Best Nebulizers in India

Given the environmental pollution and stress today, it is easy for just about any person to develop health problems, especially respiratory-related issues like cough, wheezing, asthma, bronchitis, etc. Earlier, they were treated by the traditional method.  

But modern technology has gifted us with a few great health tools that help us heal faster and more effectively. One such tool is a Nebulizer. It is a machine that uses oxygen or compressed air to convert the liquid medicine placed inside it into aerosol droplets and release as a mist. This mist is inhaled by the patient suffering from respiratory disease either by mouth or nostril directly into the lungs and is immediately absorbed for faster relief.  

A nebulizer machine can be used both for kids and adults, provided you choose the right fit. With the plethora of machines available in the market; it can be a real daunting task. To make things easy; we have researched and compiled a list of nebulizers that you can consider using in your home for effective treatment. Read on! 

Best Nebulizers In India

Dr. Trust Bestest Compressor Nebulizer Machine Kit (White)

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An FDA approved unit, this is one of the best medical grade nebulizers available in the market. Foremost, the device boasts of an attractive and compact design that packs an aesthetic appeal and easy portability. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to handle while its white hue adds to its attractiveness.  

The device works beautifully with all doctor-prescribed medicine and only saline water. Thus, it can be easily used at home as a family unit for medicinal purposes and all age groups, from kids to adults.  

Because of its specialized Respiright technology, the medicines are atomized in really fine particles in a comparatively faster time for maximum and speedy absorption by the lungs leading to faster treatment.  

Owing to its features like the dual masks, medicine flow adjuster and 360-degree rotating mouthpiece; people of all age groups can use it in any position comfortably. Moreover, the device comes with everything including a thermometer for thorough check and treatment. A thermometer comes in handy when body temperature might affect the dosage and frequency of medicines.  

Unlike most other nebulizers; the device produces sound less than 55db that is almost noiseless. Few other nebulizers are as quiet in operation to leave other family members undisturbed even if you are using it at night.  

Its five spare air-filters is another advantage that specifies you can use it easily and for a longer duration. The triple filtration and adjustable drug concentration are other welcome features.  

On the flip side, few customers complain of its vapor flow controller being loose. So, you need to hold it while inhaling or you might experience a wastage of medicine. The brand gives one year of the manufacturer’s warranty but you get just a 6-months warranty. You get another six months of extended warranty free only if you meet certain conditions laid out by the company.  

Despite all this, with its superior features, cost-effective pricing, and widespread and efficient after-sales service; it is one of the best nebulizers that you can lay your hands on. 

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Omron NE C28 Compressor Nebulizer 

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This is another excellent nebulizer coming from a reputable brand for medical instruments and devices. It is a medical-grade unit that can be used both at home and professional medical purposes across age-groups, from babies to adults. The machine has proven its mettle in helping treat all kinds of respiratory problems. 

Crafted with the Japanese innovative Virtual Valve Technology; the nebulizer administers maximum drugs with minimum wastage. It uses compressed air to convert liquid medicine into fine aerosol droplets for fast absorption. With the medicine cup capacity of 7 ml and a particle size of 5 microns; you get flexibility with your medicine dosage to suit all patients. 

The nebulizer is battery operated and comes with a life-long compressor that ensures both durability and reliability. Using just 138VA of power usage; the device is energy-efficient. Moreover, with a single button functionality; the device can be used effortlessly multiple times a day.  

It has five extra air filters which increase its usage durability. The nebulizer is easy to maintain and is especially good to be used with kids. It comes autoclaved enabled that increases the convenience of cleaning and keeping it germ free. 

With a water-protected switch, cleaning and maintaining the device is easy. It also comes with a bag for easy portability and storage. The nebulizer has a standard one-year warranty that you can extend to three years from the date of manufacture provided you have the invoice with you. 

On the flip side, you do rue a face mask that would have made the administration of medicines more effective and easier. You also wish that the device was easier to handle as it can prove to be a challenge as its weight is close to 2 kgs. The unit is also noisy in operation that might prove inconvenient especially if you are using it at night.  

Overall, with reasonably good after-sales service, easy availability of replaceable parts and budget-friendly pricing, it is an excellent nebulizer that you will appreciate every time you use

Dr. Trust Junior Unisex Compressor Nebulizer Kit with Child and Adult Mask

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If you are looking for a nebulizer specifically designed and meant for kids, then your quest ends with this offering from the trusted brand, Mr. Trust.  

The first thing that would attract is its compact animal shaped designs like that of a cow, a penguin, etc. The interesting design, shape and bright vibe of the nebulizer is attractive enough to capture the attention of any sick and irritable child and soothe them to a large extent. It makes it easy to administer the medicine to them.  

Even though it is designed mainly for kids; it does come with an adult mask as well so that the entire family can use it as required. Using the unique Respiright technology; it increases its atomization frequency and ensures maximum absorbency of medicines with minimum wastage.  

With rechargeable batteries, it is a portable device though few find it a little difficult to carry around. The device is quite easy to use and is also easy on your pocket. It is supposed to be noiseless but it does make some noise that is not high enough to be irritating or disturbing. The device is easy to use even though you might find the manual slightly inadequate. You might need to Google for more information.  

Apart from it, there is little to complain about this device. With a one-year warranty; it is an ideal choice for just about any family.  

Handynab Nulife Pistontype Compressor Nebulizer

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This is another powerful and reliable nebulizer that is an excellent choice for both home and professional use. It has plenty of features and brownie points in its favor that will leave you impressed.  

Foremost its design is decent enough to look at. At 1.6 kg, it is lightweight and portable enough to carry around with ease. Moreover, it comes with a bag that makes it easy to pack for storage and travel purposes. 

It has a powerful compressor that uses a stream of air for fast atomization of medicines for faster delivery to lungs and maximum absorption with minimum wastage. Using 90W of energy, it can run straight for 60 minutes with a noise level of 55 dba which is silent enough.  

The best thing about the device is its safety features. It has a safety fuse that relieves you of any stress while you use the device for yourself or your kids. Its plastic body is shock-resistant that enhances the safety of the device during its usage.  

The reason it falls low on the list is that the flow rate of the device is slightly low compared to the nebulizers we have discussed above. Another major flaw is its warranty period. Though, it comes with a one-year warranty; most customers tout it as unreliable. Many are not satisfied with its after-sales service. Despite everything, it is an excellent nebulizer to use and keep handy for your family.

AGARO NB-21 Compressor Nebulizer with 5 Air Filters, Adult & Child Mask 

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This is another professional-grade nebulizer that performs to complete satisfaction. It has features that compel you to consider it in your wish-list. 

Foremost is its compact size that makes it easy and portable to use. Its contoured case comes with a compartment where you can easily store all the accessories of the device and feel relaxed. Its ergonomic handle makes it easier to handle the device and better administer the medication. 

It offers a reliable aerosol treatment with ultra-fine particle size varying from 0.5 to 0.8 microns for faster and maximum delivery of medicines with minimum wastage. The nebulizer has a high medication capacity of 6 ml that makes it perfect for use for both children and adults.  

Its operation is appreciably quiet for a comfortable use at any point of day or night without disturbing any other person. Its air tube is long enough to use the device with ease in both sitting and sleeping positions. 

The five air filters ensure that you can use this device for a long time without any concern for replacing parts. The device is easy to use, clean and maintain.  

Looking at its drawbacks; a major complaint from customers is that you need breaks between the smooth delivery of medicines. The air pressure is often deemed as low and could have been higher. But otherwise, there is no major issue reported with the device.  

Overall, with a good one-year warranty, excellent after-sales service, and budget-friendly pricing; you can buy this nebulizer with great confidence.  

Oxylife Omron Nebulizer Pediatric (Ne- C803)

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If you are looking for a nebulizer designed for kids, then look no further than this device from Oxylife. Predominantly meant for kids, it does have a nebulizer mask for adults as well.  

Foremost, its out-of-box compact design is bound to grab eyeballs. The innovative design is compact, lightweight and extremely easy to carry. The build is sturdy and ergonomically designed to use it with ease, especially with kids.  

Quiet in its operation and designed for the maximum efficiency of medicines, it is easy to use, store and clean. It has all the hallmarks of a superior nebulizer that we have been discussing so far. With an extremely small size of particles, it is highly effective in treating all respiratory conditions in children and adults in the minimum time possible.  

The only issue is with its pump power that could have been enhanced to increase the efficiency of the device.  

It boasts of reasonable pricing and serves you well with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is a standard machine capable of effective treatment. Buying it is going to prove a good deal. 

Dr. Morepen CN06 Compressor Nebulizer  

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Dr. Morepen is a reputable and best-selling brand for medical gadgets and equipment. This nebulizer too keeps the flag shining high and you can buy the device without too much thought. 

As with all nebulizers, its compact design and light-weight portability will please you to no end. But it can be slightly heavier compared to few nebulizers discussed above. A non-lubricating, single-cylinder piston pump is used for creating the air pressure. 

It generates aerosols particles of size 2 micrometers that can be inhaled easily from both nose and mouth for enhanced absorption and faster treatment. An excellent feature is the ability to adjust the medication rate with open/close vent to suit you better. Its unique interchangeable jet caps are another of its impressive features.  

The device can be used to administer medicines for both adults and children. Cleaning and maintaining the device is a breeze as it is dishwasher safe and also autoclaved. It even has a chamber with a transparent blue plastic lid to store air tubes and masks. You can use the device continuously without any problems.  

But the nebulizer is noisy in operation that can stress you. You also need to hold the mask in place while administering drugs. Despite it, with a one-year warranty and reasonable pricing, the nebulizer is a winner all the way. It is a device to purchase for any kind of respiratory disease.  

Dr. Morepen Compressor Nebulizer (Blue, CN-10)

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We could not help but add another nebulizer from Dr. Morepen on our list. With good features at budget-friendly pricing; the nebulizer passes with flying colors in its performance and customer satisfaction.  

Foremost, its ergonomic and esthetic appealing design would attract you at first glance. The body is made of high-quality plastic that is shock-resistant as well. The handle is ergonomic so that you can handle it easily while using it. Its anti-vibration feet not only cut down the noise but also enhances the ease of using the device. 

It is lightweight enough to carry along with you anywhere you go. The bag makes it easy to store and carry the unit safely.  

Its piston therapy produces a fine aerosol mist of at the rate of 0.2 milliliters/ minute. This makes for easy and fast absorption of medicines. Its medication capacity of 5 milliliters and adjustable vent facilitates control and intensity of medication rate. Its compressor is heavy-duty that consumes 220V of power and can run straight for an hour.  

The unit is silent in operation. It can be cleaned in a dishwasher making for easier cleaning and maintaining.  

On the flip side, it has a low nebulizer rate comparatively and tends to heat-up after prolonged use. Another drawback is that it cannot be operated on batteries and must be plugged into a socket. It limits its ease and flexibility of use. But with a one-year warranty, brand-trust and superb performance; it’s a nebulizer you will use for both adults and kids for years.  

Wrapping up 

Health is not something that we can compromise upon. Hence, a nebulizer is an important device to keep at home and use it whenever required. We hope that you are able to choose an effective nebulizer from our recommended list and reap its benefits to the fullest. Chime in below for any queries, suggestions or feedback. We look forward to hearing from you!


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