8 Immensely Useful Products To Relieve Colic In Babies

The first three months of a baby’s being is often considered as fourth trimester of pregnancy. There is a lot of adjustment that a baby has to go through and they require close comfort from the mother to get through this period. But what makes this three months worse is colic. That is why we have brought to you some tricks, tips and products that help overcome your baby’s colicky phase with comparatively lesser stress.
So, first of all, what is colic? Experts say that colic is a condition where an otherwise healthy well-fed baby cries for 2-3 hours, typically in the evening on a regular basis. Colic starts around age of 3-4 weeks and last till baby is about 3-4 months.
Note that often, babies cry ( rather scream bloody murder) when they are tired and needs to sleep. This is not colic. If you have ruled out all potential causes of discomfort, you could try using white noise. The best option that has worked for us and for numerous parents across the globe is the sound of a vacuum cleaner.
Some other products that moms swear by are-


 Now, colicaid is a medicine. So, ask your pediatrician before you give it to your baby. I and many other moms however swear by its efficacy. Both my children were quite gassy in their early days. We used to give Colicaid almost on a daily basis and there were no side effects and instant results too. 
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products relieve colic babies
Windi is a product of FridaBaby. It has to be inserted in to the baby’s anus to suck out the trapped gas that might be causing discomfort to the baby. The product is designed in such a way that it doesn’t cause any harm to the baby. With over 1400 parents giving 4 star plus rating, it is one product you can opt for if nothing else works.

Tummy Roll On

products relieve colic babies
Hing is an effective home remedy that has been used by grandmothers in India for relieving colicky pain in babies. Now, you can get the goodness of hing and minimize hassle of handling it using a tummy roll on. Options from Mom and World, Mother Sparsh and Mamaearth are highly rated by parents in India.

Anti-colic bottle

products relieve colic babies
Bottle-fed babies are more susceptible to colic compared to breastfed babies as the former is likely to take in more gas while feeding. So, if your baby is bottle-fed, opt for an anti-colic bottle. The best options are Comotomo, Dr. Brown, Tommee Tippee and Philips Avent.

Baby Bed Wedge

products relieve colic babies
Babies with colic, reflux and those who excessively spit up sleep better when their heads are raised up a bit. Baby bed wedges are designed for this purpose. This option from Metron has 12 degree recline which not only helps with spit up, but also makes baby comfortable when he/she suffers from blocked nose.

Sling/ Carrier

products relieve colic babies
Studies have found that babies who are worn around in sling or carriers have fewer bouts of colic. This is because the upright position helps ease digestion and also the close proximity with the caretaker/ mother gives newborn warmth that keeps them comfortable.
The sling wrap from Mama Cuddle, made of stretchy material is quite comfortable for newborns as they are snuggly wrapped as if in the womb.

White Noise Machine

As mentioned earlier, white noise can soothe a fussy baby almost instantly. This is because it is similar to the sound of blood gushing that they hear in the womb. Babies are found to quickly fall and remain asleep with white noise.
You can of course buy white noise machines that produce variety of soothing sounds to lull baby to sleep. Alternatively, your vacuum cleaner too does the job pretty well!


Anecdotal evidence suggest that swaddling is immensely helpful in relieving colicky symptoms in babies. Moreover, it helps fussy babies sleep better too.
Options from Moms Home and SwaddleMe are worth considering.
Other Tips that help are-
  • If you breastfeed and your baby is frequently affected by colic, you could try cutting off dairy from your diet and see if its helps. Food like cabbage, beans, potato too are sometimes culprit behind a gassy baby. Moms could also drink jeera water instead of regular water to help reduce colic in their breastfed infants.
  • Regular tummy massage is proven to be immensely helpful in eliminating gas and thereby reducing colic in babies.
  • Similarly, warm bath also helps in soothing a baby and helping them relax.
  • Give your baby ample tummy time to help them pass gas. If they don’t like lying on tummy on bed, you could try making them lie on your lap.
  • Burp after every feed. And aim at 1-2 burps. Sometimes trapped gas might still remain and may not  come out quickly. Hence, you may have to burp twice. This might not be possible at night. But at least during the day time, try to make your baby burp 1-2 times after every feed. If your baby is bottle fed, then burp at every 30-60 ml intake.
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