6 Best Remote Control Car For Kids In India

Let me tell you the bad news first. No matter how expensive or how cheap the remote-control car you buy for your child is, it won’t last for long. If your child is careless, it will run for a few weeks and if you have a child who is quite cautious and protective, it might last a few months (there are exceptions though). And of course, remote control cars are huge battery eaters. Though the cars have rechargeable batteries, the remote requires 2-3 batteries at a time and thanks to their inefficiency, it lasts for just 1-2 weeks at the maximum. So, if you are lucky to have a RC car that lasts, then, in the long run, you will end up spending more for the batteries than for the car itself.

Now, for the good news. Kids adore them. Well, even adults. It is a lot fun. If you need your child to be away from screen and occupied with something else, hand him/her a remote-control car. The tight maneuvering, constant crashing, flipping all keeps your little car fanatic hooked on for a really long time.

Before you buy, you might also want to know that—NEVER give it to a child who is younger than 3. They will end up dismantling the tyres, doors and other parts reducing the life of an already short-lived car. Yes, you guessed it right, I am saying this from my own experience with my son.

So now, let us get on to the list. In order to form this list, the main factors we have considered are appearance, features, user-reviews and price. I also recommend a car which my son played with. It had a short life, but it wasn’t because of the car’s fault, rather because my 3.5-year-old son thought he is a world class mechanic.

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Best Remote Control Car For Kids 

Culer Rock Through Remote Control RC High Performance Truck

best remote control car India

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With 4-wheel drive, large wheels, solid frame chasis and made of durable splash-proof plastic body, this monster truck can be used indoor as well as outdoor. Thankfully, the truck runs on rechargeable batteries, while the remote consumes 3 AA batteries. A drawback however is that the truck runs only for about 30-45 minutes after charging it for a full 8 hours.

It has a maximum speed of 10kmph and is pretty durable too. One of my friend’s 8-year-old has been using it for past 3 months and it is still running fine.

The product is sold in random colours. So, if you are particular about a colour, then it isn’t advisable to buy online.

TurboS 1:24 Remote Control Bugatti Toys Car, Red

best remote control car India

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This is the RC car that my son played with and broke when he was around 2. So, yes, buy it only if your child is at least 4+

The exterior of the car is beautifully detailed and looks elegant like the real Bugatti. The remote requires 2 AA battery, while the car runs on 3 rechargeable batteries. Recharging the batteries for about 8 hours powers it for about 45-60 minutes. The remote has pretty good range and can be used to maneuver the car in all directions.

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Ferrari Remote Control Car

best remote control car India

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Fairly budget friendly, this remote-control car sold in random colours comes with rechargeable batteries and fancy openable doors that can be operated with the remote control. The remote needs 2 AA size batteries for operation. Unlike the truck mentioned above, this Ferrari RC car can be driven only indoors.

Toykart Remote Control War Tank Toy With Light And Gun Sound – Multi Color

best remote control car India

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If cars are too common for your taste, then how about a full-blown war tank! With lights and shooting sounds, this tank is sure to delight your kid. The gun can be controlled with the remote and moved 300 degrees. The batteries are all rechargeable too, however, the remote requires 4 AA batteries at a time. 

Mini Racing 4 Channel Radio control RC Car

best remote control car India

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A tad small, but a budget-friendly option for those who are looking for a RC car. Available in red and yellow, the car is pretty stylish and runs on 3 rechargeable batteries while the remote functions with 2 AA batteries. The body is made of plastic and can be maneuvered indoors with ease using the remote control.

Comdaq 1:16 Mercedes Remote Control Car With Charger

best remote control car India

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A bit pricey, but definitely worth it for the looks and an elegant choice for gifting too! The incredibly detailed Mercedez AMG in 1:16 ratio comes with metal body and 2 openable doors. The remote can be used not just for maneuvering, but also for functions like G-sensor, horn, sound and light.

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  1. Kavitha

    That’s a great list of toys. 3 year old boys learn quickly and everyday they are much more interested in exploration and discovery. This when he will actually start to play with other children and learn about socializing. So the best toys for 3 year olds should be such that it helps them in developing social and problem solving skills, learn how to share and work as a team. The choice of toys should not only stimulate their minds, but also exercise their muscles.

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