is compact enough to be aesthetically pleasing. An added feature is the antimicrobial coating on the insides of its water tank which helps keep it clean and healthy by blocking the growth of mold and mildew.

The Humidifier also works on the ultrasonic technology and produces a cool mist of water to humidify the air. It also needs 2 liters of water per use but lasts up to 12 hours. It has three levels of mist control for you to use as per your preference and also has the auto shut off feature. 

Like the previous model, it also improves the air quality by destroying the dust, germs, and allergens of air apart from humidifying it. This is because it produces the negatively ionized mist that adheres to germs and allergens and eliminates them from the air. But this diffuser can be used for large rooms as well by adjusting the speed to the max. It is not only simple to use but is also quiet in its operation that makes it ideal for use even with kids. 

Unlike our first choice, it has a light indicator that turns red when the water level has depleted and again turns green when water is filled back. It is better than the former in having its water tank at the base. Thus, it is easier to use and fill water. Using it is simple as it lacks any filters. 

Its drawbacks are the same as the former, i.e. you need distilled water, cleaning the tank is cumbersome because of narrow mouth and you cannot use aromatic oils. It also lacks any warranty which can be concerning. Given that, it can be considered expensive. But its performance and quality make up for it and you can choose it without batting an eyelid. 

Tesco Cloud Mist Air Humidifier, Aroma Diffuser with Multi Color Lamp, 500Ml

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If you are looking for a smaller but stylish and high-end humidifier, then check out this humidifier from Tesco which boasts of multipurpose functionality. 

Foremost, the unit is portable, small and stylish which adds to the aesthetics of any ambiance. The unit not only works as a humidifier but also as an oil diffuser and a night lamp. Thus, you can add an extra layer of beauty and functionality to any ambiance like a bedroom, spa center, massage center, baby room, etc. 

The device holds 500 ml of water and runs for little over an hour at full speed and about 3 to 4 hours at low speed. It also produces a cool mist without making any noise, using ultrasonic technology. 

Like all humidifiers discussed, it too eliminates allergens and other germs from the air to keep you healthy. Moreover, you are more relaxed and mentally happy because of the use of aromatic essential oils. 

The spray mist output can be controlled and it has an auto-shut feature as well. A stand out feature of the humidifier is its glow light which makes any ambiance more romantic and soothing. You can have this light in a rainbow of colors or set it to a single color. 

Another  user-friendly feature is its remote-controlled operation that adds to the ease of using the gadget. The remote works up to a distance of 5 meters. Its energy consumption is also standard. Cleaning and maintaining it is a breeze as it has a wider mouth. 

Looking on the flip side, you do find some leaking issues and occasionally a battery and light issue. You might also rue its small capacity. But it comes with a one-year warranty and the brand has excellent customer service. Overall it is slightly expensive but still a great buy for both home and professional use. 

RYLAN Magic Diamond Cool Mist Humidifiers Essential Oil Diffuser Aroma Air Humidifier 

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If you are looking for a portable mini humidifier version of the previous version for small spaces like your car or small room, then look no further than this humidifier from Rylan. 

Foremost, the humidifier is extremely stylish looking and takes the glamor of any ambiance, notches higher. Being small in size and lightweight, you can carry it effortlessly just about anywhere. 

The humidifier uses ultrasonic technology to produce cool mist as negatively charged ions. Thus, it eliminates allergens and pathogens from the air while hydrating it. The device holds about 200 ml of water and runs for about three to four hours. It can act as a diffuser as well if you mix a few drops of essential oil to the water tank. 

A unique feature of the gadget is that it can be charged with a USB cable which adds to its convenience. It too has an LED light that has seven color options.  The operation is silent. Cleaning and maintaining it is a breeze. Whether you want to eliminate air dryness, allergens or even bad odors from places like car, room, etc, the gadget works beautifully. It also has anti-dry intelligent timing functionality with auto-off and 4-hour automatic power off that makes using the device conveniently. 

Cleaning and maintaining the humidifier is easy. While there is no mention of any warranty, you can buy it without any doubt because of its highly economical pricing and rave customer reviews. 

KACOOL Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier, Ultrasonic 300ML Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser Cool-Mist Humidifier  

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If you need another choice for a remote-controlled humidifier with versatile functionality, then check out this humidifier from KACOOL. 

Like all our choices, this is an aesthetically appealing appliance that is portable as well. Hence, you can use it just about anywhere for its style quotient as well as functionality. 

The gadget functions as a humidifier, an oil diffuser, and a nightlight. Its water capacity is 300 ml which lasts three hours in low mist mode and its double in high mist mode. Few drops of essential oil can be added to the water tank for an aromatic and relaxing experience. 

Its four-timer function lets you set the time and duration for which the humidifier will run. You can set its mood lighting in any of the seven colors provided to relax and enjoy it. As with all ultrasonic humidifiers, it is also efficient and extremely silent in its operation. Its auto shut feature and light indicator are all the standard safety features discussed so far. 

The humidifier gives out an ionic mist that helps eliminate bacteria and other allergens from the air apart from cutting its dryness. It not only helps you control the mist output but also the intensity of night light output which is delightful. The remote works efficiently till the distance of 6 meters. 

You also get a 500 ml version of the humidifier but that is without the remote control. Rest all features are the same. You can choose based on your requirements. Cleaning and maintaining it is also effortless. 

Looking on the flip side, there is no mention of any warranty on the product. Given that, it tends to fall on the expensive side. But it has rare complaints from customers that implies that you will never regret purchasing it. 

Brezzycloud Big Port Wood Grain Vase Style Aroma Diffuser Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 

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It is another terrific multi-functional humidifier to add to your choice list. This ultrasonic cool mist humidifier is unbeatable both in looks and performance. 

The first thing that will attract you to it is its unique flower vase design in wood grain look crafted from high-quality plastic. It looks so eclectic that it can be used exclusively as a decorative piece. There are color variations of the wood color available as well to suit your taste. The soft rubber pads at its base not only gives it a better balance but makes plugging it easy while operation as its socket is in its base. 

With 300 ml water capacity, its functionality and features are almost the same as the previous model in our list but lack a remote control. It can work up to 10 hours, is super quiet, has two mist modes, aroma diffuser capability, 6 LED light options that can be cycled through or fixed at one color; light indicators, 4 timer settings, auto-shutoff feature, light intensity controller, etc. 

Looking on its flip side, it has the standard drawback of needing distilled or filtered water for its cleaning and durability. It is truly an expensive piece with an ambiguous warranty. But the humidifier has been garnering praises from all corners and makes it pricing worth every penny. It should be your choice if monetary constraints do not exist. 

Wrapping up

With air conditioners becoming the norm of any household; the humidifiers are fast becoming an integral part of a house. They offer plenty of health benefits and add to your convenience. But the crux lies in selecting the right one. We hope that you have the right choices available to you. Do get back to us in case of any queries or feedback. 

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