Trumom Electric Breast Pump Review

Trumom Electric Breast Pump Review

Trumom electric breast pump is one of the popular breast pumps available online. They have garnered highly positive reviews, are affordably priced and boasts of great features.

Even though breast pumps are sold at discounted price online, a lot of nursing moms are quite skeptic about buying online and seek detailed reviews because breast pumps both electric and manual are generally non-returnable.
Some of them have
10 days return policy in case the product is defective or damaged. But it might be a uphill task to return as you might have to connect with the manufacturers for returns.

This is why, we have decided to start a series of articles with detailed reviews of breast pumps–so that you can be well-informed before you make a purchase decision

Trumom Electric Breast Pump Review

In this article, we provide an in-depth review of Trumom electric breast pump after using it for about a month.

Product Overview

Let us first take a look at what comes in the box. You can also take a look at our product unboxing video to know more.


  1. Breast Pump motor
  2. Massage Shield
  3. Pump Body
  4. Hygiene Cap
  5. Feeding Bottle
  6. Tubing and connectors
  7. AC Adapter With USB Line

2-3 additional valve and membrane are found in the box too.

You can find more details of the product here.


Let us take a look at the features highlighted by Trumom breast pump manufacturers and see how they fare as per our reviewer

Rechargeable Battery

The breast pump comes with a rechargeable motor which takes 2 hours for complete charging.

Upon fully charging, we were able to use it for around 5 times, the duration per session was around 14-20 minutes, after which the LCD panel showed just one block battery indicating its time for recharging. We didn’t however perform an endurance test and run the motor till the battery got completely exhausted.

In a separate instance, we used the fully charged breast pump for two consecutive days and then kept it idle for about 7-10 days. After that, the battery signal on the LCD panel again showed just 1 block, indicating it is time for recharge.

Overall, we can give an 8/10 for the battery.

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5 Stage Stimulation and 9 Stage Expression

Another highlight of the Trumom Electric Breast Pump is the 5 stage stimulation and 9 stage expression mode. In the Trumom Advance Electric Rechargeable breast pump, there are two buttons– one for stimulation and the other for expression mode.

However, in the Trumom Lavender Rechargeable breast pump, the single on/off button alternates between stimulation and expression mode. The jogged dial controller can be used to increase the level of stimulation/expression.

Trumom Electric Breast Pump Review

The stimulation mode imitates the baby’s suction pattern. In each level, there are about 10 short suctions, followed by 1 long suction. After about 45 sections, the motor increases 1 level and then finally at the fifth level it stays put. Then, you will have to manually switch to expression mode at a comfortable level. Medela says that the optimal level of expression is one level below the point where you find pumping painful.

We found this feature quite efficient. The suction power is fairly good right from the first level of stimulation. The stimulation mode triggers the let-down reflex quickly. In fact, you don’t even have to shift to expression mode to get the milk flowing.

Depending on your milk supply, milk starts flowing 1-2 minutes right after you start stimulation mode.

Overall, we can give a 9/10 for the stimulation and expression modes.

Anti-backflow Feature

Another highlight is the anti-backflow feature, which prevents milk from entering the motor through the tubing that connects the motor to breast pump. It is specifically mentioned on the tubing that it shouldn’t be sterilized. This system is superior in terms of hygiene and also helps increase the durability of the motor.

Note- In case you find any moisture content inside the tubing, run the motor for a few minutes without connecting it to the pump.

Again, we can give a 9/10 for the anti-backflow feature.

Color Changing Temperature Ring

Finally, the color changing temperature ring which turns white when the bottle turns hot. The feature is pretty useful. You will see the ring changing color when sterilizing the bottles and once the bottle cools down, the color changes back to the original pink.

We give a 9/10 for color changing temperature ring.

Now, let us take a look at the experience shared by our in-house reviewer who used the pump multiple times. She has a 5 week old baby and has sufficient milk supply too.


We found the breast pump fairly easy and intuitive to assemble. The pump has minimal number of parts. You can in fact assemble it without the assistance of the manual that comes along.

Rating: 8.5/10

Pumping Efficiency

It is said that the efficiency of a breast pump can be best tested in the mornings. This is because babies generally nurse less during nights and so milk supply is the highest in the mornings.

However, our reviewer first tried the breast pump in the evening after feeding the baby. So the breasts didn’t feel quite full or heavy. The stimulation was set at level 5 for about 3 to 4 minutes, after which, the pump was set in the expression mode and level was set at 5 and 6. After pumping for a total of 17 minutes, she got 80 ml of breast milk.

Next, she tested the pump in the morning. This time, she let the pump follow its course of action. The stimulation phase started from level 1 and gradually shifted gear up till level 5. This mode itself proved good enough for expressing milk. After about 4-5 minutes of stimulation, she changed to expression mode to level 5 and stayed put. Though the pump has expression mode up to level 9, our reviewer found level 5 to be optimal and beyond that, the pain wasn’t quite bearable for her. In just 10 minutes, she was able to get 80 ml of milk, which is pretty good in terms of efficiency and performance. She did not pump further because 80 ml is usually sufficient for her baby.

Overall, we are pretty happy with the performance of Trumom Electric Breast Pump. Given the budget friendly price tag especially, the breast pump is a good buy and one of the best options available in the market.

Rating: 8.5/10

Ease of Cleaning

Perhaps the biggest pain point of pumping and feeding is the tedious cleaning and sterilization process.

You can clean the parts fairly easily in soapy water. As for sterilization, in addition to the feeding bottle, there are four parts, namely the pump body, massage shield, upper cover and suction silicone that needs to be sterilized. Inside the pump body, you will find the silicone sealant, valve and membrane. The manufacturers recommend using Trumom Electric sterilizer for obvious reasons. We however sterilized it in the conventional vessel and stove mode and it worked perfectly fine. You may however need a large vessel for sterilizing the parts.

Trumom Electric Breast Pump Review

A hygiene cap is provided along with to cover the flange after use. So, you can close the flange with the cap and keep the pump inside a zip lock cover if you plan to use the pump within few hours after first use.

Overall, the sterilization process is not particularly tedious– just the usual hassle that comes with sterilization and cleaning process.

Rating: 9/10

Who Is It For?

The Trumom Electric Single Breast Pump expresses on an average around 80 ml of breast milk in about 10-12 minutes ( this may however depend on your milk supply, speed of let-down reflex etc and may vary from person to person). The motor once fully charged works for about 100-120 minutes before getting drained.

If you plan to pump and feed may be 2-3 feeds a day or less often than that, Trumom Single Electric Breast Pump would be a good affordable choice.

However, if you are exclusively pumping and feeding, you may have to pump every 2-3 hours. In such cases, Trumom Double Electric Breast pump would be the better choice.


Given below are some of the cons of Trumom Electric Breast Pump. However, considering the comparatively affordable price, these cons are hardly a deal breaker.

  • Inability to completely drain the breasts 
    Within around 10-15 minutes of pumping, the flow of milk in to the bottle reduces considerably or even stops. HOWEVER, breasts don’t feel empty. In fact, you can still hand express milk after pumping.
  • Feeding Bottle Not Fit For Newborn
    The milk flow from the feeding bottle that comes along with breast pump might not be fit for newborns. Our reviewer tried feeding her 5 week old baby with the bottle and the baby was gasping and coughing because she wasn’t able to handle the heavy milk flow. So, if you plan to use it for a newborn, you might have to either change the teats or opt for feeding bottle fit for newborn.
Trumom Electric Breast Pump Review

Brand Reputation & Customer Care

Trumom claims to be a US based company selling baby care products like breast pumps, sterilisers, baby car seats, carriers etc. However, none of their products are available in the US Amazon website, though they are available in plenty in the Indian e-commerce sites.

Even so, Trumom products in general garner highly positive reviews online. In order to get more online reviews, Trumom asks its customers to post review on the e-commerce sites and in return offers additional 6 month warranty on the products. However, they don’t ask to give 5 star rating or biased review for activating the additional warranty. So, we can assume that the reviews are honest and unbiased. You can read more user reviews here.

The after sale customer service of Trumom is fairly prompt. They are quick to respond to queries and enthusiastic about resolving customer complaints promptly.

They have been in the market for quite long enough and you can definitely buy with confidence.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Trumom Electric breast pump is an excellent value for money product that is ideal for nursing moms that pump and feed 2-3 times a day or less often. The features are superior, performance highly satisfactory and you can pump sufficient quantity of milk in minimal time. If you invest in a steriliser, you can further save time too.

That being said, those who plan to pump and feed very often or even exclusively would be better off investing in Trumom Double Electric breast pump.

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