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Best Nursing Bras In India For New Moms

Breasts undergo rapid change during pregnancy and lactation. That is why getting a good nursing bra is important, not only for looks, but also for your comfort.

In this article, we discuss some expert opinions on what to look for when you buy a nursing bra and some of the best nursing bras you can buy online.

Tips For Choosing The Right Nursing Bra

  1. Ideally, get professional help to measure and find the right bra size. If not, the below guide might help you

    First, get a measuring tape, pen, paper and stand in front of the mirror wearing a non-padded bra.The first step is to take the rib band measurement (whether you are a 34, 38, 40 etc.). Place the measuring tape around your back and under your armpits. Check in the mirror to ensure the measuring tape is parallel to the floor along your back as well as along your breasts. The measuring tape should be placed above your breast tissue. The tape should be snug around your body and make sure that you don’t have any fingers underneath the tape. If you are in between sizes, round up or down to the nearest even number. This will be your rib band size.
    Next, measure around the fullest part of your breasts, over your nipple area. This is a looser measurement than the rib band measurement. Hold the end of the measuring tape at the side of your breast. While holding both ends of the tape with one hand, use your free hand to press the measuring tape in between your breasts to your chest. This will provide a more accurate cup size measurement.
    Subtract the rib band measurement from the cup size measurement. Each number or inch represents one letter. For example, if your rib band is 34 and your cup measurement is 38; 38-34 = 4


If the Difference is:

Your Cup Size is:

1/2″ – 1″



























  1. Hurray! You have found the right bra size. But, resist the urge to splurge in fancy nursing bras if you are yet to give birth to your baby. Rather buy just 1-2 inexpensive nursing bras because experts suggest that the breast size is likely to keep changing for the first 8 weeks post birth. Your breast will be at the largest when the milk starts coming. Then, by the 8th week, your body will learn to regulate milk supply and your breast size is likely to settle down. At this point, measure yourself once again and then buy yourself about 4-5 bras at the maximum. Again resist the urge to splurge because once your baby starts on solids, your milk supply will naturally reduce and hence your bra size is again likely to change. But this time, it will reduce to your pre-pregnancy size for good.
  2. Though we advise you not to splurge, post delivery, thanks to the wild hormones, you are likely to sweat a lot and your breasts are likely to leak too. So, ensure that you have enough nursing bras to change as frequently as needed to maintain hygiene. After all, it is your baby’s lunch box!
  3. The first thing that you have to look for in a nursing bra is support. As mentioned earlier, while lactating, breasts will change its contour by the hour. So, ensure that your nursing bra’s cups are made of stretchy material. However, the cup shouldn’t be loose with extra room as that would compromise on the bra’s support. Also remember that a poorly fitted nursing bra puts pressure on milk ducts causing inflammation and plugged ducts (not something you would want even on your enemies!)
  4. During pregnancy, your rib cage will expand 1-2 whole sizes in order to accommodate your growing baby. So, during this time, buy bra extenders instead of changing the bra to the next size.

So, now that you have got a fairly good idea on what to keep in mind for your bra shopping, lets get on to the list of best nursing bras. Unfortunately, we do not have a wide variety of nursing bras like our Western counterparts. But we have tried our maximum to incorporate as much variety as possible.

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Best Nursing Bras In India

  1. Inner Sense Organic Antimicrobial Nursing Bra

    best nursing bra India

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    Available in padded and non-padded variety, Inner Sense nursing bra is made of anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-odour fabric composed of 48% organic cotton, 48% bamboo, 2% lycra. The sensitive breasts and sore nipples feel good against the soft material, and as the cups are seamless, it doesn’t show through your clothes.
    best nursing bra India

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    The soft stretchy material gives ample support too. All bras from Inner Sense are non-wired; hence, you don’t have to worry about clogged ducts and inflammation.
    Available in sizes 34 to 40 in cup sizes B to D.
  1. Lovable Non-wired leak proof bra

    best nursing bra India

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    Made of 98% cotton and 2% lycra, Lovable’s bra is leak proof and has fairly broad back band offering far better support and comfort compared to other brands. Being padded and seamless, the bra is not visible through your clothes and as its wire free, you don’t have to worry about clogged ducts either. The bra cup can be completely opened too.
    Available in sizes 36 to 40 in cup size B.
  2. Lamaze Sleep Bra

    best nursing bra India

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    Being imported, Lamaze Sleep Bra is more expensive compared to other sleep bras, but is a boon for plus size moms. But on the positive side, the simple crossover design makes it super comfortable for nighttime feeding. Also, its material is quite soft and is comfortable right from pregnancy to nursing stage.
    Available in sizes 32 to 43.
  3. Leading lady Sleep Nursing Bra

    best nursing bra India

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    This again is a sleep-nursing bra apt for plus size women. Made of lightweight, cool, breathable material, the nursing bra is available in basic black and pink leopard print design.
    Available in sizes 32 to 42.
  4. Liberti All Day Shoulder Nursing Bra

    best nursing bra India

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    Made of highly absorbent material with anti-microbial finish, Liberti bra has wide back strap and stretchy cup that provides ample comfort and support for the lactating mom. The seamless cup and cross-fit construction ensures that you have good cup lift and natural shaping.
    Available in sizes 32 to 42 in cup sizes B to D.
  5. Lamaze Plus Size Maternity Bra

    best nursing bra India

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    This maternity cum nursing bra is ideal for plus sized moms as it has a racer back, foam lining and inside bust sling to provide sufficient comfort and support for the large busts. Made of 88% polyester and 12% spandex.
    Available in sizes medium to 2X plus.
  6. Leading Lady Lace Padded Nursing Bra

    best nursing bra India

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    You don’t have to sacrifice on the sexy look just because you are nursing your baby. This lace padded nursing bra features one hand-nursing clasp and four hook back clasp making it a great T-shirt nursing bra too. As it has an underwire, ensure that the bra is of the right fit to prevent clogging of milk ducts. (Note that there are no real evidence that underwire bra cause causes lactation problems, these issues are largely anecdotal; so the best bet is to rely on your own experience and comfort)
    Available in sizes 34 to 40 in cup sizes B to D.
  7. Triumph Non-wired Nursing Bra

    best nursing bra India

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    With wide back band and stretchy cup, Triumph offers good support and comfort for the nursing mom. The cups have a stitch in the middle. Though it doesn’t show much, it isn’t exactly seamless, so it may not be ideal to wear underneath thin T-shirts and salwar. A common complaint is that the side-wire might bend after a few washes.
    Available in sizes 34-40 in cup sizes B to E
  8. Inner Sense Antimicrobial Sleep Nursing Bra

    best nursing bra India

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    Made of soft anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-odour fabric and featuring cross over design with seamless non padded cup, this sleep bra from Inner Sense offers great support for day-time feeding and prevents spill-over at night. Reviews suggest that fit wise, you may have to choose one size smaller than your regular bra.
    Available in sizes 32 to 36 in cup sizes B and C.


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