Health & Nutrition

Coconut Oil For Babies: Benefits Uses and Top Picks

Use of coconut oil in Indian homes has been a part of the culture for ages. Coconut oil has a nourishing effect unlike no other which makes it ideal for baby massage. It is actually believed that the concept of baby massage actually began in India as part of the everyday baby care. And as coconut [...]

16 Weight Gaining Food for Babies and Toddlers

New moms are often worried about their child’s weight. While most babies gain weight without any problem, you might sometimes consider adding specific food types into their diet to help them gain weight.  Starting from mother’s milk you will notice that babies and toddler benefit a lot from [...]

Ultimate Guide To Nebulisation for Babies and Toddlers

When your baby has a respiratory infection or breathing trouble, chances are, instead of prescribing a medicine, the doctor will recommend nebulization. This device is becoming a popular alternative to oral medicine. But how does it work and how safe it is for infants and toddlers? Let us help you u [...]

11 Calcium Rich Food For Babies

Healthy development and calcium intake go hand in hand when it comes to children. Your baby’s first teeth, the ability to get up and take that first step towards you, it is all thanks to the crucial calcium that is strengthening their bones and teeth. It is therefore essential that you make it par [...]

17 Best Iron Rich Food For Babies

4 to 6 months is a magical period for babies in many ways. They start becoming more aware about their surroundings, the growth is rapid, and they are introduced to the world of food. It is exactly this time when it is a good idea for you to introduce more iron rich food into their diet.  Why Is Ir [...]

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