Buyer’s Guide To Best Hair Straighteners in India 2018

Straight hair has been in vogue for quite some time now. Unfortunately, not all females like us are blessed with natural straight hairs. However, thanks to modern technology and innovation, each of us can now flaunt gorgeous straight hair using the latest hair straighteners.

Initially, hair straighteners were not considered a healthy hair tool. It was touted to destroy your hair. But the latest hi-tech hair straighteners and excellent heat protection sprays splashed in the market have made them a must-have tool in your beauty arsenal.

Like all other things, hair straighteners are also not a one-fit-all item. Depending on the length, volume and quality of your tresses, as well as the desired outcome; you need to nail the best hair straightener for your specific requirements.

Types of Hair Straighteners

Foremost, let us understand the basic types of hair straighteners available in the market. The most important criteria for differentiating any hair straightener is the material of its hot plate. Few most commonly used straighteners are:

  • Ceramic coated straighteners

    One of the oldest materials used in hair straightener plates; these are most popular, safe and affordable to use. They heat up quickly and add an extra shine to your ultra-straight hair. Since the material cannot hold heat for a long time and there is extremely low friction between the smooth plate and your hair. Hence, damage to your hair is minimal. However, they tend to cause tangles in your hair and their straightening effect does not last for a long time especially on curly hair.

  • Solid ceramic straighteners

    These have the entire plate crafted of ceramic instead of just a ceramic coating. Remaining set at an even and constant temperature throughout the straightening process, they give you a smoother and shinier finish at just one go over any area. They work terrific for fine and thin hair.
    Remington is one exclusive brand that gives you a Teflon non-stick coating over it as well so that your hair glides without snagging between the plates. With or without the non-stick, this hair straightener is the way to go if you desire your tool to give you both quality and durability.

  • Tourmaline straighteners

    In this type of straighteners, a gemstone is crushed and an even cover spread over the iron or ceramic plate. The heat distribution is more even here. The crushed gemstone produces negatively charged ions which work excellently in closing the hair cuticles, sealing in the moisture and eliminating all frizz-causing static from the hair. They can not only be used at a lower temperature but also prevent your hair from getting dry or brittle.
    These straighteners are often used by professionals and thus have a higher price tag attached.

  • Titanium straighteners

    Light-weight and scratch resistant, they are better and more expensive than ceramic straighteners. Touted as the safest metal plate; they are hailed as the forefront of the hair straightening technology. They give you an ultra-soft and smoothest of hair but are not considered an ideal choice for delicate hair. However, they make a great choice for thick and coarse hair.
    Ikonic Pro is one of the best choices of titanium straighteners available in the market today.

  • Infra-red straighteners

    Here ultra-violet rays are used on an infra-red flat iron plate. You get the silkiest and softest of straight hair with minimal damage to your hair follicles. These are not very common though.

How To Choose the Right Hair Straightener

Selecting the right hair straightener is no mean task. You just cannot pick up anyone unit from the rack and add it to your beauty kit. Careful investigation and research should be conducted on various aspects of it before purchasing the tool. Some of the features to look into are:

  • Type of plate

    We have already discussed the basic types of plates and their impact on your entire hair straightening experience. It’s always advisable to consult a beauty expert and then choose the right material hair straightener for your hair.

  • Your hair texture and type

    As already discussed, the quality of your hair plays a vital role in selecting the right hair straightener. The natural texture of your hair decides the right tool. Wider plates are required for more problematic hair like hair with tight curls as they are often unruly. Likewise, short wavy hair works best with narrow plates.
    Similarly, a higher temperature setting is required for thick, coarse hair while fine, naturally straight hair need a tool with better temperature control features.

  • Temperature settings

    Most hair straighteners are differentiated into various kinds based on their temperature range with the minimum often being below 360 degrees and maximum being around 410 degrees. Ideally, it is best to choose a hair straightener with multiple temperature settings for optimal use.

  • Time taken to heat-up

    It refers to the time required by the plates of the hair straightener to heat up to the predetermined temperature. As a rule, the device that heats up very fast is considered ideal.

  • The width of the plate

    This is another critical parameter to consider. Your hair length and type are the deciding factors for choosing the plate width and size of your hair straightener. Usually, plates less than 3 cm width is ideal for short hair while those with medium tresses should go for the width between 3 cm and 4 cm. Hair longer than that are best dealt with plates as wide as 6 cm.

  • Miscellaneous features

    Apart from the features mentioned above, you can consider various other factors like the steam or wet to straight feature which utilizes the steam heat to straighten your hair; the intended purpose like a cordless variety which is ideal for travel, etc.

    Finally, you must consider your budget. However, you must be cautious that you are not compromising on quality just to save a few bucks in your pocket.

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Top Picks of Hair Straighteners

Now that you know how to pick the right hair straightener for yourself; let us throw light on some of the most popular hair straighteners available which are rated high on customer satisfaction score. Stay hooked!

  1. Remington S3500 Hair Straightener

    Suitable for: most types of hair

    best hair straightener India


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    Coming from a formidable brand like Remington, this could be the near perfect hair straightener that you can own. Packed with the latest technology and a bounty of features, it will give you your dream straight hair at the bat of an eyelid.Taking just about 15 seconds to heat up to it max temperature settings of 230 degrees and offering you almost all safety features and technology discussed so far; the device works for just about any hair type.

    It offers you 30 temperature settings to tackle any style or hair type. The ceramic plates are long and narrow and floating to ensure super soft straight tresses with no damage to your hair. However, many customers feel that it does not impart enough shine. But the hair can stay straight for three days minimum.

    Its light and ergonomic design, plate lock function, auto-shut feature and even heat proof pouch make it an ideal travel companion. Extremely user-friendly gadget, you cannot go wrong with this in transforming your frizzy, curly or unmanageable hair into straight and silky-smooth tresses. You can even curl your hair with it.

  2. Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener with Keratin Ceramic Coating

    Suitable for: Long curly hair as it has wider plate and higher temperature setting

    best hair straightener India

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    Keeping the reputation of the Philips brand high, this hair straightener is bound to floor you with its impressive features and reliable and consistent performance. Both new and experienced can take to this straightener and be extremely happy with the choice.

    The best feature of this straightener is its extra wide ceramic plates infused with keratin. Keratin is a natural protein ingredient present in our hair. The infused keratin activates the hair keratin utilizing the unique SilkPro care technology to add that extra shine and silkiness to your hair. The smooth wide plates further ensure a silky glide for easy straightening of even the not so easy curls.

    The device heats up within a minute and cuts on your straightening time as you can slide a wider section of hair between the plates. Unfortunately, it has only one temperature setting and it does take a much longer time to cool down.

    Thanks, to the swivel cord, working with the straightener is a breeze. However, you need to be careful that your hair does not get stuck outside the ceramic plates. Hair breakage is almost certain then. The unit also makes a vibrating sound which can be trifle annoying. It is very effective for tackling frizz but the shine does have a short lifespan. Overall, it is an ideal straightener for temporary straightening without any fear of hair damage.

  3. Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener (Black)

    Suitable for: Thick long hair

    best hair straightener India

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    Another excellent offering from Philips, this straightener can be hailed as the cheaper version of the previous device. All the features and even drawbacks are the same. The only difference is that its plates lack the keratin infusion. A simple, lightweight and compact unit, it is ideal for travel.

    Its SilkPro Care technology keeps your hair safe from damage and can yield a professional looking straightened, silky and sassy looking hair. Its ergonomic shape and swivel cord keep the gadget delightful and convenient to use. But you can enjoy it only for a couple of hours and you do yearn for multiple temperature settings.

  4. Ikonic S3 Hair Straightener (Black)

    Suitable for: most hair types

    best hair straightener India

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    You just cannot go wrong with this professional level hair straightener! Ideal for almost all hair types, you will always get super smooth and silky straight tresses.

    The wide range of six temperature settings and ceramic coated plate ensures that you get straight hair with no damage. Thanks to its floating plates which are rounded-edged and salon sized; you get straight hair in the shortest possible time. It heats up in just about 30 seconds and cools equally fast which makes it terrific to use. Its light indicator gives you a clue about it being ready for use.

    Its extra-long cords ensure that you face no issues during usage. However, it lacks a universal voltage and is designed primarily for use in India. The straightener is a stealer and worth every penny for any stylish woman to use and elevate her beauty to a whole new plane.

  5. Havells HS4101 Hair Straightener 

    Suitable for: Short/long wavy hair ( budget friendly)

    best hair straightener India



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    Havells is a giant name in electrical products and it does not disappoint you in the beauty tools arena as well. Foremost, its sleek look and vibrant purple color hit the right cord with any girl. None can resist its attractive look.

    The features are quite similar to previous Philips straighteners. The device gets heated in less than 45 seconds making it available for use instantly. The ceramic coated plates and the constant temperature leaves your hair silky and smooth with minimal to no damage.

    The straightener has advanced PVC heating element which ensures even temperature throughout the plate and thus prevents damage. Moreover, the plates move and auto-adjusts itself to the thickness of your hair and eases extra pressure. Thus, you are confident of a smooth glide each time.

    Features like on/off button, swivel cord and convenient lock system are other features which make the tool an excellent device to use. However, you still miss the temperature options. The straightened effect is also temporary and lasts for just about three to four hours.

    Given its hugely budgeted price of less than Rs. 1000, it is an excellent choice for daily use as well as for travel purposes.

  6. Philips HP8318/00 Kerashine Temperature Control

    Suitable for: Long thick hair

    best hair straightener IndiaFind latest price

    It is not without any reason that many professionals hail Philips as the best brand for beauty products in India. This straightener is nothing but an improved version of the Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine straightener.

    Foremost, its exterior has a floral graphics design against a purple background which gives it an attractive edge. All it features are same as the HP8316 model. But it improves upon it by providing us two professional temperature settings. It increases your styling options.

    This is the best choice so far for long and thick hair if you do not mind spending a little extra. Its two-year manufacturer’s warranty makes it further worthwhile.

  7. SYSKA HS2021i Ionic Hair Straightener (Black Golden)

    Suitable for: Thick short curly hair


    best hair straightener India

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    If you crave a salon like straight and glossy hair but do not wish to splurge in the professional salons, invest in this hair straightener. Equipped with the advanced Korean technology, it can be your ultimate hair straightener which you can get without causing a hole in your pocket.

    Foremost its attractive and mod look in golden and black will zing with the fashionista in you. Secondly, its total package of impressive features and performance will leave you on cloud nine of satisfaction.

    The unit heats up in just 30 seconds which makes it the best straightener so far. We are already aware of the benefits of ceramic coating. The plate is of aluminum which is resistant to high temperature and ensures no damage to your hair.  You have greater flexibility of six temperature settings to widen your styling options. The plate also tends to cool down much faster.

    Temperature indicator, swivel power cord, PTC heal balance heater, auto shut-off technology to block overheating are just some features which make the device safe and user-friendly. Thanks to its advanced ionic technology, the frizziest of hair take a smoother and shinier take after treatment. The only flip side is that some find its plate small.

    Ultimately, no matter what your hair type is, this is a great tool to add to your beauty arsenal at a cost-effective price of under Rs.2000.

Investing in a good hair straightener is the smart way to save both your money and time from a parlor. You can get the professional results right in the comforts of your home. We hope our recommendations work for you. Chime in below your suggestions and experiences!

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