Infantino 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Carrier Review

Infantino 4-in-1 convertible baby carrier is one of the versatile options available in the market today at a fairly affordable price. 

As the name suggests, the infant carrier can be used in 4 positions. For very young babies less than 3 months old, the narrow facing-in position can be used, for babies older than 3 months, wider facing out position can be used. Now, once the baby is able to sit on her own, you can opt for the facing out position, which is quite fun for the baby. Finally, for young toddlers, you can opt for back carrying position.

The baby carrier comes with a fairly wide shoulder and waist belt. It also has a washable bib attached to the carrier by a velcro. When your baby is drooling, this bib will absorb the saliva. So, instead of washing the whole carrier, you can just wash the bib and the carrier is good to go.

Let us now take a look at how it fares in terms of comfort, user-friendliness and ease of cleaning.

Child’s Comfort

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We started using this baby carrier for our daughter when she was about 2.5 months ( weighing about 4-5 Kg). We opted for facing-in narrow seat position.
The manufacturers claim that there is no need of an infant insert as the width of the seat can be adjusted. However, we felt otherwise. The baby was sitting too deep inside the carrier and the top buckle connecting the shoulder strap to the carrier back panel was pestering her to point of irritation. We rolled a swaddle and used it as an infant insert. It gave her much needed height and her view was not blocked by the strap anymore.

Though the outside fabric is a bit rough, the inside one which touches your baby’s body is fairly soft. The back panel is slightly padded too. We started using the carrier in Feb-March when it was a bit warm in Bangalore. Even when we went out right at noon when temperature hits about 32-35 degree Celsius, the baby was quite comfortable in it and did not sweat much. 

Now, she is 8 months plus ( weighing about 8.3 Kg) and sits front facing. She is pretty comfortable and quite enjoys the view outside– something babies miss when seated facing-in. She has comfortably sat in the baby carrier for up to an hour at a stretch without any fuss. She might even sit longer, but we haven’t had a chance to use the carrier for a longer duration without any break.

Overall, you can give it a 4/5

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Napping Comfort

Soft structured carriers generally aren’t usually as cozy for napping as sling wraps. In the Infantino 4-in-1 convertible carrier, even though the back panel is tall, it lacks a firm structure to provide necessary neck support. 

My daughter has slept in the carrier for short naps of about 30-45 minutes. I have felt that the neck support could have been better. Overall you can give it a 3.5/5.

Parent’s Comfort

Just like how the baby doesn’t sweat sitting in the carrier, the caretaker too is fairly comfortable wearing the baby. It hardly makes the parents sweat.

As mentioned earlier, the shoulder and waist straps of the baby carrier is fairly wide. When the baby is young and doesn’t weigh much, it doesn’t hurts. But it is a different story when the baby grows.

Right now at 8 months and 8.3 Kg, we are able to baby wear for about 30 minutes single stretch without any problem. But after that, discomfort starts creeping in. We found that the weight is not quite evenly distributed between shoulders and back. In fact, after about 30-45 minutes, shoulders were hurting badly. But there was no back pain at all. 

So, if you have weak shoulders and are planning to use the carrier for an extended duration, you would be better off choosing some other options. 

Overall, you can give it a 2.5/5.

Ease Of Use

Along with the baby carrier, you get a detailed instruction leaflet where you can find the details of various adjustments, Dos and Don’ts of using a baby carrier. Do keep it intact as it is quite useful even for future reference. Alternatively, you can check Infantino’s website for the soft copy. 

Even without an instruction leaflet, the carrier is fairly intuitive to use. This is the first Soft Structured Carrier that we have used and just by carefully observing the pictures on the box, we were able to wear the carrier. Adjusting the length of the straps was also fairly easy. 

Overall, you can give it a 4/5.

Ease Of Cleaning

As mentioned earlier, the detachable bib is a relief as it allows you to clean spit-ups without having to wash the whole carrier. The carrier can be machine washed. But it takes quite some time to dry. In case of diaper blowouts or if food spills on the carrier, it is best to spot clean as much as possible and then put it out for washing.

Overall, you can give it a 3.5/5

To conclude, Infantino 4-in-1 convertible baby carrier is quite a wonderful option that you can choose. In fact, baby carriers suitable right from newborn days are quite few in number and they come at a quite price tag too. Comparatively, this baby carrier is inexpensive and they are quite comfortable for the baby and easy to use too.

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